Eating KBBQ for a month

Loooong time no see to anyone who still happens to read this anymore. This is probably the longest absence I've taken (half a year wowza). I thought about coming back in time for this blog's 6th birthday but I've missed it by three months...:X My motivation to update this blog regularly (or at all) has run dry, but the thought of quitting altogether and never posting up the pictures I've taken makes me feel sad. Facebook feels too impersonal, so while I'd get much less views, I will continue to do what I've been doing: post very very late. Haha. 
So without further ado, here is my Korea post, where like the title says, I had KBBQ for a month. I seriously almost did though, forreals.

MARCH: Sunday the 29th
It was gloomy and drizzly.

I think this was dinner? Some kind of beef.

Maybe sometime the next morning?
I think this was the last meal on the plane before arriving in Korea. 
The plane meals were not that bad at all. Actually, the entirety of the flights there and back were not bad at all cause I watched movies the entire flight. So many movies were watched. Oh, and the entire third season of Sherlock was available too, which was awesome and also watched.

Heavily VSCOcam filtered first sightings of the motherland.
The very long road you take from Incheon to the rest of the country,

This is more what it looked like.

And I've arrived!

Either I took very long to get off the plane, or baggage claim for each flight lasts a short time in Korea, I could not find mine and ended up picking it up from one of the lost and found type desks. It took me an hour to walk back and forth and find out where my luggage was.

After finally retrieving my luggage and meeting up with my dad, we waited half an hour for a four hour bus ride to Gwangju (the literal end of the country). Those bus seats are so much more comfortable and roomy than economy plane seats! I had no trouble sleeping through the entire ride.

Finally made it to my sister's at like 11:30PM.
Was greeted by Kuru!
Such a handsome pup! And so much energy too. I'm surprised I even got a still picture of him cause every other attempt looks like this:

My first meal in Korea....and also my finger.
My sister suggested chicken since you have to have chicken in Korea. Our dad doesn't like chicken so she ordered him boiled pork and pork feet. I was starving so I dug into both.

Meeting my sister for the first time in 15 years was awkward. We had texted a little prior to getting there but it was still awkward as siblings that didn't grow up together and meeting as adults. We mostly just watched tv while we ate. It was only after we went into our rooms that we made plans for the next day through text lulz.

Tuesday the 31st
Our plans were to get our hair done lulz. So we headed to Lotte Mart which is only an apartment complex away.
But first, food.
I couldn't decide which set of kimbap I wanted so my sister ordered all three... The two of us didn't even make a dent. Taking home leftovers is not a Korean custom so most of them went to waste. I was so sad. I still feel guilty, especially because they were pretty good!

My nephew was getting progressively fussy throughout the meal so after my dad finished his udon, he carried him home so that my sister and I could go to our hair appointments. 
The new 'do. I asked for HyeRi's hair from her 'Something' days but this is what I got. I somehow ended up with a perm too. It's basically the hairstyle almost every mother in Korea has. It's now growing out atrociously.

My sister was also unsatisfied with her hair. She wanted a slight wave in the hairs that frame her face for a softer look. What she ended up getting was something more along the lines of this:
I could not stop laughing ahahaha! The contrast was so strong lmao. She immediately went to the bathroom to brush out the curls with water.

Dinner at home.

APRIL: Wednesday the 1st
Woke up early to follow my dad to the bath house he had been going to the past month.
Buffet breakfast. I can't remember if it was $3 a person or $5, but either way, really cheap for all you can eat home cooking. The main dish of the day was spicy chicken stew which was good. Everything was good!
The bath house had a couple dry sauna rooms. It was a little shabby but also really cheap.

Dinner at Outback Steakhouse.
Apparently any drink in Korea that ends in "-ade" is fruity, carbonated, and tastes bad. I made many attempts at ordering, thinking "maybe it's just the last place that does it wrong", and every one ended in sorrow.

So tough and meh.

