an EXTREMELY narcissistic post: my hair journey/growing up & red lips (30 photos of just me;;)

cause maggie told me to put up a picture of my blonde hair and post a super narcissistic post and ken wants me to update more often, here i am XD

ive realized how much my hair has grown a lot this past year. i put it through a lot! so reflecting back, here is my hairs journey. while i was looking for old old pictures of me and my hair, i saw all my super old pics and either laughed, cried, or went "omg...." and did both. i realized how much i changed. so it also became a "look at how much ive grown" post for me as well ahahaha!
8th grade: yep~ handt gotten my hands on makeup yet, no circle lens, asian black, somewhat wavy hair. it was recovering from years of dying and highlighting brown since 5th grade. the color was only at the tips and was finally growing from when a crazy ass lady who somehow got a license to cut hair, chopped my long hair off.
i looked so old. man i look different now XD

freshman year: when i started going by "jin.virus." i went through names like "strawberry_gurl214", "ddalgi", "ddalkiberry", and "happy smile" lulz! i definitely dont look like that anymore XD finally started using makeup. not well though. i always cut my own bangs but this time, i finally made them blunt!

still freshman year: i finally got my wolf cut or what its called nowadays "asian mullet." i was so in love with boas hair from her "girls on top" days and wanted her hair SO BAD. the lady would cut my layers as short as hers though :( did get rid of the remaining colored parts :D

sophomore-mid junior year: grew that asian mullet real long. still black

junior year: FINALLY bleached my hair for the first time so it turned ginger. still long and strong ;)

bleached like, the 5th time? blonde, but not platinum blonde!! excuse my black eyebrows. i got lazy

finally platinum blonde! hair length: a little past my belly button! i kept it for the longest time. and then, SWOOSH!

i cut it all off! i dont have a picture of it freshly cut and blonde though (>__<) people either really loved it or hated it XD i personally loved it. i also wanted to get steps on the shorter side (i think thats what its called?) where you like shave it but there are lines where it was shaved more. i also wanted a fauxhawk. regret not doing it so much! i had run out of my tub of bleach and my roots were coming out so i dyed it back to black

summer of senior year: hair a tiny bit longer. if youve been following me since i started this blog, youll recognize this photo. it was one of the first ones i put up on here :)

senior year: hair grown a little more

the long side would get real long so i would have to trim it all the time

it eventually grew into this extremely awkward short mullet type thing. it was too short to do anything to it. so nasty

i started always tying it half up cause it was just so damn ugly and awkward

finally cut it and evened everything out

end of senior year: growing out bangs and hair has grown a bit more!

better picture. LULZ bitch mode to the max!

summer before college: hair has finally reached shoulders!!

now: bangs grown out a bit more and hair a little bit past my shoulders!! i can curl it and itll be at my shoulders now!! XD wooot! now 3 more years till its past my belly button again! ahahaha

well, thats my hair journey! bah hurry up and grow hair!!!

so i was totally bored one night/morning and tried to do that pinup girl hair. and failed. miserably. i even did the red lips and everything. i didnt want it all to go to waste but none came out nice :( lighting especially sucked. but here it is!
my back looks really fat but i like how my lips look in this one so i kept it XD my mum HATES my bright red lipstick but i LOVE it!

hair is so fail. that fake tattoo makes me want a rose tattoo now! bah!

i kinda look like a drag queen

drag queen super star! rupaul, here i come! but eek look at that back fat;;;
i really wish i had someone else to photograph me. these shots were hard. they came out shitty too....

marilyn monroe was a big inspiration for this look so i tried to do that "marilyn smile" where her head is tilted back and it looks like shes laughing. totally failed. i look crazy and my face looks bigger;;; T____T

i look so old. it doesnt look like me either ahaha

i kinda look like maggie here :)

the curls were getting loose so hair looks slightly better XD
out of like 982743984 taken, this was the only one i liked. its like, that squinty, lazy smile. i look a bit high or drunk but oh well ahahaha

oh my gosh;;; selca overload;;;;;;;; too much to the point im kinda disgusted (><) so damn narcissistic. im embarrassed to even post it XD its your fault maggie! look at what you started! lmao


probably the smallest post ive ever written

hello loves~
its been awhile! i meant to update sooner but again, i had a lot of plans with people right after the other! XD
i tried to convert to flickr cause i felt like the quality of my photos were getting messed up when i posted them up here through photobucket but flickr is too hard for me. it takes too long D: oh wells. ill stick to photobucket till my premium is gone
this post isnt as big as the one before but theres still almost 200 photos! enjoy~

