The rest of 2017

Wow. I have officially done it. I have officially fallen behind ovet a whole YEAR. I didn't think I'd let it happen but here we are. My excuse this time is that I've been depressed. Like, really, really, depressed. The worst I've felt emotionally and mentally in a really long time and I honestly could not/did not want to do anything cause everything was stupid and pointless, especially this. So I haven't been taking pictures these last months which will help me catch up on this blog later but also a telltale for me of how sad I've been heh. But I really don't want the pictures I took to gather dust in my phone and quit yet another thing I started and am on medication now so I can at least finish the rest of last year before it becomes another new year.

October: Tuesday the 3rd
Got my favorite sandwich from Kaufman's.

Got a theme going on.

Friday the 6th
I went to court for the first time in my life.
I don't know what the occasion was for dying the fountain blue.
It's so nice that food trucks are a thing now. There were a bunch in front of the building so I got a quick breakfast of spicy sesame fries and root beer.
They were yummy and nice as the chilly wind hit my face.

I had gotten pulled over for the first time and then ticketed $120 for an "improper right turn." At a green light with no cars around. It was absolute garbage but I was stressed out for a month thinking maybe I had made a mistake trying to contest it and doubting if I maybe did do something wrong and would have to pay the ticket and court fees but it was thrown out! This was the first time I had ever stood up for myself about anything. I should do it more ha.

I had time to kill so I walked into Block 37 to window shop or something and saw that there was a small exhibit of Black artists.
It was like the last day or week so a lot of art was already taken down but what was left was still really awesome to look at.

Warning: this is gross.
I got THREE spider bites on the same ankle. I don't know how I didn't notice but my god it was the worst. Sooo itchy and I couldn't walk properly or put my shoe on all the way because it was so swollen ahaha.

Saturday the 7th
Double rainbow!

The sky was so pretty by the time I got to Steppenwolf.

Grabbed dinner with Kez and Ben before the show.

Cory and Mac joined in a little later.
*stolen from Kez*

Awesome set design for The Crucible.

*stolen from Kez*
Naima was Abigail!

Leftovers are the best for midnight munchies.

Wednesday the 11th
Cast dinner before rehearsal.

Sarah, Lucy, Chris, Sam and Phyllis. Missing Eddie and Ashlyn. This was my first "professional" show and I'm so happy to have met these people through it.

Sarah drew all of us all cute like.

Sam is a literal goddess. Devon looks even tinier. She was our director.

Saturday the 14th
Sat on the onstage seating for the Goodman's A View From the Bridge.

Met up with the girls after in Wrigleyville.
Angelica has the best stank face.

Even while dancing lol.

Wednesday the 18th

Would you ride this taxi?

Saturday the 21st
Opening night.
We each got a sunflower and a card. So cute.

I was starving so I got Phyllis to come with me to Chatime after the show. Those cucumbers looked like they were going to be sooo good but they sooo weren't. Sadness.

Wednesday the 25th
Angelica was craving a nutella shake so we went to Steak n' Shake but they were out of Nutella that day lol.
I wanted to try this salad since like February when we went out with Amanda's friends and I saw one of them order this salad and it looked good.

Research for the show I was going to be doing next.

Thursday the 26th
Date night with Angelica.

We watched A New Brain. It's one of my favorite musicals. I was really curious to see it done by adults because the production I had seen was back when I was a freshman in high school. It was good but I honestly thought the protagonist from the high school production was better. ^^;

Nutella shake attempt #2.

Sunday the 29th
Found a tiny Indian place nearby so I grabbed some on the way home from work.
Very cheap and pretty decent.

Dinner at New Orlean's Seafood after the show. This place is actually really good!
Eddie joined this time.

An entertained Sarah.

An entertained Lucy.

Their sauce is really good. I recommend.

Monday the 30th
Tried a different pho place with my dad. Do not recommend.

Tuesday the 31st
Did a "Halloween look."
This is the only time I've successfully done a decent smoky eye.

November: Wednesday the 1st
 Why is she so funny?? XD

Stopped by the Indian place again on the way home. I think they closed down shortly after this visit. I am sad.

Thursday the 2nd
Indoctrinated Angelica to the church of Canes.
What a cute poster!

Shocked at how good it is. Everyone goes through this.

Saturday the 4th
Sam invited us over to her super cute place after the show.
She was dog sitting this beauty.

I love cookie cake.

Justine, our stage manager, joined us after she was done closing up.

As well as Adrian, the assistant stage manager.

Monday the 6th
Got extra ready for a special occasion.
Kelela's concert with K! I was inspired by the crystals in her hair. But I ended up taking off four cause it was a lot.

First time at the Promontory.

Super cute place.

We got there right at door opening time and we still got to stand in the very front. I still cannot believe it.
Lafawndah opened

Amazing back vocalists.

WE WERE SO CLOSE! I could touch her if I just reached out. Her hair crystals hit me when they fell off. And then she used my shoulder to step down from the stage. I die.

Definitely the best concert I've been to. She was so amazing, sounded even more perfect live. UGH IT WAS SO GOOD!

Thursday the 9th
Watched The Invisible Hand cause a friend was in it.
It was so damn good.

The snow melted interestingly on my hood. I had never seen this happen before.

Saturday the 11th
My Epik High album came in!
So beautiful T___T

Went to Slippery Slope for Anna's birthday later that night.

