Death by

An uneventful sprangbreak is the best kind for me.
The only bad thing is that I couldn't blog because I only had like five pictures. 

March: Friday the 21st
I was suddenly hit by a craving for death by sushi, and Tina was in town, so we went to Sushi Para.
 Yelps says that they close at 11PM so Tina and I both ordered more rolls thinking we had ample time to finish. But they actually close at 10PM. Tina and I felt like such assholes because we were the last ones there and still had to finish our plate of makis or else we had to pay for the leftovers. I think we left at 10:20. We'll be going to the other sushi para next time. ^_^;;

Went back home for some relaxing.
Sad polaroid cause Tina is gonna be moving to Utah for her next internship! :(

Sunday the 23rd
 Spring in Chicago

Had rehearsal after work in like four hours so I walked around and had lunch at Water Tower Place.
 Wow Bao for lunch. Their thai iced coffee is actually quite decent.

Thursday the 27th
My mom and I drove up to Dundee to get me some health insurance before the deadline. 
We were hungry so Yelped up Maestro Grill.

Mom really liked the tomato barley soup.

Her shrimp something.

My fettucine.

My super pretty chocolate cake.
I have to remember that the chocolate cake is never the fluffy kind I think its gonna be.

How accurate. 

Saturday the 29th
Got home from work late and was craving dduk bok gi.
So mom made some on the spot!

April: Tuesday the 1st
Tried making a smoothie from the things I got at Trader Joe's. It was meh. I need syrup. And tapioca.

Saturday the 5th
Crappy picture of awesome Jersey Mike's philly cheese steak.
Soo gooey and gooooood. Probably the most satisfying lunch I've had at work. I could only have it cause my coworker Leman was nice enough to take orders and get them for us. I would never have walked there and back in time to enjoy!

My mom took vacation from work so we went to Ay Ay Picante for our first time trying Peruvian food!.

Cool Nazca line design wallpaper.

My chicha morada aka purple corn drink.
A taste I've never tasted before! So refreshing and yummy!

Fresh bread with aji sauce. I'm so happy I finally know what this sauce is cause I've been craving it since I've first had it around a year ago. I finally know what it is!

Calamari appetizer with limed red onion.

Mom's sudado de mariscos. A combination of seafood, except they forgot the tilapia.

My lomo saltado. Lots of flavor, especially in the rice and juices that came out of the meat. Yum!

They had a Yelp check in deal for 30% off one entree that we took advantage of but the waiter ended up taking 60% off! As I got on the elevator at home, I realized that he forgot to put the calamari on the tab. No wonder the bill came out so cheap!