Finally starting 2018/I have amazing friends

I'm finally starting the current year...that's about to end... This has been the saddest blog year yet with a measly four posts. I'm really really gonna try to catch up by the end of this month because I'm tired of being so behind but we'll see... I'm just now really feeling the hard truth that down time only dissipates as you get older so~~ But I'm gonna try! ╭( ・ㅂ・)و

January: Monday the 1st
I don't think I've ever been more seen in my life.

I miss this woman. She got promoted and went to another store. Come baaaackkkk つ´Д`)つ

Wednesday the 3rd
Tried Anna's current favorite spot for ayce sushi.
It's funny cause she used to hate it and now she's addicted.

Also tried the (then) new boba place which I found out was owned by someone I went to high school with.
You can tell from the picture that the ice cream is garbage but the waffle was actually really good!

Thursday the 4th
The one picture I remembered to take while eating with my mom.

Angelica got her hair dyed for the first time in her life.
You can tell she really loves it.

Saturday the 6th
Had brunch with Jenny unni, who I met at work. I forgot what this place is called but it was pretty good. They're one of those farm to table type places with a little grocery in it.
I love my benedict.

We went to Cafe Selmarie for dessert.
I always passed by this place but never ventured in even though I knew it had great reviews. I am so thankful to Jenny unni because holy cow their chai tea latte is THE BEST. I love my tea sweet and this was the most perfect sweetness. That cake was too. I need to go back. I haven't been since this day but I hate driving in that square.

Jenny unni bought me food all day and then gave me this too.
So generous (*^^*) Perfect timing too cause I was about to buy it myself!

Sunday the 7th
Went to see my wolfies in Ten at The Gift!
Yay Emma!

Yay Katie!
If I remember correctly, Ian and Mac were in it as well. They all did so good! (b^_^)b

Love those peeps. Even this couldn't ruin my mood.

I think I'm funny...

Anutha one

Tuesday the 9th
Got ayce hot pot with Sarah.
The cutest menu ever.


Wednesday the 10th
These sleeping bags were very popular.
Anna looks so cute ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

Drove Angelica to the airport at the witching hour.

Saturday the 13th
I feel like I watched a show this day but I can't remember...
I found that the only decent lighting I got where I lived are from the windows in front of my neighbors' doors.

The other window doesn't wash me out.

Met up with Alex at Little Bad Wolf.
That burger deserves that excitement.

The baos and taco, not so much. I don't know why I thought it'd be a good idea to order those there.

Monday the 15th
Vagabond was offering free headshot/resume coaching sessions so I took advantage. 
Something the coach said made me realize it at the end of the session and felt so embarrassed. I know it's not a big deal but I had put on all the other make up so I was just like "HOW??". I have never done that since I started putting on eyebrows four years ago.

Put that session to use.

Wednesday the 17th
Amazing name.

Very thankful to Naima for introducing me to these.

Friday the 19th
Met Helen onni for the first time for a shoot for my (what I consider) first professional play!
I was so curious about who the person playing my sister was for the longest time and now I love this woman so much. (人・㉨・)♡ Michael took the pictures and Jonathan directed.

Can you guess what the show might be about?

Saturday the 20th
Met up with Sarah to eat Cuban sandwiches and practice a little bit for an audition.
This is my favorite picture of her.

Monday the 22nd
Finally tried Roka Akor with Sarah.
I think we were supposed to get some work done after but...we never get work done when we're together. 100% my fault. (^▽^;)

Tuesday the 23rd
Angry Crab with Angelica
This is the cutest picture of Angelica.

49% love my clams, 51% too lazy to crack open crab legs.

Wednesday the 24th
My first time actually going to court for jury duty. I didn't get picked.
My very overpriced lunch. This was maybe the second time in my life where I felt I had gotten too much dressing.

I get unnecessarily offended when I take off the paper slip and am surprised by garbage chopsticks. First world problems.

Sunday the 28th
Finally got around to doing the online traffic school course for that ticket I got.

They've now made it so that you can't skip anything and sit through the entire video/narration. I had to do it in two sittings. It was excruciating but I have to admit, I did learn some things.

Many more to come.

Great license plate.


Wednesday the 31st
Once a year I get the urge to get circle/color lenses.
I really liked the packaging.

Lent Angelica this bag and she returned it full of snacks! The only way things should be returned.

Had disappointing pad thai after work.

