September in Rhode Island

Sunday the 6th
Still in the process of trying out makeup looks from Pony's makeup books.

My latest food obsession:
This is the worst picture I know but ohhh mah gah, That pasta bolognese from the cafe at work. I crave it everyday. It's so good!!! It's everything I want from a pasta: tomato-ey, meaty, creamy. MMMM!!!! The pizza is fine.

Oh...The next few pictures I have are just selcas...
This has become my new angle. Lulz.

I wasn't super tan. The bb cushion my mom got me is too dark but I'm trying to use it up cause it's the lightest shade the local Amore carries...

I like this one best lulz. Bare face, swollen eyes, dark circles and everything.

Wednesday the 16th
Flew out to Rhode Island!
I'm writing this as I'm getting ready for my flight out there again in a few hours. I'll probably be finishing this post on the plane lulz.

What you'd imagine an artist's house would look like.
Suuuuper healthy tasting food :X
It was cool though cause they cooked a bunch of fish over firewood.

Thursday the 17th
Got a little tour of the school and campus. It's really nice.

RISD has a really cool resource center called the Nature Lab where all the artists can sketch with references of actual insects, bones, etc.
Taxidermy heaven.

Gorgeous gems. I wanted to steal them.
It sucks that pictures can't capture sparkle. 

The other room.
Yep. Tag out and everything.

Veeeery cool place.

The entrance with awesome photos of past students.
The little bit you can see while walking past outside.

Love the big windows and hanging plants.

Dinner at a popular restaurant called Den Den.

Saturday the 19th
Yelped up Red Fin.
It's a cute place.

I very much enjoyed their calamari. The sauce and the jalepeno spices mmm~~~

The tiny paella our server said would be enough for two. A lie. It tasted pretty good though.

Sunday the 20th
Drove to Boston!
Lobsta roll and chowda for lunch.

Was late for the last whale watch boat so just went to the aquarium.
The cutest freaking sting rays ever!!!
SOOO SOFT!!!! OMG!!! It was my first time petting a stingray and I teared up a little bit cause they were just so cute!!!

Lots of jellyfish in the lower level.
Not a fan.

The main inside is cool cause there's a main tank and the stairs spiral around it. You can see the different sections of penguins as you walk to each level.
Seals that are kind of outside. If you face the other way, you can see port and ships going out.

Horrible picture of tiny seahorses. I think they look like the tiny shrimps Korean people use for condiment.

Not babies! 

Sea dragons are always so photogenic.

This tank was pretty cool too.
This guy is so interesting looking.

You can look down into the main tank at the top!
The giant sea turtle

They had cute little tanks at the top too. I thought I took more pictures but I guess this is all I have..
How cute are they hanging on with their tails!

Got up close to the main tank on the way down.

Waited a while for the turtle to come our way again.
Found out there were two!

The last penguins.
Ahahaha they're feeling real good.

Walked around a little and came across the last thirty minutes of food selling tents.
Got free tomatoes and alternative ice cream. I didn't really like the brownie flavor but I the brown sugar corn or whatever was good.

Walked into an outdoor swing dance thing with a live jazz band.

Christopher Columbus Park
There was a lovely electric guitarist playing.
Oh and a power ranger.

A quick look at Quincy Market.
The park I ate at earlier.

The cool installation we saw on the way to dinner.

Ended night in Boston with The Salty Pig.
Tried a charcuterie board for the first time. I surprisingly liked the lamb the best.

More prosciutto on our pizza. I liked the mustard.

The check book is so adorable! All the past guest's pig drawings now with a new addition.

Monday the 21st
Lounged around in a corner of RISD's beautiful library.

Had burgers after at a cool looking bar.
I was starving but I think I would have enjoyed these regardless. Truffle gravy ftw.

Thursday the 24th
Tagged along a school trip to Yale and saw one of the most amazing collections of art I've ever seen in my life.
I wish we had all day because we only got a chance to look at the ceramic exhibits. But I can't complain cause it was honestly sooo good!
The moons by Toshiko Takaezu were my favorite.
The paintings and the sculptures bring out the best in each other. Hats off to the curator man.

A bunch of Robert Arneson stuff.

Such an amazing collection!
The Ruth Duckworth pieces were awesome.

They had a couple Voulkos pieces.
And so many more I didn't take pictures of. If you can, you really should visit. Like. Really.

There was a lecture by artists Martin Puryear, Ursula von Rydingsvard, Erwin Hauer, and Jock Reynolds.

We were all starving because there we only had twenty minutes before the lecture started to grab any sustenance. Was super happy for the pizza stop.
This place has been around since 1925 and was poppin the entire time we were waiting for our pies.
That brick oven and those long pizza shovel things!

The moment we were all waiting for.
The margarita with sausage I think?

White clam.
I think they could have used more salt but I wasn't complaining. I had five slices...

Sunday the 27th
It was a beautiful day to drive to Newport to walk the Cliff Walk.
Gotta love bridges.

Started the walk.
Just lounging around.

Lulz I took a ton of pictures of similar looking things. I apologize if you get bored.
The gated houses were lovely from what we could see.

Interesting Asian inspired building.
The tunnel looks shady but once you get to through:
It made me think of hobbits.

The inside was cool!

Pretty waves.
Before there was this shot, there was this one...
Lol I was like "Why are you so close?! Go over there!"

And then this one...
Upon closer inspection...
I learned who I really was that day. Hair, face, even outfit are the same!

Tide started coming in.

Love when people stack rocks.

Was taking these pictures when I noticed...
The moon rising! And not just any moon, it was the supermoon!
So cool! And pretty!

Loved the colors of the sky that day.
One more before leaving.

Dinner at Anthony's Seafood Restaurant.
More lobster rolls and chowder. Also tried clam cakes for the first time.

Back home and waiting for the eclipse.

The best I could do.

Monday the 28th
Went to the library again. 
Took some pictures on the way of what was around cause I felt like it was my last chance.
 Bad picture of the awesome elevator doors.

The architecture students looked all cool with their easels and sketching.

Tuesday the 29th 
Drove to Horseneck Beach.
 It was not the best day for a beach trip..lulz

Stopped at the Bayside Restaurant for lunch first.
 Pretty view.

 An off brand diet coke that was actually very good.

Quahog chowder. It reminded me of Korean seaweed soup.

Some kind of fried fish

My poor man's surf and turf.

Horseneck beach. It was a lot windier a cloudier there. It was weird but pretty. 
 It was my first time wearing a bikini out in public! (There were like no people XD)
I have absolutely no hops.

The most decent candid of me.

Heading back to our things when we noticed:
the seagulls snatched our bag of chips!

Our fruit was safe, though.

On the road back.

Wednesday the 30th
My last day. Wanted to check out RISD's museum while waiting for my flight time.
 Forgot that they close at 5PM and only got to look at the student gallery.
 Awesome and convenient furniture.
 Giant moose corpse?

This made me think of Doctor Who.

And then it was time... 
 Rhode Island sent me off with a beautiful sunset. Hashtag no filter lulz.

And then the trip back home.
 That was all of us.

 Bye Rhode Island~

Shuttling alone.

Eating alone.
Did not know I had to ask for rice in the burrito. It was SO SALTY.

Flying alone again. Lmao.

Over Philadelphia. 
 There was a baseball game going on!

And finally home. 

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