a monster of a post

hey everyone~!
im finally here with a real post!
im sorry for the delay~
i wanted to post earlier today so i spent the whole night resizing photos and stuff but i finished doing just that at 10:31 this morning. so i slept and im posting now~ hee hee~ XD
there are a hecka lotta photos!

oh but first, a smooth away review :D
so you might have seen these commercials around. i was really curious and wanted to try it so i got my dad to buy it for me. i got it from walgreens so it might differ from the ones that you actually order from the phone. i dunno XD.
so yeah. i just want to say, if you ever get this, READ THE DIRECTIONS. its pretty much like putting sand paper to your skin so dont rub hard or anything. do the "wax on, wax off" motion. they little pads come in two varieties. one for regular hair and one for coarse hair. i only tried the regular one so i think thats why it doesnt work that well for me. i still have yet to use the coarse hair pads. so far, im dissapointed D: waste of ten bucks man

so here we go to the real posts:
THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 24TH:yes, these are from september which makes me feel bad that i havent been posting for so long
im sorry!
thanksgiving break is coming soon so ill be posting better then... i hope ><

so on tuesdays and thursdays, i have korean club after school. i have to wait two extra periods cause i finish school 7th period T_____T
on that thursday we took our korean club group photo

testing light

notice anything strange?
the kid all the way to the left in the black shirt had to be photoshopped in cause he had to go to gymnastics practice. thanks so much mark! <3
can ya find me?
oh i feel really bad for cutting off melinas body (girl laying down) i was way too sleepy to notice anything

SATURDAY OCTOBER 10THso the korean club sponsor, mrs. baik is part of the korean cultural dance company. they dance traditional korean dances and they had a performance in the north shore performance center. i went with sandy, kat, and eva. it was beautiful but i was so hungry and sleepy i couldnt concentrate ><
i forgot to bring my camera so here are some pictures from sandys camera (explains bad quality)

our tiny sandy and even tinier mrs. baik

SUNDAY THE 11THthe next day, we went to an MT (member training) which was really just a sleepover at the sponsors house
her house was AMAZING

we spent our time in the basement when we werent eating

im so jealous of people who can take nice pictures taken by others

can ya find me?

aww she posed for jee eun unni but not for me

so we played that game where people call out a difference and so everyone has to get up and run to another persons spot. the people who didnt get a spot got a punishment. this time it was holding someones face and saying "i love you"

i got caught once and i did it to the boy in the yellow in the bottom right corner. hes the girl in this pictures little brother

the next punishment was having to kiss the person on the cheek

aww so frikkin cute~~ i think they would make the cutest couple

the kid in th white is HILARIOUS. love him already

MONDAY THE 12THit was quite fun. but i was a little awkward with all the fobs and sandy also kept leaving me. i stayed up all night and i went to sleep at 9AM the next day cause my tummy hurt >< i slept till 3

some photos of the wonderful house

my favorite room

mrs. baiks poodle mickey. soooo cute!

he was a good model.he stood still and posed for me XD

i dont know her name. she kept walking away ><

while waiting for my dad to pick me, sandy, and a 민환 (minhwan) (i think thats his name) up, i went outside barefoot and took some photos

then i went back inside and saw this

the ride home

id end with a group photo but it was taken by the korean club presidents camera cause i didnt have my tripod T__T im so stupid

SATURDAY THE 17TH: HOMECOMINGim so mad at myself! on friday, we had a homecoming assembly and i didnt have my camera!!! i dont bring my camera to the only assembly that matters -_- it was acutally good too. cause of the lights they installed for the dance. my school spent 23 grand. so i asked sandy to let me use her camera and i took pictures and videos of performances (my dean danced the 'single ladies' dance with the pommers!! LULZ) but she hasnt sent them to me :( i wish i could show you guys

i did take my camera to the dance!!

sandy, janet, kat.
have you noticed im never in group pictures? im too busy being photographer XD

i wore what i wore to prom last year (minus the extensions). blah you can totally tell theyre extensions.
please ignore the face and mess

hmm.. is this a little too risque?


the decor was amazing... but the songs SUCKED. there was only one song i liked. i didnt have much fun. i was so paranoid that someone was gonna steal takutz jin. i was trying to get out of the crowd when 'low' came on but i was caged in between shawties getting low. oh and im sorry guys, i dont have pictures of homecoming queen and king and the court. i was in front and didnt want to go all the way back to get takutz jin. i did have fun at the after party though!

i had such a hard time takin photos. im such a noob and i didnt know what setting would be best to take pictures in this environment.

sandy, janet, kat, amber

my favorite photo of the night:

end of homecoming:

eww back to the ugly gym


LULZ. im always mindlessly eating

it was also melinas birthday that day

ooh~ charisse is so sexy~

why is sandy giving me a death glare

i think charisse is dancing?

after we ate we went to kareoke~
no pictures though
we sang "low" as our finale and we were dancing and sutff and these two women came in our room and they started dancing with us! LUULZ!! it was hilarious!

i took pictures of what i wore and took these:

so thats all folks!
hope you enjoyed this monster post!
im sorry for the delay