Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince & Eel at Renga Tei!

so yesterday i went outside with cardigan for the very first time in a lot of days! XD
before we went to the movie theatre, we had to stop by the vehicle department place for his sister.
turns out his sister has to be there in person so cardigan was turned away.
i waited in the car. some pictures i took while waiting:

my keys and his parfum. one of them dont have eyes! XD

so then we went to golf mill and watched:

DUMBLEBORE!!!!!!!!!!! ToT

i actually liked it. it was a lot better than the fourth and the fifth. they pissed me off sooooooo much.
but i only liked this one because i dont remember most of what happened in the book. i was gonna read it again before i watched but~~ that never happened.

ooh this time they really paid a lot of attention to the setting so you really got to see how beautiful the uk and wherever else they filmed is! i love the cinemetography. BEAUTIFUL!

and also it wasnt all just harry harry harry so that was nice too

the worst thing was, they didnt go into detail about how snape was the half blood prince. it was, "you think you can use my own spell against me? yes, i am the half blood prince." the end. that was it! wasnt there like a whole section on trying to find out who it is and a whole reveal? correct me if im wrong. it was just, wtf. give some credit.

and oh!! i was really looking forward to what the inferi looked like and being scared shitless like when i read the book

they were all just a bunch of golems cept skinner. -____-
ugh total bummer

also, why is it that harry's hair gets worse and worse every year??

ah but i loooooove helena bonham carter~~

just absolutely wicked!
she is such an amazing actress! she always plays her roles perfectly! if only i was half as good as her! sigh

and yay~ lots and lots of malfoy this time!

tom felton is so handsome~~ and he has a really great body too!
im so envious of his bleached blonde/silver hair! >< i wish my hair got to that shade when it was blonde
what i dont get is, why are his eyebrows black?

i really miss the first dumbledore. i like him a lot better. hes older and his voice is so soft and raspy and perfect! he has more of a dumbledore feel.

ohh~~ and rupert grint just gets more charming~~ <3

i fucking love this man. hes so damn charming!
must watch cherrybomb~ im so jealous of how much nixon gets to kiss him! >< and same of emma watson!
its a shame hes going to quit acting after the harry potter films.
damn. no onscreen kisses for me and him! ha ha ha ha

so after the movie, i felt like eating japanese food!
so we went to renga tei

some crummy, rushed photos:

bad picture. i dont even know what i was focusing on
i love miso soup! i didnt take a picture of the salad cause i devoured it! i loooove the dressing! what is it??

i gave my vegetables to cardigan so this is all i had

eel is soooooo goooooooood~~~~ just melts in your mouth!
but i can only eat so much at a time. half of it is sitting in the fridge ^ ^


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