Rehearsal ended early but I was trapped until the time we originally were scheduled to finish anyways. (  ̄^ ̄)

February: Friday the 2nd
I wear this sweater a lot...

Went to Cory's to read another play.

Jen made my favorite dip again!

More upsetting things.
This is freshly opened....(╬ Ò ‸ Ó)

Wednesday the 7th
1000% (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

The cast
Hahaha aww Katy barely made it in. Patrick, John, and Uncle Gordon!

Saturday the 10th
Grub before seeing Lucy's show.

It was so good!
I love that this was a thing. I think I nailed it.

Tuesday the 13th
I love when cafes are right in front of rehearsal spaces.
If there are baked goods/dessert, I'm always gonna have it. I also love warm milky tea after eating now. Like, really love it.

Wednesday the 14th
Sam, who's studio we were at for the shoot from earlier, needed some people for a job so I did that.

Got cake and a song at rehearsal!
*stolen from Helen*

Friday the 16th
Finally tried the little TBK Grill.
It was decent.

Saw Eddie's show.
They gave out tiny My Little Ponies.

Saturday the 17th
Lunch with Helen onni after rehearsal.

Sunday the 18th
More cafe food after rehearsal.
I still have so many desserts I never tried.

Lovely surprise in the mail. (*⌒∇⌒*)

Thursday the 22nd
Had a tiny adult (bitter) matcha latte at Lavazza while waiting for Sarah. The place itself was very cute.

We saw:
Yay Tommy!

Friday the 23rd
There's now a huge crack running down the wall as well.

I love

Tuesday the 27th
I invested a lot for the show cause I really wanted to do a good job with it, being my first show, and also LOVING the play.
I paid for a private session so I could loosen some of the tension I had built up.

Wednesday the 28th
*stolen from Helen*
Sad girls in their sad browns.

Patrick's early birthday cake and song since his actual birthday is the 29th!

March: Thursday the 1st
Another year, another pair of iPhone earphones from Charnae to replace my dead ones.

Lunch at a different cafe since we moved into the performing space.
A cute place but the food and drink were meh for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Saturday the 3rd
Bless whoever started the maple bacon donut. (♥ω♥*)

More cute packaging that I had to immortalize through picture before tossing out.

Tuesday the 6th

The first time I've ever been on a poster.

Angelica, Anna, Georgeanne, and Jacob came to preview so we went to Dancen after.

Anna said she looked like Pepe so we made her do the face. XD

Thursday the 8th
Cory and Priya came to press opening. After some drinks at The Red Lion Pub across the street, us gals got tacos.

Friday the 9th
My mom came with her best friend and sister. Sarah was so nice and helped them out and took this picture for my mom.

The one picture I have from the opening party.
*stolen from Elly*
Team YFMFY!  

Sunday the 11th
Helen onni's friends sent an amazing fruit plate. I'm still sad we forgot about it after that day...

Wednesday the 14th
I don't know what I'll do when she quits.

Friday the 16th
We went to Red Lion post show a lot...

Saturday the 17th
One of my favorite days from this year.
I wrote this in 2014 and ever since then, Tina and I would have to talk about that night the two times we got together in the year. Tina tried looking for him with nothing but his name, found him, and then maybe a year later, things finally lined up and we finally met up! Amazing, no?? o(≧∇≦o)

We had lunch at Chicago Diner.

Our wish came true and now we have an awesome origin story of our friendship! Hahaha!

Then a parade passed by right as we went outside. Amazing.
Tina and Jelly saw my show and then we went to Dancen where Kevin.
Kevin is really witty sometimes.
I still really love this day.

Monday the 19th
Tina and I got drinks with our new friend Ed.
The bar gives out cookies at midnight!

Wednesday the 21st
Mandatory Tina stop #2


Saturday the 24th
This was the second time I had to go to Angelica's to shower.

I hate showering but it feels so good after.

Jenny unni came to the show that night and even gifted me cake and champagne! (T▽T)
She was a huge help because Elly came up with the awesome idea of speaking Korean at the top of the show, so Jenny unni helped with the North Korean dialect.

Sunday the 25th
Sakira came to see the show!
Eva joined us at Pita Inn after.

This is all we do when we get together and I will never get tired of it!

Raise your hand if you're a lucky girl.
I'm seriously so thankful for the friends I have. I really don't know what I did to deserve having them take the time and money to see this show, even fly in from Utah and San Jose, but I'm so so grateful. Wow wow wow I love the people in this post so much!!! Thank you all for being in my life! ♡✧。 (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