Alrighty, lets catch up!
I'm gonna try to update every couple of days, or at least once a week so that I can be up to date again. I've got four whole months piled up so here I go!
May: Sunday, the 3rd
It looks meh but it was actually quite good.

Sometime the next morning
Cozy cozy~

Friday the 8th
Back to working at Hachi's/Sai for one last month.
Tried the new smores frap. It's suuuper sweet.

My super outgrown/chipped gel nails from when I was in Korea. I wanted to make sure I got a picture before I got them off. 

Mother's Day
Dinner at Shiroi.
We went with one of their courses for two and then ordered a couple more things. Everything was a bit salty.

I bought like ten pairs of socks in Korea and I finally busted a pair out.

My favorite item from Hachi's is the shrimp tempura hand roll.
Shrimp so crispy~

Sunday the 17th
Bathroom walls matched my phone case.

Pleased with my prize.


Wednesday the 20th
Tried Smoque.

I was enjoying myself cause the computer screen was making my skin look super clear.
I also thought I did a good job with my eyeliner that day.

Tuesday the 26th
Had my first meal of the day after working at Sai.
I also love their dragon roll with cream cheese and jalepeno. Mmm~

Sunday the 31st
Finally my last day of work!
Gina gave me one of her Hello Kitty polaroids hahaha. Aww I miss them.

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