Eating and work and eating at work

Thursday the 7th
Mom and I tried a different pizza from Sarpino's.
It was meh.

Friday the 8th
I was just working when I came across...
 Gudetama! Ahaha I just had to..

Saturday the 9th
Work of course. I wasn't going to buy anything and was only going to get tea from the Ebar but I saw a salad I hadn't tried yet.
 It was nice and loaded with stuff but it would have been so much better with shredded cheese.

Sunday the 10th
It was one of the coldest days and I didn't want to leave the store to get something to eat but I was really craving a mcmuffin so I forced myself to go. But when I pulled up to the drive thru my windows were frozen! So I had to keep opening the door to order, to pay, and then to receive my food. Yep. I still went through the drive thru.
I finally tried the mozza sticks! I was pleasantly surprised. The sticks themselves are nice and seasoned so they're good even without sauce (this is huge for me because I love sauce), which is good cause their marina sucks!

Tuesday the 12th
Halogen lamp giving me a nice glow.

 Tuesday the 12th
Jay told me about the sticky wings from a little mart I've passed several times were really good so I went and got them for us even though it was another super cold day. I'm so nice. 
Interesting thing: the guy who worked there (I'm guessing he's the son) was the guy I bought FKA Twigs tickets from off of craigslist! LOL!
 They were edible. But they did taste better the next day.

 I had a craving for Yan Yan so I grabbed one too. I forgot how funny the printed stuff were.
 Get it~? XD

Thursday the 14th
Went to Beyond Thai with Angelica and Ronnie for lunch. I realized it was the same place I had gone with Sara a year ago cause we sat in the same seat!
 Gotta get that Thai iced tea every time.

Ronnie's eggplant chicken thing, Angelica's lime chicken, and my pad thai that tasted really strongly of ketchup. I think I'm gonna stick to only getting pad thai from Thai Avenue cause I always feel let down from everywhere else.

Saturday the 16th
Mom visited me at work so we had lunch at the cafe.
She is obsessed with that pizza.
I got the pasta Tracy had last time. I think it tasted better last time.

It was just me and Tracy closing which I didn't mind at all. She's fun to talk to cause she laughs at everything you say. I think I've said this in my last post. 
 Defected bag lol.

Monday the 18th
 Got ready for class.

Tuesday the 19th
Sarpino's. Again.
 But I ordered the right one this time.
I'm just now noticing this but it looks like someone took a slice from my pizza and put in a smaller slice in it's place. D:

Friday the 22nd
Jay baked me these cookies in return for the wings! Double chocolate chip! Mm~

Monday the 25th
Lunch with mom again.
 Tried the breakfast sandwich and shrimp & asparagus risotto after Ronnie and Froy recommended each item. They were both okay. The garlic potato soup was ok too.

My mom needed to buy a bra so I went up with her and showed her the ugly robe I've been wanting to buy and she found:
 Pop rocks and skittles! LOL!

Tuesday the 26th
Tried some new things from Dunkin Donuts. 
Not pictured but I had the chicken ranch snack wrap and it was soooo small for $3. You could legit eat it in two bites. Also, ranch should not be hot. I had finished paying for it when their sign for the fudge crossiant donut caught my eye. I had to try it.
 I actually really like it for some strange reason. I think it's cause it's chewy and I like the glazing and drizzle. The fudge is whatever but I dunno, I like it!

Thursday the 28th
My mom bought Burger King so I had that before work. I don't even remember the last time I ate something before work. It was so good cause it had cheese, bacon, AND JALEPENO. MMM~~ Also forgot how good their fries are. 
 Me in my element.

I really wanted Dancen so I went all the way there to grab togo after work.
Oh god I love you Dancen. I LOVE YOU!!!

Fish bread!! My mom came home with a couple yesterday and I was so excited cause I legit haven't had these in over ten years!!! I had been wanting them for sooo long. They aren't at all like the ones Joong Boo Market sold. The batter is more like rice cake so it stays crunchy and chewy unlike the original ones that get a bit soggy quickly. But I love them either way so I asked my mom to buy more and she bought a bunch. There were baby ones and baby ones with cream inside too! Struggling not to finish all four bags...
I'm starting to get snapchat now...

 I've been putting it off, but today's super warm weather (50 frikkin degrees!!) made me really want to finish the circle scarf I had been making for my mom.
She can wear it for like two weeks now lol.


  1. I have to try those 붕어빵s next time I'm around there lol

  2. You work at Nordies?? I love that place. Haha. I want that Gudetama luggage :P

    1. hahaha yes i do. maybe i picked and packed something you've ordered online! :P