October 2016

Ah this post was supposed to go up sooner (I say this every time) but I broke my laptop (again) and am currently at the library trying to figure out how to use a Mac/writing this. Bless the people who invented libraries. Bless them a gazillion bajillion times!! ☆~~ヾ(>▽<)ノ。・☆ I wanted to make sure I updated at least one more time before I take a 10 week hiatus. I got into the summer program at Steppenwolf (yay!) and I'll be working overnight so I'm probably not gonna have the energy or the desire to blog ha ha. Maybe I'll post on my off days?? But it's me and that's very unlikely;;; But also, I wanna freaking catch up to current times already! Arghhh... Anyways, here was my October:
Monday the 3rd
Tried another weekly special at work.
 I was surprised when I opened the box cause when I see that there's an egg in a sandwich, I always expect it to be inside the sandwich. I was also surprised at how bland it tasted. Man...the description made it sound like it was gonna be really good...

A coworker was telling me that the newly opened Wing Zone was really good so I went after work.
 MOAR disappointment! (;¬_¬)

Tuesday the 4th
Finally tried Honey Butter Fried Chicken with Angelica and Anna before heading to the Vic to see Moon and Kamau while they were back in Chicago on tour. They opened for Christine and the Queens!

We grabbed a late dinner at Quartino Ristorante.
My ravioli. I don't know about the guys, but we hated our food. I think it was Anna who got the cheese pizza but it was GARBAGE.  (ʘ言ʘ╬) Have you ever tasted watery cheese? You don't want to.

Obligatory group pictures before parting.
They were so nice! Hopefully I'll get to meet them again and be less awkward then lol. Please check out their music! They're jams with deep meaning! They're doing really good and are only gonna grow!
Anna, Angelica, and my favorite song of theirs.
Kamau's cover of Hey Ya is awesome too!

Wednesday the 5th
Gotta take advantage when there's good lighting.

Anutha 1

Sunday the 9th
Wanted to catch 'The King Of Hell's Palace' before it closed after class. I had a lot of time to kill so I just did some window shopping and walking around.

It had caught fire a couple weeks prior.

The play was soooo good. I cried so much. But all of Frances Ya Chu Cowhig's plays do that to me.

Monday the 10th
After eating so much chicken, I begged my mom for some cow so we tried out Myung Ga.
The meat was okay but the ban chan were pretty damn mediocre.

Thursday the 13th

Saturday the 15th
Put in some effort because I was seeing K's show that night.

Pho with mom first.

I was walking to the theatre and noticed people taking pictures so I took a look too.
So crazy

Taking ootds in the theatre bathroom...

I had to leave right after the show ended cause I was meeting up with everyone for Julianne's birthday.

Hahaha Ronnie couldn't get into the bar because he was wearing sweats. What a good friend.

Sunday the 16th
Why I refuse to pay for Panera. I had gone so many years without eating it but now it's gotten hard cause it's just across the street and I can't lie, it's pretty darn yummy. (-﹏-。)

My mom made the best spaghetti. Omg I was so surprised because I had gotten used to the one she made at her work and got tired of it easily but I would eat two or three servings of this one three or four days straight. I think other Koreans would love this. It had the perfect combo of sweet and a kick of spice and the noodles were perfectly chewy. Ahhh I want it againnnn~~~ ԅ(¯﹃¯ԅ)

Wednesday the 19th
Went to Yard House
 I was hating on their ethnic dishes in the menu but their basic ones were honestly so bomb.

 Just thinking about that spinach artichoke dip makes me drool.

 The dessert trio was amazing too.
I also learned how amazing Hawaiian Moscow Mules are thanks to Charnae. I've finally found a drink I can enjoy! ╰(°ㅂ°)╯

I don't know why we went to BDG but we did.
Anna joined after she finished work!

Thursday the 20th
On the hunt for new glasses at See.
I was 60% set on these but was still pretty hesitant because it was gonna be hella expensive and when I had gone a second time to try them on, the saleswoman pointed out that it was a little narrow for my face. I really liked the frames but she was right. Plus, they're similar to my brown ones.

The coworker I mentioned earlier recommended three flavors and since I only tried two the first time, I was willing to give Wing Zone another go.
This flavor was the worst one!! \(--)/

Friday the 21st
Hung out with K and did our usual.
 The 7 Eleven by her has a lot of Asian snacks but I didn't like this one.

 I don't think I'll ever not eat Sp Kebab when I go over. But I was sad this time because they forgot the hot sauce.

Went to pick up GeorgeAnne from her aunt's birthday and got to feast. Was extra excited to spend the night at George's cause she had Belle!

All four of us slept in that bed LOL.

Tuesday the 25th
I have found each pair's partner since then.

I'm still proud of this wing.

Mom and I decided to get our glasses together at a place she was recommended.
So generous!

Lol I'm a totally different person at the end of the day.

Saturday the 29th
Freaky Deaky with Charnae and Maeve!
Never heard of Checker's until that day but I'm glad I did cause their fries are so damn good!

We met up with Ashley and her group.
I was just in the middle of the audience watching DJ Snake when I heard "OMG Jin?!"
 I look crazy excited cause I hadn't seen Julien in years and what are the chances!! Hahaha!

I had never seen so many people at a gas station before.

I like how we're in the same order lol.
Wiped out.

Das it!
If I really am gone for the whole ten weeks, bye for now~ But hopefully not! ヾ(・ω・ )

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