grandfather's story

one last coin clinked in the beggar's gourd before he was driven away by a stall owner.
the beggar counted the change and thought to himself
"this is good enough. today was a good day"
he stumbled to his feet and walked to a stall that sold dried fish.
he picked the best looking one and went on his way.

he stopped in front of a good sized house.
he went through the gate and passed a beggar organizing shoes and other little things the children of the house had dropped
another one was sweeping the ground.
as he made his way to the kitchen, he passed a number of beggars heartedly eating warm food at a table.
he found the woman of the house and respectfully held out the fish with two hands.
"please, give this to the mister"
the woman thanked the beggar and told him to sit down and eat.

the woman went to her husband and presented him the fish.
"a man brought this for you"
the respectable man replied
"why did you accept it? go prepare it and give it to him to eat"

some years the later, the man died.
the news spread and the whole neighborhood bowed their heads in respect and weeped with the family that night.

hundreds of people attended the funeral.
the beggars who had eaten at the house had come also.
but they were no longer beggars, they were sucessful businessmen who had worked hard to become like the admirable man.
his generous food filled not only their stomachs, but also their hearts, and wills

so this story is about my grandpa whom ive never met.
my mom told me this story a couple days ago and it just made me cry!
i was so touched.
so i wanted to share it, but i did such a poor job of re-writing it.
i wanted to put pictures in your heads but i am sooooooooooooooo bad at writing -____-
ah this was such fails. i feel bad for wasting your guys' time. sorry~

i didnt write an ending for this. i can never write endings so i just left it there. ha ha ha....
yeah... sorry for my terrible writing T__T
oh and sorry for the kinda nasty picture. must have startled you!
i'm on my way and i'm so lonely *can't stand this no more*give me your hand so i can stand by myself*need a shelter cause it cause it's raining outside*lonely traveler, yes sometimes i cry*holla if you hear my sanity*i need somebody who's gonna stay with me... - Jinbo
03. 알고보니 (NOW THAT I KNOW) ft. Jinbo - Remapping the Human Soul



i was too lazy to post on the 17th but i did take pictures and do want to share. i also went out today and i want to share todays pictures as well! so this will be a super duper long post with lots of pictures! dont say i didnt warn you!
FRIDAY, JULY 17THbreakfast at:

well, lunch really cause it took eva an awful long time to get to sandys house ><

we had to wait, i think, 25 minutes? it was jam packed! and there were a couple other groups waiting to get in as well! so we busied ourselves with:

eva with her new camera! meet felipe jr.!

random kids across the street. theyre standing in front of a future jamaican restaurant. cant wait!!!

sandys got paparazzi chasing after her. oh dang. miss popular

crummy weather. i hate it when temps drop suddenly from 80s to high 60s and low 70s. summer should just be 80s!
i almost got hit by a car taking this. this granny was a really bad driver. she parked like ten feet away from the yellow brick! i forgot to take a picture! i can tell you it was hilarious though!

a little girl came up to me and asked me "why do you have a camera?" and i was really taken by surprise so i stuttered "...because i take pictures...?" ah lame.

so we were finally called in and shown to our seats!

warm bread!! well not the poppy one.

sandy enjoying her bread. sigh getting tired of her profile..... arent you? she wont take a damn picture!! >:O

2 pineapple juices, 1 orange juice. my orange juice looks like mango juice! can you believe that my juice is a large??? -__- and they totally didnt lie about it being freshly squeezed. it was freshly squeezed from the juicebox!

evas chocolate chip pancakes! they were huge!! like two times the size of our faces! and there were four of them!

sandys strawberry french toast! the strawberries were so fresh, they werent sweet at all~!

my combo! they didnt have tobasco sauce for my eggs T_T

and how did they look when we were done??

eva cheated! she put one on my plate!

one more bite!

and done!!! shes the skinniest one out of all of us yet she was the only one who finished her plate!

eva only scraped the chocolate off that pancake before she put it on my plate

babys all done!

after that huge meal, we went back to my place and finally watched little miss sunshine! it was absolutely, positively, GREAT!
then janet came, we watched stuff on youtube and then sandy went to work and eva and janet left around 8.

