*only for MAGGIE Y's eyes*

hey maggie!
hope you read this sometime!
ive dedicated a whole post for you cause it seems you disabled yer blog for now? and i have no idea how to get in contact with you so i couldnt answer yer comment. so im doing here. :D

ahaha im definitely not going out all the time
there was a 2 month span in this post and there were like 7 days when i went out out of 60 (>__<)

i think those parfaits came out recently cause they definitely werent selling them before
ahahahaha kids menu

ah the one here is $20 too.
it used to be $25 but then they lowered it to see if it would get more customers

yeah it is a lake
i really wanna see what a real beach is like T___T
ooh~ i wanna go to jeju-do!

i start in september. and bah orientation on the 29th at 8 AM in the morning!!
i havent even moved near my school yet so i have to get on the train at like 6 that morning
im super excited! bah ive been waiting for college for like two years

oh while i went to yer profile to get to yer blog, i saw yer new picture!
its so fab! the red lipstick is luscious! i recently bought a red lipstick but i dunno what makeup goes with it and what to wear with it. im not those people who look good with anything either... bah but i wanna wear it out! >:O

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  1. LOL. You are probably one of the funniest people ever. I was like OoOoOo new post and it took me awhile to get you were replying to me. Hahahaha. Thanks for the entire post! You can just comment on your post underneath all the people who have commented and I can just read your reply there. Hahaha.

    Let's just say I'm trying to figure out what direction to take with blogging. I kinda want to start an internet novel type thing but who knows. I wouldn't know of anyone who would be interested in reading it. LoL.

    Wow, you're moving near your college? By yourself? Cuz that would be pretty fun. Parttttiiieessss. LMAO.

    I want to go to Jeju Island too! I went when I was 11 years old but I was a kid so I didn't enjoy it for all that's worth. I got my parents to agree that after I graduate, that they'll take me to Korea. Which isn't for another 3 years cuz I..uh... slacked off.

    Wait... so you've never been the beach?!?!?? *Gasp* You need to come out to Southern California one day to enjoy the beaches! It's okay, I haven't seen snow fall from the sky until a year and a half ago. The only lake I've gone swimming is Salt Lake in Utah.

    Ahh... school... it's a love hate relationship. Mostly hate. I hate how college still has requirements to fulfill your general education -___- I'm majoring in Biology and I have to take all these physics classes. I HATE PHYSICS!!! LoL.

    LoL Red lips are fun. The one I'm wearing is by MAC in Russian Red. I heard that color looks good on Asians. Haha. I haven't worn it out because I feel like it's a pain to upkeep (i.e. smudging). So one of these days, I will wear it out with my big sunglasses and look fabulous. Hahaha. You should wear black eyeliner that is winged out with nice lashes. Cuz you want to keep the eyes simple. And a cute vintage type dress would make the look work. I think you can pull it off. Haha.

    Maybe I'll have my blog up and running sometime soon! Then you won't have to figure out a way to reply. Hahahhaha.