GiRo charges into my room to play with my things every chance he gets.
Ahhh look at those cheeeeeks!!

Thursday the 2nd
Lost in Ppororo.
From the moment he wakes up till the moment he falls asleep. I watched the same 15 episodes with him everyday for a month. 

Went to the market across the street for the box of strawberries I had been eyeing.
A very Korean elevator selfie. 
Oh! I love elevators in Korea because the 'close door' buttons actually work!

Ho mah gawd. They're so sweet and good. I miss them so much T__T

After my sister woke up, we packed into the car to visit my aunts in Im Sil.
Squishball fell asleep.

The meta sequoias are on the way.

Starting to get real country.
We even pass Soon Chang as in Soon Chang Pepper Paste.

Asian trees are so pretty.

Finally arrived after about two hours!

The entrance.
Those white specks in the trees are actually cranes! Or some crane looking birds.

Path to the house.

You can't go to the country and not see those jars.

The tile roof house from my childhood.

Octopus with the aunts.

Going back home.
I love mountains so much. I regret not following my dad and sister on their hikes fifteen years ago.

Friday the 3rd
One of my missions while in Korea was to go to a skin clinic. My skin had gotten so bad and I was breaking out continuously like never before and I had no idea why so I was seeking professional help. My sister took me to this particular clinic because the skin doctor was an old schoolmate of my brother in law. We got a discount thanks to that but it was still very expensive....
Gotta love the attention to detail Korea puts into their interior design. Every place of business I went to in Korea was aesthetically pleasing.

During my consultation, we deduced that I was probably started having acne problems because I was using products with oil in them. I was surprised because every beauty guru/blogger raves about oil cleansers, argan oil., etc. for dry skin but everyone in the clinic was very against any type of oil on the face.
The doctor decided I was to have something called the Agnes treatment twice and then a miracle peel in the course of the month that I was there. The Agnes treatment is basically a procedure where a needle is stuck into every single pimple/blemish and shocks the sebum producers with electricity and kills them. So that means acne has a very low chance of appearing in that spot (possibly never) which is awesome right? But it also means PAIN. SO MUCH PAIN. I don't know which part was more painful: getting my pimples popped or the electric shocks.
A PG version of how I looked after each treatment. So much red and inflammation.
I'm so glad the clinic is only a ten minute walk because I would have to go again the day after the treatments to get the dead pimples extracted. I also started taking meds for my skin for the first time. Ah beauty is such a painful process ~_~
The miracle peel, which I had a couple days before I left for the states, was also very painful. It just felt like I was getting my face sanded with the coarsest sandpaper that ever existed. It's actually a liquid concoction (with the texture of sand) that is massaged onto the face. The facial technician (no idea what the ladies are called) said she had gone easy on me because I was struggling with the pain so much. D: I didn't look as bad after but I preferred the Agnes treatment because I could at least touch or wash my face without it stinging for a couple days. >___< And here I thought I was just going to have a few laser treatments. NOPE.
But! My skin is back to normal (but with newer issues) and I hardly break out at all anymore. My acne scars have also noticeably lightened up. I'd love it if they were gone completely but hey, much better than before.

Food helps too.

Saturday the 4th
We all drove out an hour to see cherry blossoms but it started storming the moment we arrived at the blossom gazing spot. -_______-
Instead, we watched meat grill at one of the restaurants my sister enjoys in the area. 
This was hands down my most favorite meal in Korea. The meat was so juicy and spicy, the green rice cakes that grill with the meat were crunchy on the outside and gooey and chewy on the inside..just...love at first bite.
There are tons of restaurants in walking distance from my sister's but all of them are mediocre so from time to time, my sister and her husband drive anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to eat at restaurants they like. This spicy jar kalbi is totally worth it!!
Be still, my heart.
I wasn't too upset about not seeing the cherry blossoms, but if I had missed this, I would have been very very very upset. I want to go back to Korea solely to eat this again.

