frikkin photobucket

i hate limited bandwidth!! so annoying! and its strange cause it hasnt gone out since like a year ago. maybe i should just go pro? bah

but sorry loves. just wait till the 8th for all the pictures to come back and a little bit more for the next real post. my laptop has died again so im waiting for that to get fixed. if the bandwidth goes out again ill just go pro >:/

enjoy this little drawing for now i guess. ha


  1. The new Photobucket sucks. There's mroe steps for uploading pictures now. =="

  2. imageshack???????

    I use imageshack to upload my photos :x

  3. your pictures are back!
    I love your blog... keep on blogging =D

  4. you can always trye uploading using blogspot.. either that or flickrrrrr :D
    imageshack is good too!!!
    i got annoyed at photobucket too. haha

  5. "theres something about imageshack that turns me off

    UMMM. IT'S THE FUGLY LAYOUT! haha, 'cause that's what turns me off about it. I still use it because the quality is much more better than Photobucket (they would always pixelate my photographs when I put them on my blog ;-; ).