Visiting Sandy in San Jose

My god I have been both looking forward to this post and dreading it. It's just way too much but that's what happens when you got three people taking pictures. And I wouldn't be me if I didn't post ALL of them. (•̀o•́)ง

Wednesday the 15th
Finally the day I had been looking forward to for months! Left the cold to visit my ddarling in slightly warmer weather! Only slightly cause it was chilly and rainy the entire time I was there. I pick the best times to visit places. ╮(─▽─)╭
Downtown looking cute from the distance.

Sky pictures on cue.
LA from above.


Getting prettier as I get closer.
This looks like one of the background templates from MS Powerpoint.

Sport stadiums are always so cool to see from the plane.

Dinner after touch down!
One of Sakira's (such a good couple nickname) favorite places. They're already opening a second one in Chicago!

Salmon avocado ball. It was okay, looks better than it tastes.

Love these kinds of extra crispy fries.

The cutest/creepiest fork.

Half half is always the way to go. I wish the hot was more saucy though, it was a little dry.

*stolen from Sakira*
Sweet Sandy got me a cake!

My gift (*´꒳`*)

It was a little late and Sakira had work in the morning so we turned in for the night.

Thursday the 16th
Had a very chill first day. Just lazed around with the pets waiting for Sakira to finish work.
He's so quiet! I thought no one was home and was butt naked after a shower when I heard foot steps in the kitchen so I ran back into the bathroom. I put my clothes on to see who it was and it was just Mako! Ahaha!

Just three sleepy animals

Dinner at another Sakira spot: Shiki
So little and cute and good!

Spicy tuna rolls to whet our already ravenous appetites.

Akira's tempura bento

Sandy's donkatsu

My teriyaki bento. Very well priced for the amount of food! (ˆ ڡ ˆ)

Sandy gave me a mini tour of her nice apartment.


Best hosts ever.

Friday the 17th
A slightly more active day! But still relaxing.( ̄~ ̄)
I looked up places to try in San Jose and Psycho donuts was one. It was right by where they work so they picked one up for me on the way home!
We didn't even eat them until after we got home for the night.

On the way to the museum.
The San Jose Museum of Art!

So happy I caught this before it was over. An exhibit about expressing different kinds of beauty through all artistic mediums.

Cool to see Pat McGrath work on the wall as well.

Nail art on a whole other level.

A pebble would fall with a droplet of water and make the loudest clanging.

This agitated my trypophobia blech ಸ_ಸ

I think originally they were supposed to swing a little.


If there's a game, Akira's gotta play it.

My pendulum artwork

Grabbed some happy hour food and drinks at...I forgot what this place is called but they were good! The drinks were strong but really didn't taste like it! I was actually tipsy when we left! ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪
*stolen from Sakira*

Went to Cream across the street for dessert. The music they were playing in their little shop was lit.
Fail polaroid

A blurry, wet, walk back to the car.

I forgot why but we checked out the mall.
My store

Learned there was a Din Tai Fung and we were like Σ(꒪ȏ꒪) "MUST TRY"

I was still pretty full from eating like an hour prior but I couldn't not.
My first soup dumplings!

Love this kind of saucy wonton

Their fragrant milk tea.

Was too full to eat my one bun there so I got it to go. It was in the cutest little box and bag!

Sora liked my Zara bag. I still don't understand why cats do this.

My winning poem.

Saturday the 18th
An adventurous day! We hit three different cities for food and sites!

A gloomy start to the day.
My fail attempt at getting the Nasa sign.

First stop: San Mateo for Ramen Parlor. Another Japanese mom and pop shop.
We had gotten there maybe an hour after they opened and there was a line. I think we waited around 30 minutes for our name to be called.

Cute vintage posters decorating the walls.

Spicy garlic lobster pork ramen and the usual sides! Yum~

On to San Francisco to see the Sutro Baths.
Love the colorful houses street after street! ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ

And the hills in a more urban area!

The baths
So cool that this used to be a functioning bath house.

Pretty cool place

It was super windy
LOL Sandy's face XD

*stolen from Sakira*

*stolen from Sakira*
Literally 90% of our pictures were like this ahaha!

*stolen from Sakira*

*stolen from Sakira*
Gotta take the polaroids too lol

Through the cave path
Ghost Sandy

There were a couple openings

The other side!
Cold Akira

Onto the wooded path
"What's taking you so long."

*stolen from Sakira*

You can spot the Golden Gate bridge from this trail! And the sky started clearing!
*stolen from Sakira*

*stolen from Sakira*

*stolen from Sakira*
I love this picture. My ddarling is too cute! ♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡

I like how we're completely covering the bridge.


