Looking back at November

I meant to write this post before Novemeber ended, but I've just been too sad to write anything. I woke up at six PM today, so as a way to feel like I got something done, and try to cheer myself up, I'm finally writing this post that has been sitting in my drafts for over a month now.
November: Friday the 7th
Probably the most exciting thing I got in the mail since their last album.
 So beautiful!!! They never disappoint!

 Saturday the 8th
Went to Gogi Nara with dad after being severely disappointed the last time I was there because Jo Sun Ok had a wait.
 It was much better this time, thank goodness. Also found out the owner knew my parents.

Sunday the 9th
 Dinner at work

Rushed over to IHOP after to satisfy my cravings with DLee.

 Monday the 10th
A special day because it is the day of Sandy's birth!! Unfortunately we were far apart for this day.

Met up with DLee again because he treated me to a movie and snacks with the gift card he got!
We watched:
It was sooo good! I really want to steal all of Honey Lemon's outfits. I cried a lot more than I probably had reason to. I even cried during the opening animation! T^T

 Took full advantage of the gift card with my loaded nachos.

Thursday the 13th
I had been frantically going through Craigslist daily, looking for people selling their tickets to the FKA Twigs concert, and just when I was about to give up (people were asking $70 for one ticket!), I finally found a reasonable seller! Yay!
Boots opened.
 This picture looks like a stock image of a band ha ha ha. They were pretty good though.

And finally, the angel herself:
 I could not get a good picture of her for my life, but I can attest to the fact that she is even more enchanting and beautiful in person. I may or may not have teared up...

If you haven't already, please give her a listen:

I was too hyped up to just go home so I convinced James and DLee to grab late night grub with me. We went to Dancen and demolished all the dishes we ordered. We even went to Dunkin Robins and got a pint of rocky road. We finished that too. It was a very good night. 

Friday the 14th
Woke up early despite my late night to drive down to Champaign to see Sandy!
It was a very pleasant drive. The sky was very pretty and I was armed with Epik High and Azealia Bank's albums.

I arrived at her and Akira's apartment just as they did. I was supposed to take Sandy out to dinner for a late birthday celebration but she didn't feel like leaving home anymore. So we stayed in and Akira got right to cookin'.

I finally met Sora.

Pretty girl!

Kept trying to take a picture with her but she wouldn't stay still ahaha

Sandy tried to help and I still failed.

My first time having fried oysters. I don't like oysters in the raw, but these were very yum!

Very fresh and very good don kat su! Mmm~~

After dinner, we continued to eat while watching the Legend of Korra and other cartoons.
Not only do they have a deep fryer, they have an ice shaver too.

The lighting in their apartment is really nice so I kept taking selfies LMAO

Final course of the night:
As if we needed to eat more ahahaha

My ddarling is now 23!
Hahaha I didn't notice until too late that my teeth were out.

It was a very chill and blissful night.

Saturday the 15th
So relaxed while Akira did everything.

Couldn't take Sandy out for dinner, but I could take her out to lunch!

Glowing Sandy and the fruitiest salad I've ever seen.

This pizza was awesome.

Sadly had to drive straight to work after our short lunch. I went down there for Sandy's birthday, but quite honestly, Sandy and Akira had waited on me the entire time! Thank you, you two. I am not worthy! T___T

Monday the 17th
My (now former) bosses took the four other servers and I out to dinner at Jo Sun Ok and then drinks at Starbucks! They're so dang generous. They even gave us $20 each for whatever we were going to do after. They're the kindest people I've ever worked for. I wish I had taken a picture together, but I felt too awkward.
 We all went over to Iggy's to play games.
Chris played Go Stop with me while Sung, Jason, and Iggy continued playing poker. 

We switched over to Monopoly.
I lost every freaking game lmao.

Tuesday the 18th
Met up with Yuvin! It was very cold and we didn't have any ideas of where to eat, so we just went to Flo and Santo's again.
I only remembered to take pictures of our fries.

We continued to catch up over a couple drinks at the Wabash Tap before heading home.

Might have broken a rule..

Thursday the 20th
Went to Profiles Theater for the first time with Eva to watch The Cryptogram by David Mamet.
Eva and I didn't really enjoy it. Should have watched Hellcab instead...>.<

I hate where I live now because the entire apartment is really cold and I have to sleep with a halogen lamp on.
It's so bright!

Friday the 21st
Tried Shake Shack for the first time.
It was okay. It reminded me of In N Out. Five Guys ftw!!

Saturday the 22nd
Chicago Food Film Fest with Tina!

I feel like last year was a bit better but here were my winners:
This sandwich was my favorite.

Torta was pretty good too but it was so cold.

Very nice lamb stew and bread with pea spread.

The famous Brooklyn beef ribs. The man brought his smoker all the way here!

And there he is.

The cutest little tart. It didn't taste as good as it looked.

Last picture before leaving. I like that you can see our shadows ha ha ha

Sunday the 23rd
Another good dinner at work.

Thanksgiving 2014
Tried Ruby Tuesday's for the first time with dad because they were one of the few restaurants that opened that day.

Saturday the 29th
Went to BDG with James and his friends.
I hadn't eaten yet so I tried the don kat su burger James so strongly recommended.  It was good.

Hahaha everyone went outside for a smoke or something.
I drank way more than I planned too ~_~

After an uncomfortable karaoke session, we finally headed home. James and I talked for a while and we eventually relocated to McDonald's.
A very tired James and his breakfast. Lmao

These past three? months have been pretty hard for me. The beginning of this month was especially shitty. But I'm so thankful for my friends and parents for putting up with me and allowing me to have these nice moments.