The rest of August, New Orleans, and September

But first, some polaroids I forgot to put in the previous post.
Lol Becca

Had to use up the decorated frames before getting everyone's "portraits." 

First drafts

August: Monday the 14th
Did something very uncharacteristic of me.
Lyonel was teaching class so Katie, Emma, Cory, and I went to take it!

Interesting clip in shoes that I couldn't unclip from the bike after.

*from Katie*
I was dead. I don't think I've ever worked so hard in my life. I thought I was going to puke on the bike.

Free fruit. You know I took one of each.

Went to Quartino after.
Duck prosciutto pizza

Only good company can make up for mediocre food.

Wednesday the 16th
Angelica said she would cook breakfast so I went over. Ronnie came too.
To be honest, I just wanted to meet his puppy lol! His name is Zeus! Soooo cuuute!! (*’∀’人)♥

Simple but so good! Props to Angelica and Aunt Jemima.

Finally finished my Hourglass blush. So satisfying >]

Saturday the 19th
Tried to see Lela & Co. with Ben, Morgan, Kez, Emma, and Lyonel, but only the first three got in. So the rest of us went for drinks nearby!

We all reconvened after the show ended and relocated to Holiday Club where Alex joined us after work.
Kez and Emma left before the dancing. We don't know the person in the corner lol

Wednesday the 23rd
My mom looked so cute in her outfit, I had to take a picture.

At Angelica's for some reason I don't remember.
I always crack up when dogs lay down like this (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖

Saturday the 26th
Our first full day in NOLA. Also the only day that wasn't raining. We spent the previous day flying there and getting to our hotel.

Started with breakfast at Atchafalaya, a must according to every person who has been to New Orleans. They have a Bloody Mary bar which none of us took part of lol.
 I got the duck hash and alligator sausage. Charnae and Angelica got the chicken and biscuits. All of it was really good!

We tried to walk around a little bit after.

Keyword being try. It was so hot so we just stepped into a random bar to get out of the sun and humidity.
Everyone told us we had to have Hurricanes so we did. These were the best ones we had on the trip. Unfortunately, I spilled mine. -_-

We walked to the nearest trolley stop to try and save some money but Angelica's flats were cutting into her foot so we ordered a Lyft anyways lol.

Lunch at the Gumbo Shop.
A cute place

Finally tried gumbo for the first time after drooling over the pots Scooby Doo and Shaggy would devour in the Zombie Island movie. I likey!

The craw fish pasta Angelica still talks about.

Walked around the cute French Quarter.

The famous Cafe Du Monde

Hot weather is the worst for energy. We went back to the hotel to nap and then get ready for a night out on Bourbon Street.
We just walked along the street and walked into whatever bar was playing a song we liked. Apparently the thing there is for every bar to have a host/hype (wo)man that sings along to all the songs? I didn't like that part.

Was constantly covered in a film a sweat the entire time there.

Liked this area of the last club we were at but there were roaches scurrying around! ( 〇□〇)

Sunday the 27th
What happens when you leave your phone laying around

Had breakfast nearby at the Ruby Slipper Cafe.
It was so bad, especially after having been to Atchafalaya the day before.

Finally got to ride a trolley!
We visited a coworker's cousin at the bar she worked at and also walked around looking for souvenirs Angelica could take back.

Me on Charnae's phone.

We were under the impression that Sunday's would also be lively at night but we were wrong.

We got to check out two bars but I really wish we just went to the last one because the band that was playing was soooo good. We only got their two last songs.

Everything was closed by around 11 so Angelica and I grabbed some grub before turning in at a place called Faubourg Bistro, which is tucked in the back corner of this little gay bar. The people who worked there were the nicest people and the food was sooo good. My favorite meal from the trip for sure!
Lookin like she's about to slice a b-

I still think about this blue crab mac. Add Louisiana hot sauce to it and it's game over. (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

Monday the 28th
The three of us split up and did our own things that day. I did some walking.
Oh, Angelica...ahaha

I love how plush and green and tropical(?) it is there.

Got a little hungry so I yelped up District Donuts. 
Really cute place but I didn't think the food was that great. Also, this is probably just me, but I noticed that aside from the Lyft drivers and the people at Faubourg, every service person I encountered during this trip was not the most pleasant?

