Goodbyes and hellos

The Last Day of 2014
Rushed over to Tina's after work so that we could do New Year's together.
We shared our New Year's kiss with Joe.
Sloppy Joe, that is! 

 January: Saturday the 3rd
Took off work and got up very early to go snowboarding for the first time in my life with Jelly, Susan, Tina, Kevin, Juan, Julie, Mark, and Tina's friend Mudoh!
 Waiting for Mudoh to get to Kevin's. Ha ha ha we were all so tired.

We went to a place called Little Switzerland in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The weather was nice because it wasn't very cold but the snow was very icy.
 Waiting in line for the awful tows that you have to grab and hang on to for life. I couldn't get up the bunny hill for a legit thirty minutes because I kept getting pulled off my feet. It took a lot of core strength to keep standing. ~_~

 I could only get up half of the hill before falling again for most of the day.

Finally reached where everyone else was!

Stick portraits done at our lunch break:
*stolen from Jelly*
That brown streak behind Kevin is diarrhea because he's lactose intolerant and he had spinach artichoke dip for lunch. But nothing happened, so no worries hahahaha!!

Back to boarding
 I was amazed at how great the little kids were on their boards and skis. *O*

Kevin and Julie, who have gone snowboarding much more than the rest of us, wanted to go to a longer hill and all but Juan and Jelly followed. I really wanted to experience riding a ski lift but... 
A video posted by @jinkajama on
The lift part was fun, but I didn't realize how uncomfortable/hard it was to ride it with your snowboard hanging from only one ankle. That shit is heavy! I also should have ridden it right back down because the slope was NOT similar to the bunny slope like Kevin said. The turns were super sharp and inclined upwards so you had to use your momentum to get over them. I fell every ten seconds so I had no momentum and every time I got back up, I went towards the trees on the edge of the mountain. =___=
Left to die.
I ran into Kevin, Julie, and Mark on their second time down. 

Eventually I tumbled/crawled my way down the last half of the slope as best as I could, but of course, the last incline was the steepest. I was at war for another good ten minutes. I had absolutely no strength left in my body and I'd fall as soon as I stood up. I was a dying animal. I really didn't want to quit, but I had to give up in the end and just climb over on my feet.
But then we had to go up another lift and go down a different slope to get back indoors. Did I mention that one wrong turn on intersecting paths led to the expert slopes? I gave up all hopes of going down standing up so I sled down on my butt lulz.
But as painful and exhausting as it was, it was very fun and I'd do it again. If I was rich.

Dinner at a cute little neighborhood (literally) restaurant called Cafe Corazon before the two hour drive back home.
*stolen from Mark*
GoPros are kewl.

My poor attempt at a group picture.

Their not very good horchata >_<

Tina's ....what are those called again?

My mussels with chorizo and shrimp. For once, I did well ordering. They were good~

Sunday the 4th
Work. Oh god I was in so much pain but I had to go to work.
Silently screaming inside from how straining this was on my arm @_@

Tuesday the 6th
Dinner at the Golden Nugget with Tina after our trial Fencing class.
I was craving something savory. Savory I got.

Thursday the 8th
The second, and last trial fencing class.
They're held in a church and so there were some interesting Jesus paintings..
Tina's "Game of Thrones" pose. 
I was cracking up so hard our entire "photo op"


Dinner at good ol' Dancen
We actually kept our cool this time and didn't order as much as we normally would.
This was actually my last time seeing Tina before she moved to Utah the next day. She's done this before, but this time, it's for good! 。・゚’(*/益\*) ‘゚・。 I was very sad to say goodbye, but I was very grateful that she chose to spend her last few days home with me. Sighhhh....o(╥﹏╥)o
I love this girl. Things will not be the same! 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。

Saturday the 10th
Met Kevin, Zach, and Mark at Paradise Pup for lunch before work.
Some grill and cheddar action.

It's super tiny so the line usually goes out the door and people eat back in their cars.
It was my first time trying and... boy was I glad I went. It was so good!! So melty and juicy and cheddary. I want one right now...

Tuesday the 13th
I reluctantly went to work. Stopped by Starbucks because I got there early.

They recently came out with a salted caramel chocolate bar.
I'm an idiot and took this picture not realizing it's upside down....But the point is, IT'S SO GOOD! I'm hooked!

My manager gave me Hello Kitty hot chocolate out of nowhere.
I hate Hello Kitty but...it's actually really good! Definitely one of the better cocoa packets.

Thursday the 15th
Tina randomly found this while she was packing and texted it to me. I had to save it for a tbt.
We made these in Chinese class when I was 16 or 17 and had to give it to one of our classmates. Hahaha my handwriting is so bad.

Tuesday the 20th
I caught a Pikachu!

I met up with Sushi O Sushi people and their friends Juni, YunYoung, Sejun, Yura, and Ji for Sung's birthday.
The meat looks so cute all rolled up.

The not so good beef.

Chris! And sam gyup sal.

Wednesday the 21st
I was super exhausted and my stomach felt like crap from the excessive amount of alcohol I had the previous night so I was very excited for:
I hadn't eaten all day so it was even more satisfying to clock out at work and dive in.

Monday the 26th
Attended the "Celebration of the Life of Sheldon Patinkin."
It was a really beautiful event and all the speakers were wonderful. There was not a dry eye in the house of about 700 people. It was so surreal to see and hear Mr. Patinkin again through the tribute video, but it was also very jarring, remembering that I won't be able to do that again in person. I have never met a man more full of love for people and our art than Sheldon Patinkin, and I don't think I ever will. 

Thursday the 29th
Finally met with Sara again! And this time, we were both out of work clothes! 
She was excited to get coffee with art for the first time. She's so cute.

Her honey bread with toppings.

My chai latte and quiche.

We caught up for a bit before taking some selcas and relocating to a Thai restaurant to eat dinner.
Yee another mini polaroid user!

After my "early birthday dinner", she was even kind enough to drive me to rehearsal.
I'm so glad I got to meet her through working at Makisu. She's so funny and thoughtful. 

Ah do I even make sense in this post? I am so sleep deprived but I wanted to post this up before it turns February. Cut it real close this time. ~_~
January has been mostly good, so cheers to hopefully this next month will also be that way!

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