September 2016

September: Thursday the 1st
Met up with Duri for the first time in like three or four years. We had lunch at Shakou.
Lamb I think? I learned that I like couscous. 

I don't remember what this roll was.

Duri's sashimi.

Some kind of shrimp that was kind of meh.

I wish I could eat raw sushi (。•́︿•̀。)

Went to work after
Angelica is always sick so I got her soup.

I hit my face against a plastic bin and my frames broke! (╬ಠิ益ಠิ) I'm still upset to be honest...
Still had to see for the rest of my shift so...

Friday the 2nd
I love when people go out for lunch so that I can ask them to bring something for me heh heh heh.

Rushed home after work to get ready and head back out for Sebastian's birthday.
It was my first time going to Berlin and meeting his friends. It was such a nice experience!

Saturday the 3rd
Went to North Coast!
Twinsies selfie

Brillz I think? Not really my cup of tea.

I'm mad at myself for not saving any of my snaps from that day. There were some good ones like the one of Charnae and Maeve starting a dance circle. I had a weird (short) period where I didn't want to keep the videos. Regretting really hard right now. (>皿<)

I think we were sitting and waiting for Charnae and Maeve to get beer and this guy passed by. Anna is too funny.

Silent disco while we wait for Keys N Krates set.
I like how we're all looking at different phones lol.

The first dj was soooo good and then the one who took over was meh so I sat.

My crappy picture of Keys N Krates

Charnae's awesome picture of Keys N Krates. They were the best act that day! I'm excited to see them again next month! X3

Bassnectar as the finale. We probably should have gone to Logic instead cause he was too low energy for us, especially after seeing Keys N Krates right before.

Dana was tired so she wanted a piggy back ride. Anna is such a good friend. 

Tuesday the 6th
I think I stepped outside of work cause I noticed the sky was pretty and wanted a picture? Lol

My favorites. I even somehow got two breads! ( ๑ ❛ ڡ ❛ ๑ )

Oh Angelica.

Wednesday the 7th
Spent a wholesome day with Georgeanne and Angelica.

I had been craving banh mi for the longest time.

Cute children.

I'm so happy Michoacanas are popping up in droves everywhere.
Paletas are lyfe.

Angelica's neutral is either sad or mad ahaha


The sky was so cool that day. All hazy and purple. 

Angelica went back in to buy pinwheels.

We were talking about how I've wanted to try Church's chicken for years and Angelica (who is a picky eater) said she really liked it, making me want it more. Since we were already downtown.... 
It turned out to be disappointing. The person who made it that day must have spilled an entire container of salt and thought ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Went to Chasers later that night? Where Anna had a chug off.
The only time I've ever seen her be affectionate towards her brother lol.

Friday the 9th
More cool clouds on the way back home from Indiana.

Monday the 12th
A day with Georgeanne, my muse LOL.
We grabbed lunch at Dosirak. It was meh.

She found the perfect filter for me.

We hung out at a nice park for a little bit where I had the most amazing time! All the dogs we passed by  LOVED ME!!! I had never gotten so much attention from so many dogs before omg it's honestly one of the best moments of my life! \(*T▽T*)/

Relocated to one of her friend's apartment twice.
If there's AC, I'm gonna be cold.

Headed to her campus for her kickball game.
I'm excited for Summer cause the sky is nice everyday.
Calling her friend cause she realized she forgot her leftovers. Luckily he was on the way to the gym so he could just drop it out the window on the curb we were waiting on hahaha!! It was amazing~

I really wanted ice cream on the way to the field and luckily there was a Cold Stone. Unluckily, it sucked.

My stockings have to be why I was so popular with dogs that day.

Waiting for her turn. Honestly, Georgeanne was the team's MVP. She was so good!

Walking to her car.

Ah my old train stop.

Gotta record that day's hard work before washing it off
"I did my nails" pose

Tuesday the 13th
Saddest sign that summer is over.

