grandfather's story

one last coin clinked in the beggar's gourd before he was driven away by a stall owner.
the beggar counted the change and thought to himself
"this is good enough. today was a good day"
he stumbled to his feet and walked to a stall that sold dried fish.
he picked the best looking one and went on his way.

he stopped in front of a good sized house.
he went through the gate and passed a beggar organizing shoes and other little things the children of the house had dropped
another one was sweeping the ground.
as he made his way to the kitchen, he passed a number of beggars heartedly eating warm food at a table.
he found the woman of the house and respectfully held out the fish with two hands.
"please, give this to the mister"
the woman thanked the beggar and told him to sit down and eat.

the woman went to her husband and presented him the fish.
"a man brought this for you"
the respectable man replied
"why did you accept it? go prepare it and give it to him to eat"

some years the later, the man died.
the news spread and the whole neighborhood bowed their heads in respect and weeped with the family that night.

hundreds of people attended the funeral.
the beggars who had eaten at the house had come also.
but they were no longer beggars, they were sucessful businessmen who had worked hard to become like the admirable man.
his generous food filled not only their stomachs, but also their hearts, and wills

so this story is about my grandpa whom ive never met.
my mom told me this story a couple days ago and it just made me cry!
i was so touched.
so i wanted to share it, but i did such a poor job of re-writing it.
i wanted to put pictures in your heads but i am sooooooooooooooo bad at writing -____-
ah this was such fails. i feel bad for wasting your guys' time. sorry~

i didnt write an ending for this. i can never write endings so i just left it there. ha ha ha....
yeah... sorry for my terrible writing T__T
oh and sorry for the kinda nasty picture. must have startled you!
i'm on my way and i'm so lonely *can't stand this no more*give me your hand so i can stand by myself*need a shelter cause it cause it's raining outside*lonely traveler, yes sometimes i cry*holla if you hear my sanity*i need somebody who's gonna stay with me... - Jinbo
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