notice anything different?
hee hee hee
ive finally gotten to updating my look to a more colder weather type thing :3
do you like?
well you better!
i actually did all of it and i am damn proud of my work!
do tell me if the font color is hurting your eyes
i will change it for you lovelies~<3
real update on tuesday/wednesday
i love you all~ mwah! <3


  1. i like this new layout :) the zebra was making my head hurt to be honest, it made my eyes focus into oblivion XD

    jinheeaaaaaaaa 미안합니다!!!!!!!!!!!!! These two months of school are the worst I have ever encountered. I'm not even finished yet, it's 4:28AM saturday and I was still writing my essay. But I can't ignore lovely jinhea anymore. how have you been lately bud? I've read all your posts already but how is school? holidays are coming up are you excited? are you going anywhere? yankees won don't you hate that? or are you just glad it's finished so you can watch your shows again LOL.

    let me first reply to what you wrote.
    -do you eat at midnight too? I always have a meal at 3am before sleeping or else my stomach is so hungry I can't go to sleep :S the cheese pizza looking thing next to the bread in my picture was just a pizza cut up into squares HAHA silly girl it's not different in any way. No lamb it smells HORRIBLE. It smells a bit like blood actually (if you've ever smelled that). I can't bear to eat it. And you said you didn't like pasta with tomato sauce because it's often watery right, i guess that's why they cooked it in the paper bag so the flavour sinks in! I have a new food post coming up soon so watch out if you're hungry :)

    Jinhea you need to update your twitter more~ you have so many followers!!! you gotta let them know what's going on in your head. and I want to see more pix of chicago.. haven't been back in a while.

    do you shabu shabu at home then, if the place near you sucks? hey jinhea do koreans shabu shabu a lot also? my friends do that and rarely go out to hot pot, which makes sense because all you need is the little propane thing and you can do it yourself. I should get one... would be nice to invite friends over and pig out eh?
    your posts:

    -i can't believe you cried reading shel silverstein -_- crybaby! joking~ your high school actually looks pretty nice, i went to a nice looking one but i've visited some AWFUL crap schools before. I couldn't even imagine going to one of them it was like a prison, literally there were no windows in the classrooms (because the building was like a maze so all the rooms were buried inside). It was so depressing you know?

    hey, why do you have security guards at your school? In canada I don't think any high school has security guards. despite that a lot of trouble occurs with some students, it is always the vice principals dealing with it here. in really bad areas (like gangster hoods) they have ONE police officer inside the school and that's it. I thought your stockings were pretty, i like girls wearing patterned stockings lol. but I've seen some completely transparent ones with patterns (so it almost looks like the skin is tattooed). Do you think it would've made a difference if you didn't wear them and just wore the skirt? I bet it would, I always saw girls wearing mini skirts and nobody cared.

    the sponsors house you stayed at was UNBELIEVABLE. How big is that thing!!! I've never been in a house like that before. I go to a korean fellowship too, and they had a retreat recently. I should've gone :( *why are you going to a korean fellowship kev?* oh because my besties in high school were korean so I just felt more comfy going to the korean one hehe.

    Jinhea's outfit for the evening was WOW O.O! The yellow heels are very attention getting lol. The dress matched your previous blog layout perfectly~ the restaurant you guys went to afterwards was so old fashioned. I like. the shakes and fries, I LOVE. Such a fun evening you guys must have had. Kevin wishes he was there.

    I really do thank you for commenting back all the time <3 You are awesome. More updates from jinhea please!

  2. Very nice layout indeed. Did you draw the two characters in your banner yourself? If so, I highly commend your drawing skills, (Y).

    What happened to Arcade Fire's Wake Up? I love that song (only due to it's affilation with Where The Wild Things Are).

    This change makes me realise I too need a change. :D

  3. Very very pretty layout! And the song you have playing matches your new theme. ^o^ Very nice!

    No need to reply to my posts. Haha. Did you already perform "Fire" or is it in the works? Haha. Are you in it?

  4. oh i LOVE IT!!! <3
    its so lovely ^__^
    cloudyyy :D

    hmm idk. now i think about it, i see them in movies and stuff. maybe i'm just not used to the idea. we just walk into school anytime we want.

    hahaha i was kidding, if she hated me i'd shoot her.so she'd have a real reason to hate me. *evil laugh*

    hahaha no problem ^^ i always love reading your blog, you always have loads of pics ^_^

  5. Ah I love the new blog change! I love it when people change their layouts when the weather changes. :D

    I don't do that cause I'm so lazy and my layout is like perfect already! xD

  6. Hello ^__^
    Yeah, that's beer pong haha.
    & I have a playlist on shuffle on my blog, so I don't know which song you were listening too.
    But it's listed Aritist & Song.
    THe playlist is.. right about my chat box so you can check there :)
    I like your song too! & the new layout

  7. Omg! I fell in love with your blog~
    So relaxing and cute!
    Btw can I ask you what type is your camera?

  8. hi =)
    Just came across your blog
    I think its really cute =D

  9. Jin,

    You may be interested to know that, "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" is being adapted into a live action Japanese movie. The movie will be titled the same and stars the voice of the original character - reprising her role for the live action. The trailer just got released today. Check out the link below. (And if this comment has no relevance then don't worry about it, haha. I may have mistaked you for someone else who HAD watched that)


  10. i love your new blog layouttt
    the zebra print on your old one was killing my eyes xD