SATURDAY, JULY 18THdidnt do much. just bummed. and then got up and took this picture outside my front door:

sooo~~ what did i do today?
i watched:

it was hilarious! but it was more disturbing that borat. a looooooot more. if you plan to watch, let me warn you, theres a minute of spinning dick so watch out! i cant believe its real though. like, sascha baran cohen could have really gotten hurt. he actually went to a terrorist leader!

whilst waiting in the car while cardigan went to check movie times. turned out that it started ten minutes ago and we had to run in. i missed a bit of the beginning. grr!

after the movie, cardigan and i went to walmart cause he had some things he had to buy.

hello! ack my legs look so short and chunky ><

these were my favorite out of all the flowers!

oh! i found a huuuuuuuuuge bottle of my favorite lemonade! so i was super happy! it was only 2 bucks! the small ones are a dollar something so it was a huge deal! immediately got one! will take a picture later!

and oh!! check these out!:

arent they uber pretty! theyre bottles of pepsi! i want all four just for the color! but no moneys D: i guess a picture will have to do this time >__<

after that, cardigan and i went to eat at pita inn. no pictures of the food cause i literally wolfed it down. i am the slowest eater ever and i finished before cardigan today! so yeahs. there are pictures of the stuff around the place:

i never saw a live duck trail until today! it was so cute!

i dont know why i take so many pictures of the sky. but pretty, no? bah but the cars ruin it :(

hrms.... i think my pictures are a bit too big...... i just solved why they were so small (thanks to mark) and made them show up in their original size but... its a bit big, dont you think? ima make them a little smaller starting next time!

kay! so i decided to name my camera....*drumroll*
i know your going "what the f-" right now but listen!
its the names of the epik high members names combined! tablo, dj tukutz, and mithra jin!
takutz jin!
its epik highs and my baby!

tablo & mithra: another one????

"아빠, 사랑해" - Tablo's Nephew
(dad, i love you)
당신의 조각들 (pieces of you) - pieces, part one


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince & Eel at Renga Tei!

so yesterday i went outside with cardigan for the very first time in a lot of days! XD
before we went to the movie theatre, we had to stop by the vehicle department place for his sister.
turns out his sister has to be there in person so cardigan was turned away.
i waited in the car. some pictures i took while waiting:

my keys and his parfum. one of them dont have eyes! XD

so then we went to golf mill and watched:

DUMBLEBORE!!!!!!!!!!! ToT

i actually liked it. it was a lot better than the fourth and the fifth. they pissed me off sooooooo much.
but i only liked this one because i dont remember most of what happened in the book. i was gonna read it again before i watched but~~ that never happened.

ooh this time they really paid a lot of attention to the setting so you really got to see how beautiful the uk and wherever else they filmed is! i love the cinemetography. BEAUTIFUL!

and also it wasnt all just harry harry harry so that was nice too

the worst thing was, they didnt go into detail about how snape was the half blood prince. it was, "you think you can use my own spell against me? yes, i am the half blood prince." the end. that was it! wasnt there like a whole section on trying to find out who it is and a whole reveal? correct me if im wrong. it was just, wtf. give some credit.

and oh!! i was really looking forward to what the inferi looked like and being scared shitless like when i read the book

they were all just a bunch of golems cept skinner. -____-
ugh total bummer

also, why is it that harry's hair gets worse and worse every year??

ah but i loooooove helena bonham carter~~

just absolutely wicked!
she is such an amazing actress! she always plays her roles perfectly! if only i was half as good as her! sigh

and yay~ lots and lots of malfoy this time!

tom felton is so handsome~~ and he has a really great body too!
im so envious of his bleached blonde/silver hair! >< i wish my hair got to that shade when it was blonde
what i dont get is, why are his eyebrows black?

i really miss the first dumbledore. i like him a lot better. hes older and his voice is so soft and raspy and perfect! he has more of a dumbledore feel.

ohh~~ and rupert grint just gets more charming~~ <3

i fucking love this man. hes so damn charming!
must watch cherrybomb~ im so jealous of how much nixon gets to kiss him! >< and same of emma watson!
its a shame hes going to quit acting after the harry potter films.
damn. no onscreen kisses for me and him! ha ha ha ha

so after the movie, i felt like eating japanese food!
so we went to renga tei

some crummy, rushed photos:

bad picture. i dont even know what i was focusing on
i love miso soup! i didnt take a picture of the salad cause i devoured it! i loooove the dressing! what is it??

i gave my vegetables to cardigan so this is all i had

eel is soooooo goooooooood~~~~ just melts in your mouth!
but i can only eat so much at a time. half of it is sitting in the fridge ^ ^


Oh (Faith) Oh Oh Oh (Destiny) Oh Oh (Love) - Tablo & Mithra Jin
10 Paris - Swan Songs