Anna and her ice storm

Look at that super fluffy cloud!

Anna, Charnae, Angelica, and I met with Tracy and her friend Jackie at Furious Spoon after work.
Very cute inside

Cute but super loud outside cause of the passing trains.

Tracy's cocktail that all of us tried and none liked.

Splitting an already small bowl.

I don't even know what kind of ramen....

Yeah, all the food was reallllly bad. Second worst ramen I've ever had. >[

Still smiles cause of good company :3

I went to the bathroom and...
Yup totally me who wrote that caption. 

Dessert after parting with Tracy and Jackie.


Crocodile for my first Trap Tuesday
We were too early so we sat and waited for the basement to open lol

I love having friends that love to dance lol.
The floor was super slippery with my chanclas so I sat with Angelica the entire time. I did have to get up when the dj put on It G Ma though. I swear he did it cause we're Asian.

Wednesday the 14th
Heard from UBoat for the first time since before college(??) and agreed to meet up with Duri after work. I woke up earlier than usual to get ready cause I wasn't going to have time after, but then I was told I was being sent home early...
I can only wear high waisted pants to look like I have normal leg length. (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ

But it wasn't that good =_=

Who is going to want these nasty dry wigs???

Heh heh heh...

We did our catching up at Agit.
So crazy that we used to hang out almost everyday when we were in high school.

Friday the 16th
Had an audition.
First time going to the second floor.

Finally tried the food at the Boiler Room with Charnae. Everything was sooo good!!
Truffle fries

Cheese curds

The Castro
Sooo yum!! Wanna go back and try the other pies.

Charnae is the only other person who likes Forever Yogurt so we got it for dessert. 
I love when older adults walk in not knowing anything and being excited to try a froyo bar for the first time. It's so pure and cute~ (*´▽`*)

Saturday the 17th & Sunday the 18th

Went out to Wrigleyville.

She's always the responsible one so we made sure she wasn't staying sober that night.

One more year and this will be over

Am I the only one??

Can count on Charnae to want food with me after.

Donzell's friend freaking wore Jordan slides even though he knew we were going out (wtf) and couldn't get into Barleycorn, so we had to go to another bar that was not to my liking. (;¬д¬) But it was a fun night overall!

I had closed my eyes to sleep at like six in the morning and they shot back open an hour later because I remembered it was my first day of class!! I think I made it on time??
Gotta eat breakfast after a night of drinking. But why does Dunkin's tortillas taste like chemicals??

Tuesday the 20th
The best deal.

Either Anna or Charnae said that Big Star's tacos were good so we went after work.
The outside is super cute.

But the tacos are the worst I've ever had. I'm still mad.

Stopped by Stan's and then Jeni's. Angelica and Charnae were obsessed with the two that summer.

Friday the 23rd
(ˆ ڡ ˆ)

Saturday the 24th
Hung out with Angelica's brother and cousin for the first time.
But I always order the same two flavors...

With the one piece of bbq that D.J. so generously shared with me. I'm super not about ordering kalbi at restaurants but this made me reconsider...

Then we just sat in the park for a little lol.

Sunday the 25th
Lunch with Tracy
Potbelly's came out with buffalo mac so I had to try it. It was meh. Chili and hot peppers ftw!

Bibim bap for dinner at home.

Thursday the 29th
Tried a new (at the time) bbq place.
It was actually really good! And that pig is so cute. I love when restaurants use pigs in their logos.

That's it!

Thanks to Anna for pointing out that I forgot our final night of September!!! I looked at the wrong time stamp and thought it was October. >__>
Friday the 30th
The What So Not concert!!!
 Got ready and then met up with Anna and Dana at her dorm so we could get to Maeve's together.
It was the first show we saw at Concord and that place is probably the best venue right now.
All the openers were people I was seeing for the first time and I liked them all!

Forgot to take pictures of Orville Kline, Michael Christmas, and Anna Lunoe... my bad.

And of course...
That's it forreal this time!

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