School has snuck up on me and starts tomorrow. I can't believe I'm about to start my last semester!
Thursday the 23rd
Reunited with Yuvin, Summer, and Agata at Hackney's for lunch!
Summer's cocktail and my partially drunk cherry soda.

Our bleu cheese kettle chips.

Agata's turkey burger with cheese on the side. So healthy!

Yuvin's burger and slaw.

Summer's burger.

My 'holy guacamole' burger. It was pretty good but so overpriced. The pickle was real yummy.

Our giant chocolate chip cookie. I thought it was a bit overrated. 

Damn it I covered Agata.

Friday the 24th
Last meal with my dad before he heads off to Korea for a few months.
I only need those five side dishes.

My dad is going to Korean cause it turns out that my sister who died about three years ago, isn't dead at all. She turned up a week ago married and with a baby boy. I swear my life is a Korean drama.

Saturday the 25th
I took my mom to Mitsuwa for the first time. I might have started something bad.
A new record: $111 of straight up junk food. I learned self control from my mom.

After our jjam ppong and ramen, we got crepes for dessert.
I was finally there while the stand was there!

I went over to Sandy's house later since she was back home for a little bit.
Sarpino's for dinaa. The one on the left smelled way better than it tasted.

Playing with paper dolls. So adorable!

Late lunch at Walker Brother's.
My mom's blurry blue crab meat benedict.

Not blurry fruit.

My full breakfast. I was really craving sweet pancakes.

Ahhh must eat super late dinner and pack for school. T___T


  1. My jaw literally dropped when I read that your sister was still alive. How do you feel about it?

    And congratulations on your last semester!

    1. It was really strange and I just thought "my life is a Korean drama." Ha. I felt annoyed at first because I had seen my dad and aunts mourn her and that was really hard. But I do understand why she might possibly do what she did so I'm just glad I have another chance to get to know her.

      Thank you, Leslie! ^_^