Sunday the 5th
The part of Gwangju my sister lives in has everything it needs, but isn't the city city. So my sister took me to Shi Nae which is where young people go to hang out/shop. It was interesting because there was also an area behind all the shops and buildings for older people to hang out as well.
We went to get our nails done. 
The cutest my nails have ever looked and ever will.
We also got me some lenses.

Chicken Bbq for our first meal of the day.  
I love how spicy it is. But I hate how Korea loves putting cheese on top of everything I liked the cheese filled rice cakes though.

We walked around a bit more until my sister decided she needed a break so we found a cafe that allows smoking.
Free little basket of snacks which I was too full to enjoy. The same thing happened the next time we stopped by there.
We sat for a while and had our first real conversation. It was mostly talking shit about our dad and catching up on what happened in the fifteen years we hadn't seen each other. Also clarifying the whole situation with her "dying" five years ago. It's a long, complicated story. To put it simply, our family is super messed up and evil.

Monday the 6th
It was a nice day (like the first time it wasn't raining or cloudy since I'd been there) so I decided to check out the neighborhood.
Right outside of the apartment.

There were stairs leading to some kind of trail so I decided to just follow it.
It led to an observatory thing.

You can see the entire town.
The giant Lotte Mart.

Other buildings.
I think Korea has ugly developed areas. Everything is the same, especially the apartment buildings. Seoul is this way too. I thought Korea would be very pretty with its buildings and stuff before I came so I was pretty disappointed.

But it's nice that there's a place like this right next to the city.
Some construction going on.

The trail back down.

It ended right by Lotte Mart so I decided to thoroughly go through the entire mart and department store.

Heh heh heh...

The connecting bridge thing between the two was nice with all the art and stuff.
Ended up buying snacks and a really nice mascara from Innisfree.

Chicken delivery from a different place.
I didn't really like this one because everything was so sweet. All the breaded foods in Korea is so sweet! I hate it.

My sister suddenly went out in the middle of the night and came back with two giant bags of snacks.
I still haven't finished everything. So many jelly candies ~_~

Wednesday the 8th
Ordering delivery jja jang myun was one of the top things on my to do list, and I had mentioned this to my dad a few days earlier. I wanted to wait for my sister to wake up (she wakes up at like 3-5PM) and order for me instead of just ordering from the nearest jja jang myun shop because all the restaurants in the area suck. But my dad never listens and went to that particular place, ordered to go, and brought it home. *facepalm* It was really bad.

So this time I wanted to do it right.
My sister ordered for me and went back to sleep so I ate by myself. I could only get through like 1/10th of it even though it was really good. I'm so sad my stomach capacity was so small while I was in a country with so much good food.

Thursday the 9th
I had told my sister that I really wanted to go hiking up a mountain so we did what we could with the baby. We went to Nae Jang San.
It was pretty cloudy again.

My first cable car ride.
GiRo was mad cause he couldn't walk around.

An easy trail for families.

A pagoda(?) which marks the end of this particular trail. You can rest or look through the binoculars.

The entrance we came from.

I was really cold so I grabbed some instant coffee from the little store. I kinda wish we went when it was busy cause then there would have been warm food.

I love the little pops of purple.

Gnarly trees.

You can see the pagoda we were just at on the cable car down.

Cute trinket stall.

And back to base.
And again, that pagoda.

Back up another trail for one of the temples in the mountain.
These statues were inside!

Pretty graves.

Unfortunately the big temple was under construction so here's a smaller one.

So pretty!

Back down to chow.

The restaurant.
Lots of vegetables. It was all very healthy tasting.

Drove through my sister's old neighborhood and saw some cherry blossoms in passing.

Dad really wanted intestines so we went to the intestine place across the street.
My sister and I don't eat intestines so we got ramyun and kimchi stew. They were both so bad.

Saturday the 11th
Back in Shi Nae to exchange my contacts and pick up our matching sister rings.
A soggy potato twist.