FUCK YEAH! MY NEW CAMERA!!! & 노래방 (Kareoke), 쌍용 (Twin Dragons Restaurant), Liquid Fusion, & Eva's!

yesterday at precisely 1:16 PM, i woke up to the sound of the ups man knocking loudly on my door! and guess what he had for me~~? my precious camera! the camera i dreamed about! the camera i swooned over for years! is finally in my hands!!! MWUHAHAHA!!! look at how happy i look in the picture XD im so happy i have no eyes! this is my first official digital camera that is actually MINE! my mom had one before me! well.. not really but my real first one really really sucked so it doesnt count! you can totally tell that im not used it yet cause i keep forgetting to take off the lens! >___<
this camera + photoshop = way too much fun!! i spent hours just playing around with the pictures i took yesterday! so so so much fun! this little darling is going everywhere with me! and thanks to this darling, my bloggie will finally be interesting! HURRAH!!! >3<
another picture:

ignore the turquiose bra straps! and yeah yeah yeah i know im ugly so shut up!
enough of my pictures though! onto what happened yesterday!!

eva graduated summer school! so we went to celebrate! (not really i guess, but id like to think so)
we went to 창충동 (chang joong dong) for kareoke! everyone was super tired and we officially broke the record for not starting in the longest time. but~~ we eventually got into it and it got better! pictures!!!

unfortunately people were being lame and avoiding my camera (cept eva. SOMETIMES. well really most of the time cause shes awesome like that!) so enjoy the pictures!:

eva is the first person to ever be captured on my camera! what an honor! ho ho ho ho~~

mwuhahaha!! she totally saw this one coming but i still got her!! >:D

eva rockin the WORLD. nuh uh sista! you cant hide from me!

at the end of our however many hours. i wanted a group pic! unfortunately the tiny room had no nice place to set my camera, hence the side of the tv and part of the table it sits on. right to left: janet, eva, sandy, me!

at the restaurant. no one would take a picture, BUT EVA WOULD!! Y(O_O)Y

the sides. kimchi, horse raddish, onion, and soy sauce paste and vinegar to go with it!
we had crab rangoon for an appetizer but i didnt take a picture of it. shame though. it was the only dish that was good.

our 짜장면 (jja jang myun or black bean noodle) it was the absolute worst i have ever tasted!! like oh my goodness! it was so bad my tummy hurt after taking a bite! it may look good in the picture, but it sure didnt taste that way.

my orange chicken. the plate is empty but it isnt because we enjoyed it. its cause sandy made us. but i just really couldnt take my second piece. i barely finished my first. it was soooo bad. it was 10% chicken and 90% flour. we ended up hiding the last piece under the orange slices XD you could taste the orange, but you couldnt taste the orange chicken.

our 탕수육 (tang soo yook or sweet and sour pork) it didnt taste like 탕수육. it tasted like orange chicken! LULZ! sandy and janet said it tasted better when dipped into the orange chicken sauce but i really couldnt eat it any more food from there. my meal was 2 pieces of crab rangoon, 3 bites of 짜장면, 2 bites of orange chicken, one piece of 탕수육 which was all flour, and water. it was my first and last meal of the day. my tummy is growling sooo much right now as i write this. damn janet making us come here! more like shit dragon restaurant! i have never tasted such bad restaurant food! this place is FAIL! i feel bad cause i think it was the first time eva had 짜장면. we are definately going to 아사원 (asawon or great peiking restaurant) next time!

janets a fatass. three whole bowls man!
ahaha kidding XD those are our empty bowls. it was the perfect picture.

group picture time! this time there was a table i could set the camera on!

LULZ. now these are happy faces

어머나! (OMONA!)
at liquid fusion. no pictures of drinks cause we downed them in janets car! i havent have bubble tea in sooo long!

and that is the end of the pictures! of course we end with eva! X3

after janet dropped us off to the library for dvds, we went to evas house after, laughed at fmls, watched a little star king, and went home. pretty much forgot about the movies. we were supposed to watch little miss sunshine! >< oh wells~ next time~!

oh man this was a super long post! XD i never realized how long it takes to post pictures up! its hard work! >< well at least there are interesting pictures now!

holy shit i have been running on 1 hour of sleep since THURSDAY 10:56 PM. sugoi!

"소중한 친구가 있었죠, 내 숨소리보다 가깝게 느꼈죠..." - Tablo & Mithra Jin
(i used to have a very dear friend, who was closer to me than my own breath)
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