Eating and work and eating at work

Thursday the 7th
Mom and I tried a different pizza from Sarpino's.
It was meh.

Friday the 8th
I was just working when I came across...
 Gudetama! Ahaha I just had to..

Saturday the 9th
Work of course. I wasn't going to buy anything and was only going to get tea from the Ebar but I saw a salad I hadn't tried yet.
 It was nice and loaded with stuff but it would have been so much better with shredded cheese.

Sunday the 10th
It was one of the coldest days and I didn't want to leave the store to get something to eat but I was really craving a mcmuffin so I forced myself to go. But when I pulled up to the drive thru my windows were frozen! So I had to keep opening the door to order, to pay, and then to receive my food. Yep. I still went through the drive thru.
I finally tried the mozza sticks! I was pleasantly surprised. The sticks themselves are nice and seasoned so they're good even without sauce (this is huge for me because I love sauce), which is good cause their marina sucks!

Tuesday the 12th
Halogen lamp giving me a nice glow.

 Tuesday the 12th
Jay told me about the sticky wings from a little mart I've passed several times were really good so I went and got them for us even though it was another super cold day. I'm so nice. 
Interesting thing: the guy who worked there (I'm guessing he's the son) was the guy I bought FKA Twigs tickets from off of craigslist! LOL!
 They were edible. But they did taste better the next day.

 I had a craving for Yan Yan so I grabbed one too. I forgot how funny the printed stuff were.
 Get it~? XD

Thursday the 14th
Went to Beyond Thai with Angelica and Ronnie for lunch. I realized it was the same place I had gone with Sara a year ago cause we sat in the same seat!
 Gotta get that Thai iced tea every time.

Ronnie's eggplant chicken thing, Angelica's lime chicken, and my pad thai that tasted really strongly of ketchup. I think I'm gonna stick to only getting pad thai from Thai Avenue cause I always feel let down from everywhere else.

Saturday the 16th
Mom visited me at work so we had lunch at the cafe.
She is obsessed with that pizza.
I got the pasta Tracy had last time. I think it tasted better last time.

It was just me and Tracy closing which I didn't mind at all. She's fun to talk to cause she laughs at everything you say. I think I've said this in my last post. 
 Defected bag lol.

Monday the 18th
 Got ready for class.

Tuesday the 19th
Sarpino's. Again.
 But I ordered the right one this time.
I'm just now noticing this but it looks like someone took a slice from my pizza and put in a smaller slice in it's place. D:

Friday the 22nd
Jay baked me these cookies in return for the wings! Double chocolate chip! Mm~

Monday the 25th
Lunch with mom again.
 Tried the breakfast sandwich and shrimp & asparagus risotto after Ronnie and Froy recommended each item. They were both okay. The garlic potato soup was ok too.

My mom needed to buy a bra so I went up with her and showed her the ugly robe I've been wanting to buy and she found:
 Pop rocks and skittles! LOL!

Tuesday the 26th
Tried some new things from Dunkin Donuts. 
Not pictured but I had the chicken ranch snack wrap and it was soooo small for $3. You could legit eat it in two bites. Also, ranch should not be hot. I had finished paying for it when their sign for the fudge crossiant donut caught my eye. I had to try it.
 I actually really like it for some strange reason. I think it's cause it's chewy and I like the glazing and drizzle. The fudge is whatever but I dunno, I like it!

Thursday the 28th
My mom bought Burger King so I had that before work. I don't even remember the last time I ate something before work. It was so good cause it had cheese, bacon, AND JALEPENO. MMM~~ Also forgot how good their fries are. 
 Me in my element.

I really wanted Dancen so I went all the way there to grab togo after work.
Oh god I love you Dancen. I LOVE YOU!!!

Fish bread!! My mom came home with a couple yesterday and I was so excited cause I legit haven't had these in over ten years!!! I had been wanting them for sooo long. They aren't at all like the ones Joong Boo Market sold. The batter is more like rice cake so it stays crunchy and chewy unlike the original ones that get a bit soggy quickly. But I love them either way so I asked my mom to buy more and she bought a bunch. There were baby ones and baby ones with cream inside too! Struggling not to finish all four bags...
I'm starting to get snapchat now...

 I've been putting it off, but today's super warm weather (50 frikkin degrees!!) made me really want to finish the circle scarf I had been making for my mom.
She can wear it for like two weeks now lol.


The things I ate in December and beginning of January

December: Monday the 7th
Headed downtown early to get some things done before class. Had enough time for a meal and tea after!
 Ahh had been craving for months...

Was wondering about what happened to the voice over I did so I went on Youtube and...
It's the featured video on the Friskies channel for two months now! Pretty wild how my voice has been heard over 2 million times ahaha... (*゚ー゚)ゞ

Friday the 18th
Had been super curious of the snow blasters from the ebar and finally got it even though it's freezing out.
 It was terrible!

Saturday the 19th
Had bought a cookie and went to the lunch room to eat it when I found...
 All the sweets!

 I didn't even touch my cookie cause I grabbed one of everything!

I even grabbed the entire cake!
 It would have been thrown out otherwise! 
That caramel cake is especially good! No shame! (#`ε´# )ゞ

Sunday the 20th
I really need to gain weight so I forced myself to eat at work.
 It was the most underwhelming looking salad but it was actually quite good! Lots of flavor!

Monday the 21st
Went to Joy Yee's and BWW cause I was craving both.
The milk tea was perfect that day.

Tuesday the 22nd
Tried Knife and Tine for the first time.
The reviews on Yelp were good but everything was so disappointing.

Lobster bisque with no signs of lobster. 

Ok crab cakes. 

 Meh burger. The parmesan fries were the best out of everything.

 Don't remember what this is named.

I originally was going to order something else but the waitress said the shrimp and grits were better. Should have just gone with my original choice.

