April 2016

Hello! It has been quite a while again. I apologize, I haven't been feeling well as you can see:
April and May were not good for me at all so I had not been feeling like doing much. Man, 2016 is just a terrible year so far!  

But I'm slightly out of the dumps so here I am!
Back with the snap chat filters and bad pictures galore!

Friday the 1st
Tried the french dip at work.
Surprisingly good! I remember girls talking about it at orientation and here I am finally trying it 10 months later!

Came home to hand rolls and leftover dduk bok gi lol. Hey, dinner is dinner!

Lol. I used the Skinfood Omija Whitening sheet mask and I feel like it did brighten my skin for a brief period! Yes, I have the beautify camera on so my skin looks clearer, but I think there was a definite difference from before using the mask.

Wednesday the 13th
Pretty pink clouds!

Got this in the mail:
Yes! I made the switch! I've only ever used Samsung and I think two LG phones my entire life and with the end of my contract, I decided to go for a change! For no other reason than...I want a pink phone...(灬♥ω♥灬)

Thursday the 14th
And this begins....pictures taken with my Iphone!
The first picture is of course food! As has been (unintentionally) tradition with my last two phones! ー( ̄~ ̄)ξ
My favorite days at work are when my coworkers give me their leftovers! Free lunch! Yay~ d=(´▽`)=b

Friday the 15th
Ended work earlier than 10 for once and got ready.
I tried one of the iphone filters cause CHRIST is the front camera unforgiving! (╬⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾ Д ⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾)

Headed to a suburb for:
Angelica and GeorgeAnne's 21sts!
Le birthday babies.

LOL. I found this in my phone with no recollection of this happening. I think someone else took it. I got quite drunk for the first time in a very long time...(・・。)ゞ

Got some nice polaroids though!
The last one are my coworkers or people who have worked in web team minus Anna and Caissa. They were very busy taking care of Dana the entire night. 

Monday the 18th
My "showing off my pink phone" selca.

It was the last of class so my classmate brought donuts!
She's one of those unbelievable people who won a lifetime supply!

Our amazing teacher Adrienne Curry.

*from Kat*
Class picture! I forgot to bring my polaroid again!! >[

I bought a new pillow cause the one I was using was SOOOOO flat.
Didn't have a pillowcase for it so I gave it one of my oversized shirts! Perfect! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Tuesday the 19th
Lunch at IHOP with Jay.
He looked like the manager so this was obligatory.

I wanted sausages and in the picture, these sausages with a fancy description looked the biggest so I got them. I was thinking "this tastes so familiar..." and then horror dawned on me...:they were just hot dogs sliced open!! I was very upset LOL. 

Wednesday the 20th
I would like to live in this lighting for the rest of my life minus the flower crown.

Headed all the way to the Tours Les Jours in Schaumburg to see Sandy!
My pickings.

Cute Sandy in her cute uniform packing my cute breads.

This location is much smaller than the Glenview one but it's so much cuter.

Francesca's Tavola for dinner.
Polaroids whilst waiting.

Prosciutto bruschetta.

Sandy's pasta which had sooo much lentils.

Akira's pasta.

My shell pasta with the same tomato cream sauce as above. I love this sauce...

Felt like I needed a more related profile picture for my Youtube so...

That mango sorbet was good! And pistachio cream puffs!

Friday the 22nd
A pivotal moment in Jay's life. He finally tried Sarpino's!
I kept telling him it was really good but he wouldn't believe me cause they have bad reviews on Yelp! Showed him good! (•̀o•́)ง

Sunday the 24th
Tina's in town! Had our traditional Buff Joe's.

And Joy Yee's!
Dat perfect avocado... no one does it better!

Oh no what did the camera do to Tina's hand?! Hahaha!

Monday the 25th
Hung out with K for a bit before my first day of improv class.
Awesome location right next to the beach!

Gotta get SP Kebab when I'm in the neighborhood.


Visited the beach for a little bit before I had to leave.
It was so nice that day!

*stolen from K*
The only nice picture she's ever taken of me.

Friday the 29th
Went out with Caissa, Angelica, Ronnie, and Anna after closing. I was tiiired.
Went to Adobe all the way in Rosemont. Ednee joined us later.
We were afraid that I wasn't going to be let in cause I was wearing my work sneakers but my non convincing ID distracted from that. I showed the bouncer three IDs LOL.

Anna is too funny when drunk.

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  1. oh that pillow! haha, I use my oversized skirt too for my pillow, it fits!