Being Sakira's couple photographer
Gradually got closer to the bridge.


Very cool rock circle thing

A nice trail that circles back to where we started.

Driving on the bridge to get to the picture spot from the postcards.
Hill covering what is probably an awesome sunset.

We made it!
*stolen from Sakira*

*stolen from Sakira*

People breaking the rules to get a cool shot.

Hike back down to the car.

Back on the road to get to Oakland for...

Mac n cheese!

Waiting in line for the bathroom.

Waiting for a table.

I loved my spicy crab mac.

For checking in on Yelp.

Back home

Couple look all the way down to the lip tints!

Only because I'm using her favorite blanket but FINALLY.

Played Mario Party and was getting frustrated with Akira winning all the mini games (why are guys so good at button mashing?! which of course was like 80% of the games) but I WON!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!!

Sunday the 19th
Another place crossed off the list.
I like how I only got the sign. Was too distracted by the palm trees.

One of their flaps was loose and flapping in the wind and Akira had zip ties in the car so he went and got one to fix it! Lol so thoughtful.

Omg the falafel sandwich, sauce, pita chips, and the banana shake were so freaking good! Definitely one of my favorite meals during my time there.

Sandy took me to the crepe place she likes.
Unfortunately, they weren't that great that day. At least they look cute.

*stolen from Sakira*

Went to Daiso. This one was much bigger than the one I went to in Korea.
They even had garden scythes.

I actually bought stuff this time... a lot of stuff.
All the snacks were whatever except those chocolate star puffs. Those were GREAT.

Then we went to the Japanese market that was next door lol.
If it has Gudetama on it, I want it.

Just bought more snacks...

Boba after.
This was the first time I'd seen a super size. I was too full to get it.

Apparently it's a thing to get fried chicken with boba.

Right in the kisser.

I had wanted to try one of the kbbq places there but was advised against it cause it's too expensive. So Akira did it for us at home!

໒( ́ ۝ ́ )७─∈

Sora liked Sandy's purchase.

She bought this for me!
It's the little things ꒰•́ॢ৺•̀ॢ๑͒꒱

Monday the 20th
Aquarium and pizza day!
Another gloomy start to the day.

Feeding frenzy

*stolen from Sandy*
We don't know why he sat back there but okay.

The announcer man was funny.

I could never ‘`( ꒪Д꒪),、
The ray tank. I got most of my sleeve wet trying to pet one.

Boring birds.

Waited a while for sea otter time.
It's so cute how they use their tummies as a table when they eat! :3

The sun would keep coming in and out.

The cafeteria with a great view.

But terrible and ridiculously expensive-for-no-reason food.

That's supposed to be a poke bowl... Akira was mad. I would be too.

Another super cute picture of Sandy.

*stolen from Sakira*

You can't see it in the picture but you could actually see seals resting on the buoys!

*stolen from Sakira*


It looks like a tv screen or something.

I hate jellies but I have to admit they are photogenic.
I only like this guy cause he can light up.

TOO MANY (((φ(◎ロ◎;)φ)))
Turtle couple

Cute squiddies

Also hate giant octopi.


Gotta see Nemo when at the aquarium.

Actual behind the scenes photos.

It started raining again.
*stolen from Sakira*

*stolen from Sakira*

The shops on the way to the parking garage were cute. It felt like one of those amusement park towns.

*stolen from Akira*
Lol so rude. He took so many too.

Cute hipster pizza place for dinner.
Cute pizza oven.

Hip hop album cover posters on the wall. Ugh love industrial light bulbs for interiors.

More art installation than bathroom.
Love a charcuterie plate.

Didn't think the pizzas were anything special, but they were good.

Tuesday the 21st
My last full day in San Jose :( Too bad Sakira had to spend half of it back at work.
Wah I loved being in a house with animals.
Handsome boy

Using full advantage of the blanket to get her on my lap.

But it's so funny because as soon as their owners came home, they would run like they had done something wrong ahaha!

The burrito Sandy really likes.

Wednesday the 22nd
The day I dreaded. The day I went back to reality. ( ≧Д≦) NOOO
My breakfast. I forgot to drink this and found it while packing.

The pretty sky on the way to the airport.

Another short layover in Las Vegas.
I think it's so interesting that there are slot machines in the airport.

Real breakfast.

My first Einstein bagel sandwich.

My first and only time seeing Vegas.

Ahh what a great vacation for my birthday! Thank you Sakira for treating me like a princess all week! Most delicious birthday week ever! ❤⃛(*ૂ❛ัᴗ❛ั*ૂ)

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