April, May, and the first week of June

I'm still on track! Woo!

April: Saturday the 1st
Went out for my birthday a month and a half later lol
I got WAY too drunk and ended up losing my god damn keys. (╬⓪益⓪) UGH losing my entire wallet would have been so much better. ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

Tuesday the 4th
Was happy that the crab cake sandwich was back for the week. Was sad for Charnae's baby risotto. The portions from the cafe are ridiculous sometimes.

Wednesday the 5th
Pasta and Angelica looking like she's dying.

Still freezing in April.

Friday the 7th

One is from another day but yeah...that's her.

Was thinking about it all day at work.

Cleaned out my closet a little.
They're all 5 inches or more. I hardly ever wear heels anymore. I miss it. ~_~

Saturday the 8th
Tracy's baby shower!
It was so nice to see her after so long! I wonder how the baby looks now. We haven't seen her since the shower. :(

Monday the 10th
Omg Anna ahahaha I can't with her.

The one thing I like from BWW.

The free meal Charnae got with her points from going all the time.

Tuesday the 11th
Got ready to meet with Duri.
My first decent selfie in many months.

Went to Cheesecake
Tried something new. Should have just gotten my usual.

Kungfu after
It's way too loud in the Evanston location. I think the Chinatown location tastes better too.

Some nice cloud action.
Simple dinner.

Saturday the 15th
Hung out with Ashley and Charnae.

I had been wanting to go to Mitsuwa for a while.
So sad the ramen was very disappointing that day.

Charnae mentioned wanting to go to a golfing range so we went on a whim.

Desserts after being "sporty" are nice.

Sunday the 16th
I forget why I was downtown this day but I was.
An unwelcome sight once getting back home.

Wednesday the 19th
The sky on the way to K's.
The tiny clouds remind me of little poops.

I don't think I'll eat anything else when I'm in the neighborhood.

I bought one cause I was curious and it turned out to be the best. To anyone who is reading this other than my future self, please do yourself a favor and get ten if you see them.

On the way home
The chips sucked tho.

Wednesday the 26th
The best email I've ever woken up to.

Went to Burger Bar which happens to be right where I would be spending my summer.
Wasn't really a fan.

Always shenanigans with these two.

Saturday the 29th
Got ready to go to my favorite Dancen with Georgeanne, Jacob, and Adan.

It was very wet and cold.

We had yogurt soju.

Do not like the cheese on the fire chicken.

May: Monday the 1st
I picked a very good one that day.

Saturday the 6th
Went to Georgeanne's for her birthday!
She's always talking about how she needs a new profile picture.

She used none of the hundred he took for her.

Friday the 12th
Became addicted to McDonald's frappe. Soooo good!!

I wish people would all play at Concord but no so back at the Mid.

She was amazing!

Tuesday the 16th
Anna, Charnae, and I spent the entire day drinking and eating in the city.
Rockit was our first stop. After going to class right next to it for years, I finally tried it.
The food was bad. The nachos were the most decent. Very glad we didn't pay full price thanks to happy hour.

Both my drinks were not tasty for me.

Theory across the street for our second stop.
This blueberry drink was very good. No alcohol taste!

I don't remember what this place is called.
We just played a round of pool.

I forget who wanted donuts but we got em.
Didn't know they did donut ice cream sandwiches until the person in front of us got one. It was just ok.

Headed up to Wrigley where Anna was meeting Dana and her family after the game.
The outside sitting area of this bar was cute.

This was one of the worst spinach artichoke dips ever.

Stopped by Sidetrack for a minute so that Charnae could wish her friend a happy birthday.
It's very cute inside and they were playing good music but the two of us were too tired by that time.

Wednesday the 24th
Went to Minneapolis for the first time in my life for a Target shoot. Didn't know Minnesota was the Target headquarter. It was basically a paid vacation, so nice! Need to work harder to book more stuff like this! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
Airport breakfast
It's that cheese dip.

Target studio for fitting.
Greeter at the door.

It was lunch time so I grabbed a little since we were there and waiting.

My "hip" room. This hotel is very much for young people.

Couldn't be lazy so I headed out to the Sculpture Garden...which turned out to be closed cause they were doing construction for the Super Bowl. I was going to just walk back to the hotel and look around but realized there was a museum right next to the garden.

The Walker Art Center was a really good museum! Caught another really good exhibit before it closed. I thought it was very well timed with school coming up in a couple months. (°∀°)b

Merce Cunningham: Common Time
Was taking pictures from the nice bar when I realized I could go outside.

There were sculptures outside too.

A part of the garden that I wanted to see.

Hung out with Terry, who was the other person from Chicago doing the shoot.
Went to a bar near the hotel for food cause he only likes burgers.

Went to the Guthrie Theatre to catch a show. One of the most luxe theatres I've ever seen. They had a very cool view. I thought it was kind of a shame that it was tinted yellow though.

The show we watched:

It was very good!

Even cooler at night.

The place is giant.

I woke up at four in the morning running to the toilet and suffered from food poisoning the entire shoot that day. But everyone was so nice and caring so everything went as smoothly, I just kept running to and from the bathroom. And then I flew back home.
My face was not meant for camera work...https://www.facebook.com/target/videos/10154781946991985/

Saturday the 27th
Bbq at Kevin's. Got to see people I hadn't seen in a while.
Still chilly at the end of May.

Had to leave in the middle of Secret Hitler to watch the closing performance of a show a teacher I had was in.
I feel bad but I really did not like the show... I would much rather have played Secret Hitler.

Wednesday the 31st
Dim sum with Tina, Kevin, and Mark.

June: Thursday the 1st
Not gonna lie, the funfetti sprinkles got me.

Went over to K's
Another 7/11 discovery. These were goood~ I hope K never moves from this apartment so we can keep going to SP Kebab and this 7/11 LOOL.

Saturday the 3rd
Mom's phone stopped working so we went to get her a new one. She switched over to Apple but she misses Samsung lol.
She returned half the things the next day thank goodness.

Getting it all set up took forever so I missed the beginning of Sigur Ros.
The view from th poor people seats.
I wish I could have at least sat at floor level to really be immersed in the visuals and surrounded by the music but it was still really good. One day! ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ

Sunday the 4th
Was craving rolls so mom and I tried a place nearby. It wasn't that good but that's expected.
I miss the mussels from Midori ;__;

Alriiight~ A little bit closer to catching up now!

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