Tuesday the 29th
Our last meals at World of Beer
I have never seen saucier tacos, but I wasn't mad.

It had been storming all morning and I was legit scared our flight was going to get canceled and I was going to miss my bs traffic ticket court date. But we made it out!

Thursday the 31st
Chicago parking has got me fucked up. SURGE parking???!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I paid the price to park by The Annoyance to see Messing With A Friend with a few Steppenwolf peeps. I love seeing teachers perform. Susan and MPT were so funny!

September: Saturday the 2nd
Was feeling choppy.

K and I joked years ago about me designing a designer bag that was actually just a Chipotle paper bag and then this happened.

Tuesday the 5th
Last ditch effort in trying to savor summer with coral eyeshadow even though the weather already started getting cold.

Mom and I went to Bob Chinn's Crab House cause she would always talk about how good it used to be. Sadly, it isn't anymore.
"The bread didn't used to be like this..."

My mom's phone takes much better pictures.

Everything was kind of bland?

I liked this cake tho.

Friday the 8th
Woke up early to get ready because...
I was crashing Angelica's field trip lol.
Her class went to the Jane Addams Hull House Museum. Did not know that was smack dab in the middle of UIC's campus.

Angelica is constantly craving pasta so we went to an Italian place nearby but left right after overhearing it was cash only from the table getting seated after us. Relocated to a place called Pompei. 
Nooo buenooo.

Angelica was right when she said "Even Sbarro is better than this." Ahaha
Georgeanne joined us but I somehow didn't take any pictures of her??

She a clown.

Angelica wanted to try this rolled ice cream/crepe place.
I can say I tried it and never have it again. I hate food trends and I think rolled ice cream is DUMB. It's so hard to eat!! I lost count of how many times I launched ice cream at myself. (ꐦ ಠ皿ಠ )

Angelica being rude and leaving me and Georgeanne to facetime. Smh

"Before I wash my makeup off" selca

Saturday the 9th
A really pretty day! Went to the beach to celebrate Morgan's birthday.
Morgan's Ithica friends who also ended up living in Chicago.

I left after a little because I felt awkward after the one other person I knew left, but it was so nice to see Morgan again! Took a long, scenic walk to the red line and saw lots of things that made me happy.
THE cutest couple in matching outfits listening and dancing to a cover band.

Golden hour

I just like seeing all these boats docked

Purple Martin Nesting Site was looking for volunteers.

I was came across this bench and just sat for a little bit to write, when I saw the couple again!
She was picking the flowers and he would patiently wait for her. Oh god it was just so lovely! (∩˃o˂∩)♡

Finally got to catch Lela & Co.
Guess I was really tired from the beach cause I fell asleep...in the front...where the actor stood a lot of the time...

Monday the 11th
Got ready for the first rehearsal of Don't Look Back/Must Look Back.

I need to find a 24k version of these so that I can wear them forever!

Saturday the 16th
Noticed the very pretty sunset on the way to Theatre Wit.

Watched a play about Abraham Lincoln called The Heavens Are Hung In Black cause Jennifer was in it.

Walked by a cool wall on the way to my car.
This one is to prove to myself that I wore this dress.

Sunday the 17th
I don't remember whose car I'm laying down in or why I took this picture but here it is.

Not my birthday or my name but my mom's friend got me this cake for some reason. 「(゚<゚)゙??

Saturday the 23rd
Alex invited us over for a party!
I'm serious. If you like coconut at all, these are a MUST.

Proof they're a hit.

I always feel loved after seeing Steppenwolf peeps.

Tuesday the 26th
My sad sad attempt at trying not to buy every meal.
I don't know how to wrap a wrap, okay!?

Watched Cicada Summer cause an acquaintance was in it.
The puppetry was so cool!
I also like how I got someone else's selfie ha.

Saturday the 30th
Anna, Charnae, Maeve, and I saw Yellow Claw at Aragon.
This was the only picture I took? But they were so good!

I think I'm getting more and more lazy with taking pictures...but I got this post up right before the month ended so...a triumph! ☆ヘ(`・ω・)ノ┌┛

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