The worst "mac and cheese" I've ever had. 

Did a little shopping downtown and then met up with Ziheng's friend so we could go to Zoo Lights together.
 I remember it being brighter and better the first time I went...

Went to Pequod's after so Ziheng and his friend could try deep dish for the first time!

Wednesday the 23rd 
It had been rainy and gloomy when I got to work but it was so pretty when I got out!

Thursday the 24th
Lookin' a little old here....

Christmas 2015
 Got ready in my Christmas attire thinking I was going ice skating but...that didn't happen.
Ended up ordering delivery from Joy Yee's with mom instead.

Saturday the 26th
Went on lunch with Tracy at the cafe!
 We tried the new elote salad. It was ok. They should just call it corn salad though.

Tracy! She's so nice and fun to talk to cause she laughs at everything I say. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Went to Sushi O Sushi after work to meet up with everyone. 

Was thinking about the Friskies commercial which made me think of another project from the past and...
LOL! Was not expecting my picture to be used out of all the other ones that were taken that day. 

Then we went to the bar across the street and I threw/played darts for the first time in my life.
Food at the hot dog place next to Sushi O Sushi.
 Oh my gosh their fries are the best!!! How have I never eaten there in the months I worked next door!?

Chris mean muggin cause I did better than him in both darts and pool after he called me the personification of a handicap LOL!

Sunday the 27th
I had been craving Jurang food for a while so...
 If only I could have all the extras in this dduk bok gi in Dancen's dduk bok gi..

Monday the 28th 
I think this was the day we had a slate storm and we drove through it to eat at Jo Sun Ok before watching Star Wars. 

Oh, I forgot to take a picture of the food we had in Chinatown after! We went to St. Alps for bubble tea. I had sooo much bubble tea in Chinatown this week. Normally I'll have it like once every two or three months but I think I had it at least 5 times!

Wednesday the 30th
Tina gave me a $10 off coupon for Slurping Turtle almost a year ago and I still had not used it even though I told her there would be more than enough time for me to drop in. I ended up using it on the last day possible for it to be used! Close one! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و
I liked the pork belly baos.

 The ramen itself was whatever. Both the tan tan men and tonkatsu ramen had the same aftertaste.
Glad I got to cross it off my list though, all thanks to Tina!

 Thursday the 31st
Left work early to take a nap and then got ready to head out.
 Ordered food at Sushi O Sushi to eat at the bar across the street cause the restaurant was busy with parties. Hung out there for a few hours before heading downtown to see the all new "Chi Town Rising" event where they copy New York celebrating New Years. Tickets to stand outside were $150. We just watched from across the bridge where we could kiiiind of hear the music.
 It was the first time I ever waited outside to see something for New Years Eve. I will never do it again. It was as underwhelming and freezing as I expected it to be.

January: Friday the 1st
Jay, Julianne, and I constantly talk about pizza so we finally got some after work at Father and Son cause Jay said it's good.
My margarita crackers...

Julianne and her toy pizza...

 Jay got pasta!! s(・`ヘ´・;) But even that portion was small!

Went to Chinatown later that night and had yummy hot pot!
 Ohhh my gosh I need to find these and buy them in bulk! They're so yummy!! Can I get them in Argyle??? I would never choose these if I just saw them cause the labels are whatever looking, but boy am I glad Ziheng ordered these for us. That's why you need a Chinese friend when you go to Chinatown! (≧∇≦*)

I feel like hot pot is something that you have to have at home but I was pleasantly surprised again! And this place is all you can eat for like $25(?)! Premium Seafood Hot Pot y'all! 
And then of course, got milk tea for dessert after...

Came home to:
My Clio package! It came sooo fast!

Saturday the 2nd
Went to Vertical Endeavors for the first time since like...6th grade? for rock climbing with Tina, Kevin, Susan, and her coworkers!
 Kevin and I sadly watched Tina while waiting an hour for Susan and her coworker cause they had the discount passes for us.

 Finally got our gear and waited for the orientation. It was the most lackluster orientation I had ever had but at least it was short cause we just wanted to climb already! Kevin and I hadn't done this since high school!

 Kevin testing out the easy wall with Tina belaying.

 Tina climbing "the crack" with Susan belaying. It's crazy cause you can only hold onto the crack in the wall!
 Almost there!

Susan's coworker made it all the way up this one! Super impressive as it legit only has like 10 holds.

And here's my heavily filtered shot that I used for instagram XD 
It was so fun! I would totally go regularly if it wasn't so far away...

 Sunday the 3rd
Woke up early and headed for Wisconsin!
 Gotta fill yer tummy before snowboarding!

Went to Devil's head resort!
Moments before wrecking myself. I just don't get how you get off the lift! It progressively got worse every time. The first time I just tumbled off onto the ground, the second time I fell as soon as I touched ground and the ski lift smacked me in the back of the head, and the third time, I tripped the person sitting with me and we both fell.

Nice sunset to look at as I head towards my doom.

But this time around, I actually learned some things cause some of the guys stuck around to teach me! I can stop sometimes now! But only after getting a black bruise on each butt cheek and maybe a concussion... Rock climbing the day before was probably not a good idea either...I was in so much pain after and for the next two days. [ ± _ ± ]

Monday the 4th 
 Los Comales before class.

Tuesday the 5th 
 We were peacefully eating our Wendy's by O'Hare when Ziheng pointed out that their flight was actually from Midway....an hour before the plane departure time. -_________- It takes 48 minutes to get there. Yeah, they missed their flight.
Really like the gouda cheese sauce on the new Wendy's burger though!

Wednesday the 6th
Couldn't let the Father and Son thing go so I got take out for redemption.
I got what Jay got last time but it was so bitter this time. Never again! ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