NEW LOOK! & Ch-ch-ch-ch-CHERRY BOMB!!!

no picture today~
but thats alright cause my new layout makes up for it!!
eva put up with my failness and made it for me~~ <3
no more lame pink-way-too-girly shit!
its ganji now!!

so as i speak/type im watching this music thing
its like 윤도현's 러브레터 (yoon do hyun's love letter) and 이하나s (lee hana's) peppermint.
so 윤하 (younha) is a guest and shes talking to the host and apparantly he loves kara
욘하 has a present for him! guess what it is! none other than kara themselves!
and they perforn and he loves it and he cant stop blushing and acting like a crazy fanboy. eww
so after that 윤하 performs her 1, 2, 3 (which i find quite annoying) and cherry bomb.
i have to say her face has matured.
she sounds really good when she makes her voice all deepish and throaty

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  1. I just watched her rendition of Cherry Bomb and it sucks, no offense haha. She really effed it up, but I'll give her an A for effort.