Tan tubes

Sunday the 1st
Received a very welcome call from my manager right out of the shower, telling me that I didn't have to go to work because of the big blizzard we were having that day. I felt so bad that she still had to go. >_<
Mom brought home these home on her way back from King Spa
 Perfect, as it was Super Bowl Sunday. Ate these while watching Boyz n the Hood.

Iggy picked me up later so that I could join him, Chris, Sung, Yeon Young, Juni, Ji, and SeJun at his place for the Super Bowl but...
*stolen from Iggy?* 
Not only did the car get stuck where I got picked up (twice), the car got stuck right down the road from his house. There was also a car on fire which blocked the road as well. 

The car that pulled up behind us turned out to be the rest of the group. It also got stuck.
 *stolen from Yeon Young*
The poor guys (luckily there were guys at all) had to push both cars out of the snow into some safe spot. It took them almost three hours! >____>

 The burnt car.

Bonding with Juni and Yeon Young over ramyun. They're such lovely ladies! 

 The poor guys finally got to come into the warmth and ate ramyun while the ladies warmed up the wings and pizza.

 They missed the game so we all watched Ocean's Twelve instead. It was an interesting first Super Bowl experience that I'll never forget!

Monday the 2nd
 Iggy made a chicken soba salad for breakfast!

Tuesday the 3rd
 Spring on my lips but it's still winter outside.

Ate at Iguana Cafe with Iggy before rehearsal.
Virgin Pina Colada. It was yummy~ One of my mom's favorite drinks!

 Being an adult.

 Spinach artichoke dip?

 Blurry crepe and pasta.

Met up with Iggy again after rehearsal and went to King Spa.
I hate the food there but I figured fried udon would be hard to completely fail. I was right.

 Wednesday the 4th
 Breakfast at Iggy's. I wasn't feeling well so I could only eat a few bites.

Thursday the 5th
Dinner at Hoanh Long with dad before rehearsal.
 I didn't get pho for once.

Friday the 6th
Had an audition in the morning at the McDonald's headquarters in Oakbrook.
It was interesting to go in there. It smelled like McDonald's food. Mmm~ 

Stopped by Iggy's for lunch before work.
He conveniently lives seven minutes away from work!

 Bored waiting for our first customers to come in.

Saturday the 7th
Looking much happier about work than I actually am.
 I kiiiind of want to cut my hair short again...

My coworker, Ann is so sweet! She gets me a salted caramel tart when I don't want hot chocolate.
A pretty good substitute when they run out of the squares.

Sunday the 8th
Iggy's first time trying Five Guy's.

Monday the 9th
Tried a pair of circle lens I bought a while ago that I never opened.
 What would have been my new glasses if the lenses could be replaced...T_T

The lenses are way too big for my eyes! Wahh more wasted money.

 Headed over to David's house for a "potluck."
My early "birthday cake." Short rib that was seasoned and cooked perfectly. Ahhh it was so good. 

The awesome gentlemen cooking as I "give moral support."

 Everything was soooo good! David is a really good cook.

Polaroid in the cold cause I left the camera in the car XD

 After showing James the pilot of Bee and Puppycat, I left to meet Iggy. 
I was supposed to have Wasabi for the first time but they're closed on Mondays! So we just went to where I work since we were in the area.
 His sushi and my handroll.

Shrimp tempura everything for me.
 I was still full from the prior feast so I only ate like two of the shrimps.

 Nabeyaki Udon. I don't really like the broth.

 He also ordered a soft shell crab roll.

More polaroids to mark our first day as an "official" couple lulz
 Hahaha he looks silly in all of them.

Old and new stuff for breakfast.

 Wednesday the 11th
Had to take off work for tech rehearsal as the show was opening in a few days.

Iggy picked me up and we had dinner at Jurang. 
I got the usual things and also tried the sausage because Iggy said it was good.

 Friday the 13th
I had been waiting for it to turn February because I really wanted the Sephora birthday gift.
 The Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella

 A better representation of the color. I really like it! I threw the other lip pencil away.

After playing around like this, I went to work.

I went to Iggy's right after to a surprise birthday dinner and flowers

There was even a cake!
 I was really touched because he had also worked that night and was having a pretty unlucky day, yet he still pulled all of this together for me. (。・ω・。)

Saturday the 14th
Very appropriate sweater as it is now my Jordan year.

And like the previous day, I went to work.
 Ann is too freaking sweet! She made the delivery driver get me a cake. I teared up cause I was having a really bad day. T^T

Sunday the 15th
My birthday dinner with April, her friend, Eva, Kevin, Kiran, and Iggy at:
*stolen from Iggy* 
Unfortunately no Tina and Sandy. :(

*stolen from Iggy*

The best mussels I've ever had. I'm going to go back just to order five of these. *Homer drool*

Beef fat fries

*stolen from Iggy*
Braised Boar

Pumpkin risotto which I surprisingly really liked. In fact, all the small plates we ordered were awesome!

 Blue crab dip

The entrees weren't that special though.
 *stolen from Iggy*

 *stolen from Iggy*

 *stolen from Iggy*

 *stolen from Iggy*
I was very caught off guard when our waitress came out with the cookie dough dessert, as I was about to order it.  

 Many thanks to these people for braving the weather to eat with me.

After parting ways, Iggy and I joined the Sushi O Sushi crew at a bar. We then relocated to Diversey Bowl.
Jay, Iggy, and I were a team, and lost to Jason and Chris hyung.
 We had to pay for midnight dinner.