sandy and i went on a date downtown!
stopped by water tower place first for food and eye shopping
waiting in line for our buns and mixed rice

my thai curry chicken rice bowl and ginger ale. i love ginger ale but this one was way too gingery for me (><)

sandys baos

so while waiting for the bus to navy pier, we saw these people. you cant really see their signs but they were those crazy church people. one of the signs even said "ask me why michael jackson deserves hell" -_-

at navy pier

no, thats not a line to the ferris wheel, its the line to the ladys room


in imax! honestly, i didnt think it would be that good from watching the previews. it looked so boring XD im glad sandy talked me into watching it. it was fantastic! and like every girl in the world, i gushed over mister joseph gordon-levitt! hee hee hee~ was super jealous of ellen page and her smooch with him!

joyees in china town fer dinner!

joyee got rid of their chairs with holes in em and replaced it with these! well, at least that one did

i want eggrolls now

they dont give the pineapple fried rice in a pineapple anymore!!!

my most favorite food evar

sandys sesame chicken

so janets a bit of a label/health food freak and tries to convert me into eating healthy. so we went to jewels cause i needed more nutella and she needed other stuff. she offered to buy me healthy stuff so of course i took the offer! she bought me sandwhich meat, eggs, cheese, and some other stuff i dont remember. i bought my "unhealthy" stuff. while looking for the good food, i found this!:
comes in that flavor and pomegranate peach passion white tea. i got both. i think the peach passion is more yummy X)

played with artie! i finally went to his restaurant while it was open! so i finally got to eat there! lulz
my thai iced coffee! so sweet and good! tasted a little like mocha

i do love my eggrolls

curry fried rice!!! soooooooooooo goooooooooooood!!!

i played so much pool this summer cause of artie

hee hee~ dirty joke!

met with my laydies after pool and sandy finished work
look! a pink hydrant! i couldnt help but take a photo!

where sandy hustles

we went to brunswick to bowl but we didnt want to wait 30 minutes for a lane so we went to pool instead. we went to kareoke after that but the rooms were full. we decided to wait while eating at buffalo wild wings. good thing they close at 2! had like an hour to eat

but then janet took us home! we were supposed to go back to kareoke!!! stupid janet. lulz so we just played at my house.

went to chinatown with artie again. but i had to stop by hmart first for chocopie, ppeppero, and goraebap for soo oppa. im in so much dept to him because he kept paying for everything when we played together;;;;; and he wouldnt take my money so i got him sweets!! cant decline that! :D
*taken by artie*
tee hee hee another dirty joke XD

*taken by artie*

at china town. i forgot what the name of the restaurant was. but its awesome that its open past like 11pm!

love walnut shrimp

some kind of beef

fried smelt. my favorite dish of the night! i dont eat fish but this was just so crispy and salty with the jalepeno crumbs and just OH SO GOOD!!

arties cousin pipat and his friends. i think their names were ben(??) and...bah i ferget. sorry!

artie, wasan (pipats brother), and pipat again :D

beef chow fun

sorry blurry pic. 100 flavor beef

*taken by artie?*

creepy elevator ride after getting bubble tea

pool. again.

*taken by artie*

*taken by artie*

*taken by artie?*

*taken by artie*

played with soo oppa first before meeting up with gorilla later. went to cheesecake for lunch
something something taquito appetizer. eh i dont like it. its like...how do you say 느끼해 in english? lulz

i love my salad

four cheese pasta

met up with gorilla and kareoked!

*taken by gorilla*

*taken by gorilla*

*taken by gorilla*
and yes, ewwww~ i wore the same outfit from the day before. i was waaay too lazy to put on clothes and everything was in the laundry. whatever~ its still clean

we were bored so we just went downtown and walked around XD

*taken by gorilla*

*taken by gorilla*
lulz fail

*taken by gorilla*

*taken by soo*

*taken by gorilla*

*taken by gorilla*

*taken by gorilla*
lulz i had no makeup on that day so i was just like whatever im ugly *put on ugly face*

i told them to take selcas XD

*taken by gorilla*

*taken by soo*

*taken by soo*

the weather was sooo perfect~

the hancock building

*taken by gorilla*

*taken by gorilla*

*taken by gorilla*

whilst walking we came upon decorated fridges

i love my city at night

wah sorry its blurry

a little get together at janets
the people who came back from college playing monopoly

the college freshman playing uno while a couple others are filling water balloons

lulz kiran

all bags of water balloons

sorry! all the photos are blurry! (><)

it got dark so fast!

back inside

*taken by charisse*

*taken by charisse*

her forehead is red cause i finger flicked her for losing uno >:D

*taken by charisse*

*taken by charisse*

*taken by charisse*
this looks a little gossip girl-y to me XD

*taken by charisse*

*taken by charisse?*

*taken by charisse*
lulz scary

*taken by charisse*
my reduced fat cheez its. taste bad!

