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late postings.

September: Sunday the 14th
 I got a kiss mark bruise above my knee.

Went all the way to Tinley Park to work on that project with these cool folks: Michael, Elly, and Connor.

Thursday the 18th
Mom and I tried out the new Korean restaurant people had been saying good thing about.
It was alright.

Cocomero also just opened right by where I live so I insisted we go.
 My mom went ham her first time at a froyo place.

My midnight bag of air and some chips.

Friday the 19th
I woke up with stomach pain which gradually became the worst stomach pain I've ever felt throughout the day. Eventually, I was exploding from my ass and mouth simultaneously while also sweating up a storm and shivering at the same time. I wanted to die. I got paranoid that it might have been the stomach flu or appendicitis so I had my mom take me to the hospital.
It was basically just the worst case of food poisoning I've ever had. The pain started to fade when I finally got a room. Didn't I feel stupid. And then I felt stupider when I found out my insurance wasn't going to cover the visit. I wouldn't have gone at all if I knew! D:
I got an IV for the first time, so that was cool at least?....

Sunday the 21st 
Connor and Hanah came all the way to Skokie so we could go to the forest-y area of where my dad lives to work on more project stuff.
 This deer family hung out with us.

Snacks at Backyard Grill after.
My mozza sticks.

Saturday the 25th
Finally had dinner with Yuvin to belatedly celebrate his birthday.
We met at a new Italian restaurant called Sofi Restaurant.
The tuna carpaccio that my uncultured ass didn't know was raw. At least Yuvin enjoyed it. 

A suave Yuvin with his lamb chops and spinach.

 My lobster ravioli. 
I'm starting to think my taste buds don't really get along with authentic Italian tastes. Yuvin really liked all the food but I was slightly disappointed. Sad.

My favorite part of the meal
 Really great vanilla ice cream and such fresh, sweet berries! Mmm~

I totally forgot to take a polaroid in the restaurant but luckily, one of Yuvin's friends was walking by, and took one for me in front of the train station Yuvin walked me to.
 Yuvin's jawline dough.

Monday, the 29th
Had an audition for the first time in a while. They asked me to dress hipster trendy and I had no idea what that meant.
I went with this outfit in the end. I had to take the tights and boots off cause it was like 89 freaking degrees.

Was hungry so picked up some food at a place called Feed that was a couple blocks away.
 Super cute soul food place.

Ate on a park bench cause it was such a beautiful day!...That I had to spend at work after...
 I didn't really like the taste of the gravy and the mac. I do wanna try the chicken next time though.

October: Friday the 3rd
Project stuff in Paletine this time.
How cool is it that you can see the silhouette of downtown from Paletine?!

Waiting for the train Aleks, Conner, and Starbucks after. Salted caramel hot chocolate is back~~~

Got sushi from the new place that also opened right by where I live. New businesses are always popping up in that particular area. To my surprise, Sandy's dad was the sushi chef there!
Dat glistening sauce.

Saturday the 4th
Had project stuff again from 5 in the morning. 
Chinese break!
 They had no idea ahahaha

We were all so exhausted we even napped in my car right in front of the restaurant! Ha ha ha!

Monday the 6th
The moon was so big and visible even though it was still so light out!
 Okay, it was way more impressive in person.
Finally tried Kaufman's after living right by it and taking the yellow line for so many years.
Will definitely stop by often for their baked good and sandwiches!

Wednesday the 8th
I had been craving Jurang foods again so David, James, and their friends Mina and Jean, and I went to have dinner.
The usual starters.

 We got the same things as last time with the exception of some wings.
So spicy and good!

 We did the whole Jurang course with food, alcohol, karaoke, and pool. We also got ice cream for dessert. It was fun.

Mom had been craving pho for a couple days so we went. 
I got pork chops cause I had been there the day before yesterday with my dad. First world child of divorce problems.