Cute camping/travel themed restaurant.
Cream jjam ppong.

Some kind of fried rice.

Squid dduk bok gi.
All three dishes were strangely sweet. I want my savory foods savory!

Sunday the 12th
I don't know why it took me so long to notice this creepy bear in my room. 

Sam gyup sal time!
This place had different kinds like wine or green tea sam gyup sal. I wanted to try the garlic one but we stuck to the original.
The soup was also refreshing and spicy.

In the Middle of Some Night
My sister was craving "Seagull" bbq which is actually flank steak according to Google.
Old school style lunch boxes.

I don't know what it was but I wasn't a huge fan of what I was tasting.

Thursday the 16th
We drove out about an hour to have the best dduk galbi ever.
Probably my second favorite meal in Korea. The meat was perfectly marinated and the side dishes were good too. (I love how jap chae is a side dish!)

I'm writing this as I'm starving and am very sad as a result.

Saturday the 18th
Meal with sis in the neighborhood.
Oh my gosh I think the yellow stuff on the salad is just straight up jam. Sickly sweet. The neng myun was okay.

The meat was also very sweet so I mostly filled up on the neng myun. XO

The only time a restaurant in the neighborhood didn't fail me was the 24 hour Potato Stew place. It was sooo good and I loved their radish kimchi. So sad that I forgot to take pictures from there. -___-

Sunday the 19th
Went to Shi Nae with sis again to get our nails done. Again. Oh, and some shopping too.
Another bbq place my sister likes.
It was cute. I especially liked the waitress's uniforms.

The meat was good but the neng myun was really not. I was pretty disappointed because my sister had said this place was known for it.

Monday the 20th
My new glasses and hair color.

Family visit to the aunts again.
We made a stop at Metasequoia road rest stop for some snacks.

They were blooming this time around.

I liked these salty meatball skewers. They were pretty salty but I was really hungry.

Ate at a different restaurant this time. Thank goodness because I don't like octopus.
A pretty view in front.

The restaurant itself is cute too with all its green growth.

Mmm not really my style.

Tuesday the 21st
I was staying up until 5-7 in the morning anyways so I stayed up and packed for my short visit to Seoul. I got on the bus with my dad at about 6 and slept the entire ride. From the terminal in Seoul, I parted with my dad and took the subway to Hongdae and struggled finding the home stay I booked through Airbnb.
When I finally found the home stay, I couldn't reach the host or anyone for that matter, so I waited until a girl who thankfully turned out to be a staff member woke up, checked me in, and took me to my bed. After letting some of my things down, I immediately headed to the nearest bus stop to head to Nam Mountain where I arranged to meet Kevin and the rest of his group.
Thank goodness for city wifi. I couldn't go anywhere on my own in Gwangju on my own for minimal public transport and lack of wifi (to add onto the lack of street signs) so I was excited to finally actually do something while in Korea instead being locked up in my room.
I got to the mountain later than the promised time so I speed walked the entire way up in 15 minutes.

I was hoping I'd somehow spot the group when I got to the top but....
soooo many people! The wifi wasn't very strong and I had been walking around for a bit so just when I was giving up and thinking about meeting the group later, I walked into a spot where the wifi was working and got in contact with Kevin again.

Finally! Human interaction and English!
And cute Nam Mountain bear framed tourist group pictures! The new faces are Vikas, Peter, Krsna, and Raj. Sans Julie who was with her cousins.

Up the tower
Love locks inside the tower too.

After we had our fill of sky high views, we went down to fill our stomachs. I took the cable car this time, which is not scenic at all! If I had known this, I would have taken more pictures on the way up. >_<

We went to a Don Katsu place that was apparently well known. There was a wait outside so my hopes were high for some kick ass katsu.
It was alright. Not a huge fan of their apple-y sauce.

Walked to Myung Dong to watch the guys shop.

*stolen from Peter*

*stolen from Raj*

 A waffle break.

