The beginning of August

This is a shorty because the next post will be a behemoth.
Wednesday the 3rd
So nice to be healthy again!
Seriously, bless you snow cam.

Went to K's work place to pick her up and hang out at her place.
I liked my outfit that day. This was probably the cutest I felt all year. 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

Friday the 5th
After a lot of back and forth about where to go, Anna and I had lunch at Five Guys after work (if I remember correctly).
The shake was pretty good but so expense for the small thing, ( ˘_˘)

Sunday the 7th
Shot another episode for the web series as well as the cover photo.

Killer sky on the way back. This is an ongoing theme all summer.

Tuesday the 9th
Yup. Even more.
I can't help it~ So pretty~ ♡(ŐωŐ人)

Wednesday the 10th
Wasabi with Charnae and Maeve.
Tried other appetizers that aren't the kimchi pork spring rolls (fave). Hate to admit that I really like the candy wings. That sauce~~  (´ q ` ” )


Went to The Boiler Room after.
The outside seating atmosphere was so nice~

All their desserts have Jameson in them so I couldn't have anything lol.

Went to work after.
Tried the new chicken caesar from Subway. It was not that good.

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