watched transformers: revenge of the fallen today!
it was fucking SUPERB!!!
i like the first one better though. there were just some things that were a bit eh
like you didnt see optimus prime a lot, it was mostly about the deceptacons
there were so many new autobots rushing at you in the beginning it was a bit confusing. plus you dont really get to learn their names
a deceptacon was able to go around in human form. wtf. totally random and not fair
optimus won the fight with megatron and the elder deceptacon (forgot his name) way too easily. it was so short D:
but nonetheless it was great!! super long but great! 2 and a half hours of great robot action, megan fox radiating hotness, and shia lebouf oozing cuteness.
to be honest i was never a fan of the cartoon when i was younger. i thought it was super boring and i hated the voices, but now its just LOVE
most definately need to get myself a transformers shirt.

to be honest i like the deceptacon emblem better >:)
must also get myself:

sigh.. aint he gorgeous?

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