Another long time no post! Updating monthly is becoming my thing, huh. 
What are my excuses this time? Pretty legit ones this time: 1. I moved and didn't have internet for the first half of this month and 2. I started working 5 days a week so I didn't feel like doing anything on my days off. 
But now that I've changed my availability to only 2 days, I have so much time now!
Look at what my mom found in the process of moving!
These were my favorite friends when I was little! I thought they were gone a long time ago, but they were hanging out in our storage space the entire time! Now they're really gone. ;[

June: Tuesday the 24th
Reunited with Kyle and Nicole for the first time in a looooong time!

We caught up over Five Guys burgers and then bought snacks at 7 Eleven to enjoy at the beach.
 It started raining in the middle of our walk.
 So we just stood under a strange pillar sculpture thing and ate our snacks like fools. It was hilarious.

 Kyle lives in a really cool neighborhood.

We bought even more snacks to pig out on. I had FOUR ice cream bars in a span of five hours.

We watched The Rugrats Meet the Wild Thornberrys on Netflix thinking it would be good. It was not.
 Kyle read cards for me before I left.
It was a good day.

Thursday the 26th
My favorite lunch we've had at work! The head sushi chef made the green onion and mustard leaf kimchi himself. Ugh it was so good.
 So sad I won't be having lunch at work anymore cause of my schedule change. Crying.

Finally hung out with Brad after years of saying we would!
 Brad giving some David Tenant with his burger.

My first time at Kuma's 2. 

Went back to Brad's and watched the most quotable movie ever.
Our friend's name is Keith. Oh Tommy Wiseau. Apparently he has a citcom coming out soon?

Friday the 27th
Hung out with James for the first time in a while with his friends. 
 He ordered a bottle and this is what he resorted to because he didn't like spilling the whiskey while pouring it in the shot glasses.

 Really yummy sam gyup sal.

Pretty good cha dol bae gi salad.
DMZ has some of the best bar food, but I hate going there because I always see at least one person I know whether I want to or not.

 July: Wednesday the 2nd
Spaghetti lunch at work made by Duri.
 All the men at work make me feel lame cause I can barely hold a knife.

Tuesday the 8th
Dinner with Brad at Dimo's Pizza!
 I was surprisingly still really full from what I had at lunch so I couldn't finish my slice. I did finish the Leninade. What a yummy soda!

Went to Emporium after to play a few games. 
 Concentrating on Paperboy. The only game I beat him at.

Sat around trying to decide what to do next.
 When in doubt, selca.

Grabbed snacks at a fancy Walgreens.
 Would you believe this is the ceiling of a Walgreens?!

Wednesday the 9th
Was doing some reading during my lunch break and freaked out.
 My sophomore year English teacher was Mrs. Swanson. Scary.

That night, I realized I lived in the same building as a

Monday the 14th
Another super great lunch
 I think the chef pickled those jalepenos too. UGH IT WAS SO GOOD.

Tuesday the 15th
Waited an hour at the hospital to get an allergy injection and came across the best advertisement:
Don't they look SO GOOD?! I've never wanted a pint of chocolatey Haagen Dazs so bad.

Thursday the 17th
Saw Erynn for the first time since getting back from L.A. 
 It would also be the last, as she was getting ready to move to L.A.. So I helped a little. Aww I hope I see her again soon!

Met up with Brad right after at Chicago Bagel Authority.
 Mm~ Bagel sandwiches.

 Looking very content with his frozen yogurt.

Sunday the 27th
I've been liking the thick cat eye these days.
I love how different I look in all my pictures ahahaha!

 Was driving to work and noticed these cars. They'd try to stay next to each other and jam out to the same radio station together. It would have been cute if they weren't wasting my time -_-

Monday the 28th
Hung out with Brad for the last time before he moves back home.
 We had Cheesie's.
Got to try lots of new places thanks to him!