Pop Champaign

Sunday the 2nd
I wasn't scheduled for work for some reason so my mom and I had my belated birthday meal. I found Chicago Q on Yelp and headed there cause of the high reviews.
 Starting sides. The pickles were way too sweet.

 A feast for the two of us.
 The girl who took the order heard me wrong and gave us this.
I was a little disappointed cause it wasn't as AMAZING as everyone said, especially the mac and cheese. It was good though. I loved their vinegary bbq sauce.

Thursday the 6th
Hopped on a bus to Champaign with Kevin for unnofficial. 
Sandy picked me up, and while I was changing in her room, she laid out this surprise for me!
 Belated birthday cake and gifts! Everything is hand made! I am not worthy! T^T
 The first one looks like its Sandy's birthday ha ha ha! 
I've had to take double polaroids the entire trip cause I fail.

We had a nice and long catch up.

Friday the 7th
While Sandy was at work, I headed over to Zach's house to meet up with Tina and Kevin.
 Kenny made fish pie with mushroom gravy!

Jelly came over with her friends and we headed to a bar together.

Back at Zach's soon after.
 Ugh. I had maybe 5-6 shots in fifteen minutes which was a TERRIBLE idea. I died as soon as I got back to Sandy's. Thank goodness Zach and Sandy live a block away from each other. OTL

I had three hours to recuperate before heading to Loria's friends place for more drinking before heading out to some bar/performance hall thing. I just ate fruit. Loria's new friends were super funny. The music at the place we went to was more something I'd like to listen to in my car than dance to. 

Saturday the 8th
I was super hungry and grubhubbed. 
 Thai, Chinese, and Japanese all in one restaurant. It was all decent.

Headed to Zach's with Sandy after rolling around doing nothing for some hours.
 Al pastor nachos that were pretty yummy.
We were playing a charades game on Kevin's phone for a little until Zach's friends? acquaintances? popped in. We played some lame circle of death that kept getting interrupted by a few irritatingly drunk people. I was dying to leave. 
We finally left for my favorite bar and danced the rest of the night away. I don't think I've ever danced so hard in my life. I stayed sore for the next three days!

Sunday the 9th
Last day in Champaign. :(
Tina, Kevin, Kenny, Sandy, and I headed to Black Dog.
It doesn't look like much, but I got soooo full! I actually couldn't finish it! It was so much yummier than Chicago Q for a fraction of the price!

 Kevin's friend, Brian, showed up at the perfect moment to retake this picture for me after my third fail!

The ride back was the saddest I've ever felt leaving Champaign because I was leaving both of my best friends. It was the first time I left without Sandy leaving with me or expecting her to be five minutes away when I got back home. I also had so much fun during that short weekend. It was something I really needed after feeling so stressed, depressed, and lonely for a long time. I don't know what I would do without those people in my life.

Back in Chicago. 
After finally getting home to drop off some things, I headed back out for Eva's cause I needed her help filming something for a class.
Eva found her old sketchbook from high school and we died laughing over these drawings:
 Too bad they never finished the comic.

I finished at 6:30 in the morning. Thank goodness my class started at 3:30PM;;;

Wednesday the 12th
Not happy about the snow after it had just been 60 degrees the previous day.

Stayed after school to watch Heartbreak House cause a few classmates were in it.
 Beautiful set.
 Set change just by pushing the wall in!

Saturday the 15th

Bryan and Jaleesa!

Ima's funny looking phone.

Sunday the 16th
I discovered something horrible at work.
I forgot that I had put my glasses in my backpack awhile ago and now they're broken! I'm so sad cause I've had these for around seven years. At least I now have a legit excuse to buy a new pair of glasses?

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