June 2016

It's almost the end of the month which means I'm back rushing to write at least one post. ε=ε=ε=ε=┏(; ̄▽ ̄)┛
Here was my June:
Wednesday the 1st
 Mom and I went to Wheeling for some errands.

Didn't know a second Liquid Fusion location opened.
 Much bigger than the first one.

 The drinks are better from the first location though.

Tried Starfish Sushi for lunch.
 Their truffle tuna thing.

The garlic shrimp that wasn't garlic-y at all. It was more like a sweet and sour shrimp.

Mom's chirashi.

 My rolls. Meh. They gave the thinnest slices of unagi I have ever seen.

Friday the 3rd
Shoot day.
Why do they never fill my brows?? T__T

 My favorite part of shooting~
There was more after I was wrapped so of course I got some more. Not pictured: buffalo cheese steak!

Tuesday the 7th
Went to IHOP for lunch with Jay so we could use his free pancake coupon. 
 I really liked the icing for the red velvet pancakes.

Met Tracy at Au Cheval after work. I believe it was for her birthday.
 It was fun to watch the cooks make the burgers.

Their fries and aioli were yummy.

 Mashed potatoes with roasted garlic gravy. Also good.

 Hoping they're ours.


 Tracy approves!

Saturday the 11th
Six Flags day for K's birthday!
 Starbucks run first.

Grabbed a small lunch from 7 Eleven while waiting for K's dad.

 Gotta do the raging bull first!

Rode the log ride for the first time!
All the lines were super short that day, it was awesome!

Sunday the 12th
 Another really good weekly special at work.

My favorite cookie ever. It's sooo good and also huge! I'm seriously addicted to these. ( ๑ ❛ ڡ ❛ ๑ ) 

 Monday the 13th
I was watching Babymetal videos and the girls made me want bangs so bad. Again.
 So I ordered a bang clip LOL. They're too light for my hair. At least they helped me come to the conclusion that I should never get bangs yet again.

Tuesday the 16th
Overheard people talking about this maple bacon chicken sandwich so I got it.
 I was really surprised at how good it was. The bacon is super maple-y!

This is actually from a few days after but Angelica told me the red velvet cupcake is really good but I thought it sucked. Didn't want to give it a whole date so... 

Saturday the 18th
Headed to Angelica's after work cause she was having a bbq with her friends and coworkers.
 Had her save me a plate. Props to Ronnie the grill master.

Monday the 20th
Visited mom at her workplace to eat bbq for the first time in a while.
 Proud of all the side dishes she made.

Thursday the 23rd
I had an audition. I also started saving my snapchat videos for people like Sandy.

That was basically my day.

The audition was held right by the French Market so I went to try the poke bowl people were raving about.

Passed by Vanille while looking for the bowls.

Ended up with all chocolate...

Finally found the very long line.

It was pretty good. They give a ton of sauce so it's a little salty.

Went to work and was given Jewel's leftover Blaze!
I'm basically everyone's recycling bin and I don't mind that at all.

Friday the 24th
Lunch with George at Crisp!

Dessert at Bobtail Ice Cream Company.
I forget what flavor mine was. Probably cause George's peach ice cream totally blew mine away.

Sunday the 26th
Went to the ebar to buy a quick lunch and saw:
It's nice that they want to celebrate Pride but...this cookie is done so bad...

Yep, this pasta salad again.

Discovering new snapchat filters at home.

Monday the 27th
Another audition day.

I had parked a block away from the Goodwill, but I thought I had parked right by it so I was really confused. I also kept getting styes for some reason.

Went to Great Seas with Jay so he could finally try the sticky wings.
I was super disappointed.

They don't even use the actual jja jang myun noodles anymore!!

Tuesday the 28th
Pretty sky on the way to work.

Finally tried Halal Guys. I love it even though it gives me pain.

I'm enjoying this too much...

Thursday the 30th
I think I had an audition?
I was sitting at a fountain thing and looked up to notice the view was pretty nice.

Saw a familiar face on the train!
KT from my previous class! I love running into people I know on the train cause what are the chances you get on the same car!?

Got off North and Clybourn to meet up with Brad.
I like the fountain thing by the Apple store.

Was super hungry so I grabbed some bbq from Whole Foods.
It was pretty good.

Didn't know this sitting area was behind it.

Followed Brad back to the bar his coworkers were hanging out at.
Look at the cool light fixtures!

Don't know how to use an iphone...¯\_(⌣̯̀⌣́)_/¯