The end

of school. FOREVAH!
I'm so rude. I totally forgot to put this picture up in my last post!
Mr. Steve Scott. The director of senior showcase! He's the sweetest man ever.

 April: Monday the 28th
 Lunch at Corner Bakery before my second day of training for my new job! 
Thanks to Duri, I now serve at a Japanese restaurant! I actually quite like the work. 

Tuesday the 29th
Was feeling a little young that day.

The awesome walls in the music department building.
Perks of an art school.

May: Monday the 5th
 Best part of the new job: I'm fed yummy food!!

Wednesday the 7th
Rode the train north with Georgia and realized we were both getting off the same stop, so we had dinner together before the show I was gonna watch.
She's so prettyyyy~

 I was really craving Mexican so she brought me to this place. I was very happy cause they had my favorite sauce. 

After parting, I headed to the Public House Theatre to watch Jenelle perform in Table Manners.
A really great sketch show all about food. My kind of show!

 Thursday the 8th
The weather was finally nice and sunny!

We even had Accents and Dialects class outside!
 Lulz at my knees in the corner. I originally instagrammed this picture, but deleted it right after cause the quality was shitty after uploading. Just like blogger does to my pictures.

Stayed after school to watch a few classmates perform Risk of Electric Shock.
 They devised the whole performance! It was very impressive.

Sandy came back to Chicago for her commencement ceremony so I picked her up for a late night dinner at Jurang.
Clam soup, corn cheese, service egg.

Cheese bok gi.
 I hadn't been there to eat in a couple years and was disappointed because the food wasn't as good.

Polaroids in the car 
 Real me on the left, fake me on the right. We had a laugh about how Sandy looks exactly the same in all the polaroids she's in.

Friday the 9th
Chicken and potato stew for lunch at work. I love Louis' cooking. 

Saturday the 10th
Saw the cool car on the way to lunch after dad's doctor appointment. I love the skull and the open engine.

Tried Alexander's, a new breakfast place that opened right by Sandy's house. 
Cute strawberry light fixtures.

Dad's omelette.

My benedict. 
The food was decent but a little salty. I do wanna go back and try the sweet stuff though.

 Monday the 12th
 Only eat a little for lunch cause I want to spend most of my lunch break napping at home. I live five minutes away from work. It's great. 

Gerardo, the bus man, surprised me with  a bubble tea!
I got my actual astrology sign!

Saw lots of deer out while dropping the car off at dad's.

Tuesday the 13th
Dinner with Yuvin and Summer at Girl and the Goat!
There was a 45 minute -1 hour wait for a table so we sat at the lounge and munched on small plates.
 I love these fries. I love the ham powder. I love the sauce that isn't the beer cheese sauce. I want these everyday. 

Tried fried pickles for the first time.

Finally got a table!
 I don't like the dish rag napkin things. The lint gets all over your clothes!

Yay to reuniting! 

 Breads. I love the cream puff looking bread. So buttery and soft. I love the spicy cream cheese that comes with the onion bread. 

Yuvin's goat heart.
The sauce tasted kbbq-y and the heart tasted/felt like mushrooms.

 Summer's sugo. It was yummy.

My pork shank.
So sad that the picture is blurry. It was beautiful. So tender inside and super crispy on the oustide. I loved it.
The food was very good but you would think that the service would be better for how much your paying. The waiter at the lounge ignored us for like seven minutes and Summer had to go up to him and ask for a menu. As well as everything else. The waitress at our table wasn't the nicest either. >[

Wednesday the 14th
Was feeling a little Masha from The Seagull that day.

It was the last day of Cold Readings class.

Wendi Weber. The best teacher ever.
Might explain why my left hand is clutching her so hard.

 Thursday the 15th
My last day of school ever.
 Brecht class. Wah the picture came out super dark cause Maren stood so far away :(

Friday the 16th
Attended Manifest (my now alma mater's annual urban arts festival) for the first time because showcase performed. Glad I did cause I got to watch the Solo Performance class. Every performance was great. Summer and I got really emotional watching.
We also ziplined for the first time!

I swear it went much faster than it looks in the video. It was really fun!

Headed up to Lincoln Park for dinner at Aloha Eats.
It was Summer's first time having Spam!

Dessert and four rounds of hangman at Molly's.
Is the strawberry milkshake new?

Went to Metro after cause the school held a "party" for the graduates.
 Everyone went for the two free (alcoholic) drinks.
The bars we went to after were a lot more fun though.

Saturday the 17th
Graduation day!
Also the day I got into my first car accident! Of course it would happen the way there ahaha!
*taken by Sandy*
Sandy came back for my graduation. Many thanks to her for taking pictures and carrying around my big bag full of cameras!
*taken by Sandy*
Columbia's graduation is held at the beautiful Chicago Theatre.
*taken by Sandy*

*taken by Sandy*

*taken by Sandy*
Musical entertainment for guests. Columbia's commencement has got to be the least boring.

Meanwhile in the basement...
Ahahahaha I love Jenelle so much.

 Agata, Summer, Kris, my arm.

"Artistically" blurry picture I took while walking down the aisle.

Molly and Jenelle

Happy that we got to pick who we stood/sat next to. It's gotta be these ladies!

*taken by Sandy*
 Can you find us?

We're all done!!
Finding my family and taking pictures was a nightmare with so many people.
*taken by Sandy* 
Dad and aunt.
Lulz at my hat. They never stay on!
*taken by Sandy*
Ran into Brad again after coincidentally seeing him the day before at Manifest!

 *taken by Brad*
Mom and Sandy and lots of other people.

Had celebratory dinner at Bandera.
 Mom all thoughtful with her tea

 Sandy all sophisticated with her wine.

 Me all...with my cocktail. 
The makeup I slaved over all morning ruined because I cried so much during the speeches. Ah...It was really a wonderful ceremony. We even had Jim Jacobs, the writer of Grease, as our honorary degree recipient!

Skillet jalepeno corn bread.
 It was a little to crunchy for me. I like my corn bread soft and sweet.

 I don't like the sourness of goat cheese but I like the gooey texture.

Almond rotisserie chicken

 Ribs and kale salad. First time trying fresh kale. It tastes like grass.

 Fancy performers.

Ah...what a draining day that was.

Monday the 19th

Tuesday the 20th
Demera for Lisa's birthday!
 Met Nick for the first time. Will, Harrison, and Bryan joined us a little later.

I had been wanting to try this place for ages.
Yummy appetizers. I love that spicy honey sauce.
 Blurry again :(
I really liked platter but I don't like sour bread so I couldn't enjoy the enjera. 

Went to the Green Mill after dinner.
 Very cool place! It's over a hundred years old and was where Al Capone would hang out. 
It was swing night so lots of cute couples were on the floor. How do so many people know how to swing dance?!
Lisa and the others were heading down south so I went home after a drink.

Thursday the 22nd
I went out and finally bought
I had been wanting this game since it came out but banned myself until school finished. I've been playing it non stop. It's the one reason why I didn't update sooner. IT'S SO GOOD!!!