Watched them shop more and then stopped by a dumpling place that was also supposed to be well known.
*stolen from Peter*

*stolen from Peter*
Raj is a vegetarian so he got noodles. I think we collectively agreed that we liked the noodles better.

Did some sight seeing in Gwang Hwa Mun Square while waiting for our tour bus time.
 Statue of Yi Soon Shin and mini turtle boat.

 Sejong Center across the street.

Great King Sejong

 Gwang Hwa Mun

The exhibit underneath the statues was a nice surprise!
*stolen from Kevin*
Lmao in the King chair.

How fun! A model of the turtle boat you can go inside!

I wish we had found the museum earlier because we had to leave pretty soon after for the bus tour.
Got on the tour bus and it took us to...
Yep. Back to where we started the day.

Here's a shitty night view picture.

This was honestly the worst tour bus ride I've ever experienced lulz. We just listened to a recording and I had no idea if the information was related to the actual area we were in. The bus course was just through the highway and all you saw were the many bridges in Seoul from far away and then ended at Nam San Tower. Also, I sat on the side away from the view. -_-
*stolen from Peter*

*stolen from Kevin*

Peter did the itinerary for Seoul and I thought it was poorly planned lulz. There were no specifics, just scheduled times for an entire area of Seoul so we wandered a lot. But oh well, I'm just thankful I got to hang out with friends, even if it was only four days!

Got dropped off back where we started and we just decided to walk towards where light was coming from.
It turned out to be the Cheong Gye stream.
We just kept walking.

Ooh lazer show

And walking
A photo exhibit under one of the bridges.

I was determined to walk to the end but there were no signs of it ending so we just walked out the nearest exit which was probably another five minutes. I found out later that it's 7 miles long...ahaha...

The guys and I parted and I went back to my home stay where I found someone sleeping in the bed I was assigned to earlier that morning! Thanks to that I got to move to a room that just had one other inhabitant instead of five! :D I was starving so I asked some of the people staying there to have dinner with me. Kyle and ....ahh I forgot his name.... (I'm so sorry!) and I got non Korean pizza.
Almost forgot to take a picture.
We ate and talked for a while and it was really fun.

On the way back, my calves suddenly started cramping SO BAD I wanted to cry. Hongdae is pretty hilly so that didn't help. I was also exhausted from walking around everywhere all day so I fell asleep right away.

Wednesday the 22nd
Woke up early to get ready and meet the group for lunch with Peter's uncle.
I forgot what the restaurant was called but it had been around for like...90 years or something?
Went with the course meal.
I liked the sauce for the cabbage salad.

Kalbi that was a little too chewy.

Neng myun. I liked this the best. But to be honest, I think the meal was underwhelming for how expensive it was.

After lunch, Peter's uncle took us to the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History.
I hardly took any pictures because I was too busy looking.

*stolen from Peter*
The entrance was lined with photos of the student riots.

*stolen from Peter*
National flag drafts.

Model presidential office.
*stolen from Raj*
A better view.

Nice view out the window.

Went to Gyeong Bok Palace next.
We missed the soldier drill waiting for Julie to find us.

I wonder how actors focus on filming period pieces with this juxtaposition in front of them.

I want to sit there.

I got separated from the group while trying to take these pictures.

The patterning on the doors.

The palace grounds were a lot bigger than I thought. I wish I could experience living here as royalty back then. ~_~
I really liked this tree.

Found my way to the National Folk Museum.
*stolen from Peter*

Chinese zodiac statues.
My monkey warrior.

Eeeee I love hanboks~
I wasn't even finished looking through the first floor when Kevin messaged me that it was time to go. D:

Last picture of the model old town buildings as we exit.

Hongdae was our next destination for more shopping and then dinner, but my time was cut short when I realized I had left my phone in the taxi cab! The phone I had just replaced my other lost phone with. -___________- I walked to my home stay and luckily Sean, the manager, helped me call the company. I ended up taking a cab all the way across the city to the headquarters (still cost me under $20. god I love how cheap taxi fare is in Korea.) and found it!!! YAY!!! I was going to be so upset if I didn't.