She was watching some guy dance.

Cute looking cocktail that tasted awful.

Both Charnae and I have Angelica's license picture as her contact picture because it is hilarious.

Charnae and Angelica's faces ahaha!

Thursday the 16th
Charnae snapped me:

For those who have not seen the gold that is this video:

I spent the day at a bougie, empty mall to shoot an industrial for these ceiling displays.
Ghost town.

I got addicted to 3 Dots very late in the game. It seriously took over my life for a while.
I had to screenshot because it was the first time I had ever gotten 1st. Leo was 1st at every level.

Sunday the 19th
Closing of Don't Look Back, Must Look Back.
My white one broke so I got the classic to replace it.

The first one was no bueno.

Good thing we had to redo it cause Sammy wasn't there. Eddy left before we got these.
I took this on accident while trying to figure out self timer.


We sat around and read some of what the audience had written during the show.

Some pictures from rehearsal and the run:

It was a site specific, immersive devised piece which is why it was done at the Chinese Mutual Aid Association.

Monday the 20th
Sarah and I grabbed dinner and then headed to Sam's friend's place to watch her and her sister's show.
She always raved about the red duck curry so I had to try. It was yummy.

I don't remember what she got.

Sam wrote the show and her sister built the amazing playhouse.

It was AMAZING. To be honest Sarah and I both weren't expecting a lot but it was absolutely delightful and Sam is an amazing writer.
Sooo detailed and plain incredible. This show needs to do a cross country tour.

Wednesday the 22nd
Jennifer was understudying for this second city show and invited me to watch with her. It was really good. November was a great month for shows of all kinds for me.

Thursday the 23rd
Morgan was so generous and had a Orphan/Friendsgiving at her place.
I still think about the fried turkey, sweet potato, and hawaiin buns. SO GOOD.

Friday the 24th
Tried to see if there was anywhere I could start taking outfit pictures again. There are none in this apartment.

Sakira were in town! We literally just ate all day.
I think this place is called Johnny's? You can get a combo where the sausage is inside the Italian beef.

Finally tried Lady M. I am obsessed. I love the original crepe cake. I want it for my birthday any day.

Played some games at Gameworks.

We were trying to chill at the Starbucks but it was completely full so we just followed the couple to Woodfield as they bought some gifts.
Don't want Sandy to leave.

Eva looks like she's photobombing lol.

We parted ways and I was hungry and wanted to try a new place so I took Eva.
Steamed egg just reminded me of Sandy. She loves steamed egg.

I was really curious about this. It was ok.

Saturday the 25th
Moon and Kamau were in town for a gig so Angelica, and I went to support. Anna left after food to watch a movie.

Don't you hate people who wear sunglasses indoors at night?

Woops...In my defense, I was waiting for Gaims and they didn't perform it that night.

Sunday the 26th
Date with Sarah.
Went to Dak for dinner.

And then peeped into gift shops.
Super cute.

Tuesday the 28th
And I ate them all.

3 Dots was seriously consuming my life and I could not beat this level for my life so I decided it was time to quit.

Tried a new Mediterranean place.

December: Friday the 1st
Poor Anna. She's always sick. Her and Angelica's family have the worst immune system. Anna's mom, brother, and Angelica's brother all got pneumonia that month!

Saturday the 2nd
Was going to be watching a friend's show in the Granville area so I finally tried Dak.
I think this was the worst Korean fried chicken I've had in this city.

The bulgogi dduk bok gi also gets a thumbs down from me.

Had time to kill so I went to Sandy and Eva's old spot.
So tiny!

The show I saw was Bobby Pin Girls. It was in an apartment which was cool.

Sunday the 3rd
Little Steppenwolf gathering at Naima's.
*stolen from Naima?*
Showing Lyonel what he's missing.

Wednesday the 6th
Circle again with Steppenwolf peeps. We would only have gone if we were all watching a show but I can't remember what it was if we did....

Like, completely! Sooo satisfying~

I felt like I had been reading IT for the longest time and I still had this much left. Stephen King describes objects way too thoroughly, my god.
Everyone was buzzing about how good the new IT movie was and I have to read the book first. I watched the original movie after I finally finished reading and wow was that some garbage. Still have yet to watch the remake.

Wednesday the 20th
Angelica already being weird in the morning as I get off of work.

Went to Morgan and Amy's place so we could all read a play out loud together!
I don't remember how I got to asking about people's usernames.

Went on a snack run after.
I wanted to stay and hang but sadly had to go to work.

Friday the 22nd
A cursed day.
Met up with Johnny for dinner. He was nice enough to treat me because I had rear ended someone on the way there. OTL I had gotten pulled over earlier that day for having my phone in my hand but gotten off with a warning. So while I was driving to dinner, I had my phone in my lap to look at directions and hit someone. THEN, on the way home from dinner, I didn't want to rear end someone a second time so I held my phone while driving, and of course got pulled over again, AND got a ticket!!! ARGHHHHH!!!!

Saturday the 23rd
Tina came for her annual visit!
Giant Jenga while waiting for other to get to the axe throwing place.

Fierce ladies

Tina's 2 also looks like an L lol.

Duck dinner!
Tinas friend Jose made it in time for dinner.

Milk tea after a meal is the best.

Monday the 25th
Christmas Chinatown dumplings with Kevin and Tina.

The last selfie of 2017.
It was the last time my skin was good T___T