Hang outs

I was heading back home from down town some time ago and saw an elotes vendor while waiting for my dad, so I had to get one!
Summer hasn't started until you've had one!

Grabbed Five Guys for dinner.
 Hahaha it was so difficult to get just this one picture.

Friday the 1st
Finally met up with Scarlet and Chelsea like we said we would after leaving L.A.
We had an early dinner at a pretty place I think was called Burger Bistro.
 The lovely ladies! Missing Erynn :(

 I love deviled eggs so I got their special eggs. Wasn't really a fan.

Scarlet and her giant sandwich

Chelsea's built burger

My duck burger with sweet potato jam like substance. Pretty good.

 Ice cream sandwiches! I'm just gonna stick to the giant ones you can buy at grocery stores. Nothing beats those.

We were supposed to watch Guardians of the Galaxy but ended up watching Lucy instead cause movies are so expensive downtown. 
 Our thoughts about Lucy. Cool concept but....no...
It was really cool to see Choi MinSik in it though!

 Some mini fest thing thing we were confused about. WHAT WAS IT??!!

 It was so nice seeing them again!

Monday the 4th
So the night before, I got a call from my boss after work and was let go either cause my availability was not working with what he needed or because I sucked or both. I was sad cause I really liked that job and the other workers and it was the most money I ever made. I also didn't get to say bye to anyone cause it was super short notice! So I went back the next night with James to do so. And to try all foods I've been wanting to try. I have no shame! Ahahaha!
We ordered up a storm, although it doesn't look like that much cause I kept forgetting to take pictures of our dishes. 
 Blurry gyoza

 Blurry filet mignon tataki and soft shell crab

Almost finished king crab sunomono and spicy tako

Adorable green turtle.

I told James to make the same face and
 The resemblance is incredible! Hahahahaha!!!

 My steak! Ahhhh so yum. I especially love the kabocha.

Ended with:
 Aww the guys thought we were dating so Luis drew that. It's not like that though. Ahahaha!!

 My favorite guys! Luis, the amazing, sweetest man who does magic in the kitchen on the right of me, Santos to the left, Raul, Candy, Juan, chiquito Louis. And James. Lmao

You are looking an incredibly rare artifact:
 A selfie with head chef! Only one of it's kind exists.
This man is amazing with food. I'm going to miss eating the lunches made by him and Luis sooooo much. T___T

Thursday the 7th
Got this in the mail
The first pair of gym shoes I've bought since they were mandatory in middle school! 
They're so comfy! I'm really glad I got them.

Went to Assi with mom to get dinner and found this
 Super cute but don't get it. Do bottled tea lattes ever work?? 

 Saturday the 9th
Had dinner at L. Woods with mom for the first time in forever.
Honestly, we really only come here for the calamari.

 Chopped salad. I like corner bakery's better cause their vinegarette is more sour XD

Mom's french onion soup

 Mom's mushroom flatbread. More like flat chip.

 I tried their new fried chicken sandwich. It was meh.

I randomly hung out with chiquito Louis. He took me to my first Latin club.
 It was really fun watching couples salsa and dance other Latin dances. I want to learn! *0*

Monday the 11th
Pretty sky is pretty.

Back after about a month again.
I meant to post this before I left for Utah on the 12th but I was too sad. 
We lost another great. R.I.P. Robin Williams.