Kind of struggled to find the nearest train station but it was a nice walk.

The plan was to re-meet at Itaewon. They took forever to get there so I wandered into some shady streets. When they finally arrived, we grabbed drinks at a nice looking establishment.
*stolen from Peter*

*stolen from Peter*

 *stolen from Peter*

They wanted to go to noraebang but I was too exhausted. I even got pretty tipsy from my one drink! I just went home and crashed. Which is basically what happened every night I was there. Travel is tiring!

Thursday the 23rd
Met the group and Julie's cousin in Apgu Jeong.
Lulz they had kbbq for dinner the previous night too.

More shopping.
Lahv it.

We were just walking down the street when we came across
*stolen from Peter*
the Line store!

What really caught our eye was
giant Brown! 
A thought struck me and I asked Julie's cousin if this meant that there was a Kakao store and there was!!! 

 *stolen from Peter*
Looking for the puppy cafe.

Found it! Apparently this is the one Goo HaRa visited.
It was cute but I don't think I would pay to do it again.

After the guys did more shopping, I suggested we go to the Coex Mall in Gangnam because I wanted to go to the Kakao store lulz.
*stolen from Peter*

SO CUTE!! I was really happy.
I wanted to buy everything...but so expense...

Hmm...feels like I'm being watched...

After we were done, I parted with the group for good as it was their last night in Seoul.

This is just outside the station.

Grabbed dinner at the dduk bok gi stall I pass and had been eyeing every time I walked home from the station. It was everything I wanted it to be.

Friday the 24th
Found my way to Ehwa Uni to do some window shopping before getting picked up by Iggy's friend BoSun. It's funny because he came with Andy, who I hadn't seen in like four years.
The other end of Chung Gye Stream while waiting for Andy's family to get him.

I had no ideas of what to do so BoSun took me to Insadong as suggested by Iggy.
It's an old and crafty area and super cute as a result!
Ooh something caused a rainbow in the picture~

I needed food so we shared a jeon platter.
'Twas okay.

Starbucks Coffee.
Everything is written in Korean here, and I think Korean font is really unattractive so the signs that were supposed to look feminine looked particularly funny. They're funnier when you read them out loud. Ah..

Saw a huge strike on the way back to the car.

Again, had no idea what to do so we just kind of drove around. I finally remembered that I've always wanted to ride bikes at Han River finally struck so off we went.
It was really nice but my bike squeaked the entire time and ruined the serene mood lulz. It was the first time in like ten years that I'd gotten on a bike so I also had to concentrate on not crashing into things or people.
One of the locations they filmed the Avengers.
You can see Nam San Tower!

BoSun dropped me off at Dong Dae Mun and I did my last shopping there. I only went into one of the giant mall buildings. It took me a long time to go through all the floors and see all the little shops. I was honestly so overwhelmed at the sheer amount of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. that I didn't know what to buy which made me not want to buy (but of course I did.)  I didn't even try going to the other malls.
I was so tired by the time I got home so I just went to the dduk bok gi stand again and took it togo. I was eating in my room while packing when Sean came to my floor to check something. I asked him if he was staying in on a Friday night and so he invited me to have drinks with him and the other guests at the pub across the street. The pub has a partnership with the house stay so the first drink is free for guests. It was my last night and I unfortunately didn't get a chance to do anything in Hongdae while staying there so I accepted. I went downstairs to wait for more people to join. I met HeeJung and we finished my dduk bok gi. I felt an immediate connection with her through her love for eating.
This was called blue mother fucker or something.

*from JungHee*
JungHee joined us! She's so nice! 
From left to right is JungHee, HeeJung (lulz she is super hilarious), Hans, Sean, and Kyle.
I realized that Sean looks like Jang Dong Min and we couldn't stop teasing him about it.

