i want to start with apologizing for the super long absence ><
cardigans shit top caught like 36 viruses..because of me... and ive been stealing wifi and those people found out and locked me out.
i was also pretty lazy and decided to compile everything into my next post.
which leads me to what im going to say next.

i am the absolute stupidest thing that has ever walked this planet or existed in this universe
i had a lot of pictures that are priceless to me and... i deleted them.
ALL of them T_____T
i was going to transfer them to my computer and i saw that there was the same folder in the usb already and without thinking, i deleted the original one that i was going to transfer. and thats when i remembered that the folder in the usb wasnt updated! so there goes days of memories and hours of perfecting the lighting and everything....
oy vey my head still hurts from crying all day yesterday....
i know im overreacting but these pictures arent just pictures. theyre priceless memories and i feel so damn stupid for losing all of them in less than a second cause i didnt think twice... and i was born with a brain the size of a peanut
so as a result, my camera and all the lens, and equipment are locked away safely somewhere until i get out of this hole. i just dont feel motivated to pick up my camera. just looking at it makes me tear >__<

but! i know that these things can be retrieved! ive seen it done by the police! so i am on a mission to retrieve these memories! so until i get all of them back, i am closing down my blogs. but that doesnt mean i wont be online! if you have suggestions in ways to retrieve what ive lost, just want to chat, you can email me at jinnay214@sbcglobal.net. i will answer when i get the chance to go to internet cafes and stuff. please pray for me that i can get these memories back! bye bye for now~ and sorry, no quote today. my stupidity doesnt deserve to be in the same post as epik high


  1. aww man :(
    i hope you find your photos!!!

  2. Aw, don't worry. They can be recovered, I think O_O I hope.

    Anyway, I'm going to miss you on blogspot! Don't forget to email me, at least once a month to tell me how you're going ;D


  3. Shit this ain't good. Jinhea I don't know if it's possible to recover stuff from the hard drive..... those companies that do it charge people more than 1000 bucks usually :( I'm sorry to hear. Hope you update soon. I was going to say I figured out how to take better pictures in poor lighting, cuz we both talked about getting blurry results even with iso and aperture cranked up. I think if we got a portrait 50mm f/1.8 lens it would be ideal, plus it's only 100 bucks. Anyway stay classy.

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