Last of 2013

Hope everyone had a pleasant holiday!

Saturday the 14th
Kyle and I take our lunch breaks together and frequent Burrito Beach.
It looks so gross cause it's blurry. It looks and smells way better than it actually tastes.

Mom's fresh pork ribs for dinner!
It was a pleasant surprise.

Sunday the 15th
Neidra and I were dressed the same at work so I had to get a picture.
Excuse me looking like crap. I never put in the effort to look presentable for work when I really should.

Tina and her friend Michael picked me up after work for hot pot at Michael's.
*stolen from Kevin*

I thought I took a picture of Kevin, Michael, Tina, and I playing Settlers of Catan with Julie watching; but I guess not. Kevin bought an expansion pack so there are so many more rules! So much harder now!

Kevin also showed us this video:
I'm so thankful he did because it's hilarious! I would see memes on tumblr but I didn't understand.

Monday the 16th
I became a ten year old again. I excruciatingly waited all day for my mom to get off work to get my early Christmas gift: 
My beautiful pink 3DS and Pokemon X! I haven't wanted to play Pokemon after sapphire but after I kept seeing the commercials for the new game on TV, I couldn't stop thinking about it. And now I finally own it! I was originally supposed to get it myself on Black Friday, but I decided I should get it after school was out. I made a wise choice for the first time in my life cause I haven't been able to do anything else but play! This is why I never blogged. I was freaking out every five minutes because the game is so beautiful!

Tuesday the 17th
The only thing that could rip me away from the game is a concert I paid a good amount of money for, months prior.
Plain all black because warmth over everything.

I met Tina and Jelly at Thai Bowl on the UIC campus.
I only had Thai iced tea as I had a big dinner with my dad right before.

Jelly's under cooked pad thai. It wasn't good.

Tina's pad see ewe. Also not good.

Crappy pictures cause they don't allow cameras and we had crummy seats.
Kendrick Lamar opening

Kanye brought pride rock and ice mountain to Chicago.

It was my first time at the United Center and the place is humongous!
Yet. just the lights from everyone's phones lit up the entire place! It was so cool.

I realized how important distance to the stage is to me. I couldn't really enjoy the concert because I felt so disconnected to the performer and the sound. Kanye also had his face covered for 3/4 of the show. But it was nice to be able to sit while they were setting up for Kanye and during his hilarious rant. 
Twenty minutes of ranting!

Friday the 20th
Sandy and I were supposed to go to King Spa to celebrate me getting my license so long ago. 
We never did it until now.
It was super nice to have quality solo time together while relaxing. We hadn't done it in such a long time. I was very happy.

Saturday the 21st
Shopping for my mom's birthday gift part two since we were unsuccessful the first time.
Lunch at Great Beijing only cause it was on the way.

I got my mom:
A $500 rice cooker advertised by Jang Dong Geun.... It's touch screen, speaks English and Korean, self cleaning, and supposedly cooks the best tasting rices. The turn handle is even a "gem." She's only used it once so far.

Christmas Day
My family doesn't celebrate anything. I would have stayed home doing nothing as usual, if it weren't Mercede's birthday.
Jaleesa's awesome earrings she thrifted.

Headed all the way down to 95th for the first time!

My favorite coworkers! Bryan and Mercedes!
It was fun!

Thursday the 26th
I spent the night at Kyle's.
Lake Michigan all frozen!

Kyle had work at 9 in the morning while Jaleesa and I slept in till around 2. I went off and got a trim in Chinatown. That's when things started going downhill and annoying. I was so tired and mad by the end of the night.

Friday the 27th
Had dinner with Sandy at La Grande Vie after work.
We were the only ones there.

We surprisingly got super full off just these.

We were belatedly celebrating Sandy getting her internship!
Congratulations, beautiful Sandy!

Saturday the 28th
I had to grab some things after work. My mom suggested that we have dinner at Red Robin. 
I hadn't been there since high school!
My salted caramel shake and mom's virgin pina colada which they didn't have mix for.

Mom's burger.

Apparently I was super hungry and forgot to take a picture of mine. 
I like this place way more than I should.
Happy New Year, everyone!