Ah...I forgot the European girl's name but there's Anna with the pink hair! Unfortunately, I didn't really get to talk to her but she seems awesome.

After finishing our drinks at the pub, we grabbed more from the convenience store and continued on the roof of the home stray with some more guests until morning.
It was a lot of fun and I wish I could have stayed a couple more days.

Saturday the 25th
Slept a couple hours, finished packing, said my goodbyes, and back to Gwangju I headed! ...With difficulty. My dad told me to meet him at a bus terminal but when I got in a cab, the driver was sure I was supposed to be going to a different terminal. I was having trouble getting in contact with my dad, but, the car finally stopped long enough for my phone to connect to wifi and make a call. Turns out, the driver was right. I got to the terminal and called my dad but my call kept dropping. It took like ten separate phone calls to get out "WHAT?" "I CAN"T HEAR YOU." I DON'T SEE YOU." "YOU'RE AT THE WRONG TERMINAL." "GET IN THE CAB AGAIN AND GO TO ______ TERMINAL." I was already annoyed with the calls and there was no way I was at the wrong terminal but I listened to dad and got in a cab. I asked the driver to go to ______ and he was like "?? What?" So I repeated myself and he was like "??? This is ______. Hurry up, get off." I was so embarrassed. After some more maddening phone calls, we somehow finally found each other. -_______________-
But the dumplings I had at the terminal while waiting for my bus were awesome! :D

Was starving again by the time I finally got home. I had recently watched Eatyourkimchi's mukbang video and it really had me craving boiled duck. My sister doesn't eat duck so again, this was all for myself.
So many extras! I tried really hard but alas..it was too much for little old me.

 Monday the 27th
Food with sister and dad at what I think was called Bulgogi Brothers?
It was decent.

Leaving to get our family photo after brother in law got home from work.
Ahahaha this is my favorite outfit of GiRo's.

So awkward lulz but still the most decent one.

Dinner at the giant don katsu place my dad wouldn't stop talking about but he didn't even come with even though the last time we tried to eat here it was closing time.
Steak salad

Extra spicy pasta that I really liked. Putting capsaicin in dishes was the new trend among restaurants.
Two giant fillets and udon?? *unbuttons pants*

Tuesday the 28th
My last dinner in Korea.
Bbq of course. We went to another location of the restaurant that supposedly had really good nengmyun. It was much better this time.

After dinner, my sister and brother in law took me to see the second Avengers movie. I checked off another thing I wanted to try in Korea which was eating roasted squid in the movie theater.

Wednesday the 29th
Stayed up to pack and get to the airport in time.
Had freak out because I had looked up the wrong bus. It had said the first available bus was at 6AM so there was no way I'd make my flight in time. I was beating myself up about not checking the bus times sooner while trying to figure out how to reschedule my flight. My sister was determined to drive me all the way to the airport but I did not want that to happen. We decided to just go to the bus terminal and see if I could get a seat on any bus in case of some no shows. Turns out that I had looked up the bus for Incheon instead of Incheon International Airport. Big difference. Ha. I got on a bus twenty minutes later. 
Waited for awhile cause I got there really early. Was super sleepy.

Bye bye Korea~

My least favorite of the plane meals I had.

It was super cool to see the pool of light grow.
Can't really tell from the pictures but it was super red and looked like lava!
And then I was finally home!
I was really glad to be home again. I had gotten pretty homesick because I stayed in my room for basically the entire month, something I could have done in a not foreign country and while seeing my friends and mom. But I am still really thankful to my sister because I didn't have to worry about money the entire time. I'm glad I finally got to go again as an adult.

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  1. It warms my heart to see that you were finally reunited with your unnie! Thank God that she is alive and well. Your nephew is a lil cutie! Your trip seemed really fun and Korea looks so beautiful! It's a shame I haven't been there yet, but your post made me feel like I was there haha~