200th post

Hello~ I'm currently writing this while overseas! 
I did mean to make a post for March before I left or when it was still the 31st in the states, but I didn't get an adapter in time. 
But I finally have one now! And boy, was it a hassle to get one. All the places around where I'm staying either didn't sell them, or only sold ones for Korean's going abroad. My brother in law somehow found this for me:
They stopped selling these years ago! Hahaha!

Another reason I didn't update sooner was because I lost my phone back in February!
Sigh... After I went through all the trouble of turning my phone into pikachu.
Good thing I decided to blog when I did, cause I lost it the same day!
I've had to rely on Iggy for all my pictures because I hated using my mom's Samsung Note 1.

Alrighty then, from where I left off!
March: Tuesday the 3rd
I finally got to try Wasabi!
I was excited that they had takoyaki but it was just okay.

Some tako roll. It was pretty decent.

My spicy garlic miso ramen. Oh...it was so good. I totally get the hype.

Sunday the 8th
Brunch at Publican Quality Meats.
Soup that tasted exactly like a Korean soup.

 I really enjoyed the bacon and egg in this salad.

 Return of the Gyro


My Parm #2. Mine was the best.

Thursday the 12th
I was going to eat at my workplace before going to see the show I was understudying for, but I ended up leaving home way later than I meant to. So I just stuffed myself.
Fried oysters.
I used my mom's Note 1 for these pictures, and i actually think they came out better than most of the ones I took on my Galaxy 5S...

Chicken terriyaki

Green tea creme brulee for dessert. I really enjoyed it but I probably would have enjoyed it more if I wasn't so dang full. 

Angel was hosting that night and turns out that it was her birthday the next day! So she invited me to grab a drink with her and Darlene, who also used to be a host with us.
Hahaha Darlene looks crazy happy.

Sunday the 15th
I had finally gotten my replacement phone in the mail. Just in time for my date with K!
We had Crisp for dinner. It was very yummy.

We took this and started the first episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt before I had to leave to get Iggy from work. 
I don't know why I look like that..

 Tuesday the 17th
Hoanh Long with mama.

Then the animal store.
 They had a tortoise!

Sunday the 22nd
Had a date with mama cause it was our last chance to really spend time together cause it was the last day of her vacation and I was leaving next week.
 We went to L. Woods and ordered our usuals so I didn't take pictures of those.

This is probably the most natural smile she's ever given for a picture.

We stopped by Old Orchard to look for a spring jacket for me. There wasn't much but I did spot this on the sale rack at Zara:
It coordinated with the outfit I was wearing perfectly. It was only $19.99 too! Yay! 

Iggy came and got me after we got home.
Dinner ended up being much fancier than we expected.

Monday the 23rd
Went to Mitsuwa for lunch...
And Akira I guess lol. I hadn't seen her since I visited her back in November! T^T 
We took some time to eat and shop around together until we finally had to part. 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。

Thursday the 26th
Makisu with DLee and James!
 I hadn't been there since the last time I went there with James! It was delightful, especially cause the head chef was in such a good mood after seeing us! ^__^

 Mm~~ I had been dreaming of eating this for so long. So sad I never finished my leftovers before leaving... D:

Blurry picture of our two desserts even though we were stuffed. We still finished though.
Ah I'm still annoyed at myself for taking pictures of the dishes I already have pictures of and not taking pictures of the ones I hadn't gotten before. 

Saturday the 28th
Since it was my last day of work, Ann, Gina, and I planned to have lunch together at Wasabi. 
Sad that Gina couldn't make it, but it was still a nice time! 
 Unagi and toro. The sushi there is very skip-able. 

Pork belly and kimchi spring rolls.
 I really like these even though they're so small. I love the sauce.

Sweet Ann and her favorite spicy garlic miso ramen! I love her >3<

Polaroid with all of us Hachi ladies. 
And my phone case reflection.
I miss these ladies but I definitely don't miss working!

After getting off of work at 12AM, I went home and finally packed. I had an anxiety attack in the middle of it but I did manage to finish at around 6:30 and get two hours of sleep and now I'm here in Gwangju, writing about the time I spent with the lovely people in my life! A pretty decent 200th post, I think! ;P

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