*taken by charisse*

*taken by charisse*

*taken by kiran*
LULZ! charisses ho pose

*taken by kiran*

*taken by kiran?*

*taken by kiran*

*taken by kiran*

*taken by kiran*

*taken by kiran*

*taken by kiran*

*taken by kiran*

went to woodfield with sandy, her sister loria, lorias roomate sally, and jessica

whilst waiting fer them to pick me up

at woodfield. i love how i didnt take any photos of them shopping but i took photos of em waiting in line fer mcdonalds! XD met up with lorias college seniors and one of em is sallys bf

aww sandy looks so mad and sad. her purse strap had just ripped! (><) got it exchanged though~ oh and thats jessica next to her

sally and loria

went to our village to eat

we waited so long!

korean bbq!

and then we went to sandys house and played :)

tinas birthday celebration! we ate at chipotle and went to her friends house to cut cake!
its a milk cake so its like, purposely soggy but good. i was too full to really enjoy it though DX

i kept those hearts. lulz

my piece! bah craving cake so bad since last night!

they all went to sauna after but i couldnt go cause i didnt have enough monies T____T

went to kfest with soo and gorilla. i really realized that its been a year cause im blogging about kfest again! lulz! it gets more boring every year but i still go cause its just become tradition after living there. a lot of the korean food tents dissapeared though :/ i couldnt be bothered to take much pictures though

he sang lionel richies all night long
if you danced, you were given gift cards to akira. i think i would have if i wasnt wearing a skirt. lulz i reaaally want that gift card

sorry for the blurry picture. these korean ladies just stepped right in front of me and their hair kept getting in the shot -___-;;;
so this white guy named justin sang "nothing better" by brown eyed soul. its a really hard song to sing but he was soooo good and his pronunciation was almost flawless AND he played the saxophone!! OMG! all the girls like fell in love with him

liquid after

*taken by gorilla*

*taken by gorilla*

*taken by gorilla*
*MAGGIE! this is what i meant about my hair on twitter by the way XD*

*taken by gorilla*

AWW~~~ they look soooo in LOVE! XD this photo makes me giggle

went for a small snack for gorilla cause he was hungry

tee hee hee~~ such a cute couple

met with my slave fer lunch and play before he left fer school
what was left of my gyro. they give a hella lot of meat and one pita!

played gostop and watched tv and stuff. we also saw who had more oil on their face. lulz

*taken by my slave*
embarrassed lulz

*taken by my slave*

went bowling with my laydies after. sandy was being lame and didnt bowl so we only bowled one game

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*
satisfied with my spare. lulz

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*
sad that i didnt get the spare

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*

lulz at janets frustration fer continuously not getting that one pin that was left

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*

*taken by sandy*
killed janet. first time i ever got/passed 100 points! XD

*taken by sandy*
v for victory~!

*taken by sandy*
W for winner and L for LOSER!! kya kya kya kya kya!!

red mango after as well as pool! lulz!

i dont know why but i think this photo is just so damn CUTE! lulz janet and her parfait

evas birthday!!!
mine and sandys presents to her. i got her the penguin pillow pet XD

eva finally frikkin gave me my loooong overdue birthday present. she had bought everything but she wouldnt give it cause she hadnt written the card -_____-

my card. she wrote and drew on the bottle. will keep this forever XD



after three hours we watched:

it was really cute and funny....well the point to where i watched up to was. i fell asleep! lulz. i was so tired from not getting enough sleep for the past two days. so i pretty much paid for a nap. i keep doing this when i go to watch movies with sandy and eva. but these naps i pay for feel the most refreshing! XD

dinner at ssaboo

intently watching some korean sitcom


bul go gi

kimchi tofu pork. such an awesome combination!

don kka ssu


why does sandy look so much like yuri from snsd to me???

lulz hella cute!

the end loves! i wont be busy cause everyone is/has started school! im the last one to start XD so my posts will hopefully come weekly like i promised. although they wont be interesting and wont have much photos, better than none at all! :D
ill be back with more photos next week!

stay healthy, happy, and always smile~!