Last days of summer

have been pretty busy, surprisingly. I guess everyone is trying to cram activities before they get busy with school and stuff!
Tuesday the 19th
Woke up and rushed into the city, worried that I'd be late for brunch with Ms. Weber and Summer. I got a table and thought that it was strange that no one was there yet only realize that it was next week. ( ̄□ ̄;)!! 
Got brunch by myself instead.

I did get to see Summer for a quick hour though, cause she had to be in the city for some errands, so that was nice!

Later that night, Tina, Kevin, and I went to Dancen. 
Only got a picture of the tofu kimchi cause we were way too busy chowing down. It was SOOOO GOOOOD!!!!! ♡(˃͈ āŠĶ ˂͈ ༶ ) So good, that I couldn't stop saying it in between bites. Definitely one of my top favorite places. I hope it never closes. 

 We finished the remaining slice of ice cream cake at Kevin's house for dessert.

 Murderous Tina: "Don't touch my cake."

LMAO Kevin trying on my glasses.

We digested with Mario Kart and lots and lots of laughter until we passed out. It was a super fun night.

Wednesday the 20th
Rushed home in the morning to quickly get ready for the days plans.
Noticed all my battle scars from hiking while changing into my swimsuit. 

 Kevin, Jelly, Eva, Julie, Tina, her friends Susan and Luke, and I went kayaking on the lake!
Ha ha ha we all made one huge unit
So cool that you can see the Sears and Hancock towers.

After two hours on the water, we headed to Chinatown for dim sum. 
 The first part of our order.

Had to make a stop at Joy Yee's for bubble tea before chilling at the secret park no one knows about.

Passed this super awesome house on the way.
*stolen from Tina*
Unfortunately, it had tons of trash in front of it.

We left China Town to see Boyhood.
It was really good but not something I'd be able to sit through multiple times. The collaboration and commitment of everyone involved blows my mind.

Friday the 22nd 
Drove out to Schaumburg for the first time in my life to hang out with James for a little bit earlier in the day.
Waiting for pizza. I am the darkest I've ever been since I was like, 11 and used to play outside everyday.
Enjoyed jalepeno and sausage thin crust while watching Desolation of Smaug.

Left to pick up Eva, Tina, and Kevin to get kbbq with Julie, Mark, Brian, and Mike (?). Eva broke her pescatarianism!...to really mediocre food. We went to the same place we went for my last birthday, and it was awesome then, but this time, everything was a mess. Apparently I forgot to take a picture because I was so stunned with how bad the service was.
Anyways~ After dinner, we went to both Emporiums and played some games. It was pretty fun.

Sunday the 24th
Left home for a little bit to catch a reading that Scarlett and Ian was doing.
It was soooooo good! 
I was really inspired because of how wonderful it was. Must watch more theatre!

Tuesday the 26th
The date I had been waiting for all summer! Brunch with Ms. Weber, Summer, and Yuvin at Waffles! 
Benedict waffle. The pork was a bit bland and watery :(

Probably the most adorable picture I've ever taken of Yuvin yet.

It was so nice to catch up and just be in the presence of my favorite teacher and former classmates! Hopefull we can do it again soon~~~ (´∀`)♡

Went back home soon after and...was vain.

Thursday the 28th
I love this top. Bart is just sooo smug, it makes me laugh.

Visited Brad in his hometown, Winthrop Harbor. It was sooo suburban, I felt like I was in a different state! It was super pretty though. Even crossed the border into Wisconsin for lunch at a drive in!

Friday the 29th
Haven't worn this dress since my first visit to L.A.!

HoChul was on break so I had dinner with him for the first time in like four months.
We were supposed to go to Hugo's Frog Bar, but traffic was awful and we had to cancel our reservation. We went to Shaw's Crab House instead.
*stolen from HoChul*
Yummy shrimp cocktail

Potato au gratin side

The biggest lobster tails I've ever seen and eaten. Yum.

And....no picture of the giant king crab legs that HoChul had cause he didn't send it to me;;;

After talking about teeth over Starbucks, I went home to change and then headed back out to Schaumburg cause James was having a party.

The only picture I took that night:
The quesadilla David geniusly made with what was left in the kitchen!
Fun was had. 

Saturday the 30th
Drove down to Lincoln Park so I could see Scarlet for the last time before she moved to L.A. the next day!
The awesome car we saw while walking to a restaurant that didn't have an hour wait (damn you Batter and Berries!)

I had wings for brunch.

Sweet Scarlett and her blueberry french toast.

We had a look in Rotofugi cause it was right there. I don't think anyone can walk out of there without buying at least one thing. Everything is toooooo adorable.

Not that we really hung out much or anything, but I'm totally gonna miss her! She's such a wonderful person! I have no doubt she will do well.

Saturday the 30th
Went out to Pretty Bar for their 90's themed party with Kevin, Tina, Sopheap, Jelly, and Juan.
The dj was hooooorrible but it was still pretty fun. We got suuuper sweaty jamming out.
Tacos after!
Super good tacos. The al pastor one was awesome.
I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of the horchata because I think it was the best I've ever had. It was just.. perfect.

Went down to the city for a collaboration project.
I was super hungry so I had to grab this gooey goodness before heading back home.