The rest of 2016

I knew that I wasn't gonna update right after finishing school, but I can't believe I let myself fall almost an entire year behind. (╬⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾ Д ⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾) But I am still not gonna skip anything and just consolidate posts! I'm gonna catch up!! I owe it to myself and my ocd won't let me. Here I goooo:
November: Tuesday the 1st
Angelica and I grabbed Panera for lunch.
The chipotle chicken avocado melt looked like it would be good but it sucked. Argh I hate it when I stray from my usual and that happens.

This was the time of the Cubs craze with the world series and all.

Thursday the 3rd
A historical moment: the first time I ever saw Angelica finish all her food.

Friday the 4th
The Cubs won the World Series, so there was a parade for them starting from the stadium all the way through downtown.

I don't know a single thing about baseball, I just tagged along with Anna and Angelica. Angelica even lent me a cap.

The trophy

When they were passing by, I didn't realize the people on the buses were actually the players...woops (; ̄▽ ̄)

Met up with Michelle after the parade.
Didn't realize those things were right there while waiting for my Corner Bakery order that got forgotten.

Argo Tea for dessert.

Monday the 7th
Met up with KT and her friends for the first time in a while and watched the Bulls game.
The worst.

Tuesday the 8th
Voted and got Blaze?? It's been too long.
You gotta get the double dough for it to taste decent.

Wednesday the 9th
Charnae, Angelica, and I had to eat our woes away after the bullshit that was the election.
We also made several stops for donuts, cookies, and ice cream. Finished the night at the harbor.

Thursday the 10th
The night I had been waiting for!! o(*≧□≦)o
I had a lot of fun and CL was born to be onstage but it definitely was not my favorite concert. I feel like the planning could be better? This was only my second YG concert so I don't know if all of them do this, but so far both have played all their music videos before it started. CL only has a handful of songs on her own so we had just heard her entire repertoire right before seeing it all over again. I just thought that was poor planning. And the 2NE1 concert I saw years ago at least showed music videos of the other company artists. She also sung her parts of the 2NE1 songs, but that just made me want to see the other members do the entire song with her. 乁[ᓀ˵▾˵ᓂ]ㄏ

Friday the 11th

Saturday the 12th
Fell for the weekly special trap again. It was bad. Again.

Sunday the 13th
The best sandwich at Panera. But so expense, ugh. But also convenient cause it's right across the street from work. ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌

The usual sky pictures to go with my work lunch pictures.

Wednesday the 16th
Had dinner at Dancen and then crashed Anna, Angelica, and Ronnie's dinner in Chinatown.

How wholesome are those kids though?! I love it so much ( ; w ; )

Gem of the night <3

Got home and started looking for a picture of me with my ajumma perm and found this instead.

Sunday the 20th
Anna's birthday!
Omg I'm so annoying lol. Also tried mild Buff Joe's for the first time and it was really good!

I don't know who did this but how the heck lmao

Monday the 21st
I got my headshots done. Definitely going to do my own makeup for headshots from now on.

I did like the way the mua did my eyeliner though.

Found the best filter on Snow

Thursday the 24th
Angelica suddenly had the urge to make spinach dip for some reason so we went all the way to Georgeanne's to do it lol.

Thursday the 29th
Finally got Tablo's book! So prettyyy~~! ♡(ŐωŐ人)
Oh! And those are the glasses I ended up getting. They look better not on me lol.

December: Wednesday the 7th
Went to Umami Burger against my wishes.

Mindy's after.
I'm still mad at myself a year later for forgetting to finish the half I took home.

Tuesday the 13th
I think I slept a couple hours and then headed to a casting that I wasn't feeling too good about and ended up not having to go. Wish I had gotten the call before I walked to the station and got on the train lol.

What happens when you are sleep deprived and haven't used snapchat in a while.

Saturday the 17th
Went to the Mid for the first time to see Valentino Khan. People kept telling me that the Mid was small, but, that place is downright minuscule!
Lol I somehow found Charnae and me.

Dunno who that guy is lol.

Tuesday the 20th
Braved the freezing cold after work to pick up Pokemon Moon at Gamestop. Discovered that a Jersey Mike's had opened right next to it so I had to get it. Sadly was not as good as the one's downtown. But the game is soooo cool!! The developments with the animations are sooo cool!!

Wednesday the 21st

Picked Angelica up to get unlimited sushi with Georgeanne!

All three of us were wearing grey tops and black jeans. I accidentally deleted the group picture that I took T__T
Georgeanne always looks so good.

I forgot what the place is called but they were quite decent for unlimited!
Love a good fireplace ~w~

Sunday the 25th
Mom and I spent Christmas having Chinese.
I forgot to take pictures of the other dishes...

Wednesday the 28th
Reunited with Summer and finally got to meet her baby!!

Eleven City Diner for old time's sake.
Cutie Skylar! (´⌣`ʃƪ)

Dunno where I'm looking.
It was sad that Yuvin couldn't join us but it was sooo good to at least see Summer!

Friday the 30th
Tina came to visit for the holidays which means...
After like 50 years lol

So bittersweet when your gems become popular.

Are y'all tired of Dancen pictures yet?

Saturday the 31st
Added archery to the "cool things I try with Tina" list.

She realized she got them mixed up after.

The neighborhood has this amazing mural!

The last clouds of 2016.

Met up K, Alan, and Eryn to have a chill New Year's Eve. We were going to go to headquarters but then turned right around when the door guy said it was $60 to get it. BOI BYE. We went to the diner we had passed by instead.

Forgot to take pictures of the food again.

It was really nice! They even gave us champagne for the countdown!

And that's it! Can finally move onto the current year (that's almost over (゚Д゚||) )! Woo!