Always late

I started working on this post yesterday but I didn't finish in time to post before October was officially over. But this is normal isn't it. But! I changed my schedule so that I don't work on school nights anymore so I'll be able to post once a week again. Only... not enough happens in one week to post.... :X Anyways,  here is all of October.
Wednesday the 2nd
Eva had been craving sushi so we made a date.
People were really digging my shirt that day. I dig it too. I love skeletons and super soft material.

There was a cupcake truck outside and I have no self control so...

Red velvet for Eva and caramel apple for me. Why is my cream all to the side?
But I didn't even care after taking a bite. It was sooooo good! One of the best cupcakes I've had! I can't stop wanting it but I haven't seen it again. :(

We tried to get raffle tickets for The Book of Mormon as they were finally leaving Chicago. The couple standing right in front of us won a pair of tickets. Boo.

We went to a place called Ara On. It was nice and trendy looking.
Look at the cute silverware! The spoon is like a shovel!

Eva and her eel makis in the dark. I tried one and I think it was really good. They don't skimp on the eel sauce!

My steak which was really just kbbq. It was a little salty but still good. I liked it and they gave a lot of meat!

On the way out, I ran into the owner of the crappy sushi place in hmart. Turns out he's also the owner of this place! 

Thursday the 3rd
Summer, Yuvin, and I decided to get lunch and cocktails together after class every Thursday! Our first outing was at Eleven City Diner.
Summer's vodka lemonade.

My cherry soda thing.

Hahaha Yuvin and his mimosa.

Cheers to us!

Yuvin's dish is so pretty!

Yuvin introduced us girls to open faced turkey and open faced roast beef on challah bread!
Boo my gravy was already drying but soooo yum! I looove gravy. Probably the best thing they have.

Friday the 4th
Last day of monologue workshop unfortunately.
I was super hungry so instead of going to yoga, I went to Artist's Cafe instead. Not the best gyros as they say.

Sunday the 6th
Called off work to shoot something for Mark's girlfriend, Joo. The apartment we shot at is seriously the coolest apartment.
We all thought those taps were just decoration, but it's actually connected to beer! The guy who lives there is really handy! He wired all his audio/visual stuff manually!

Their dog, Willie, is super cute too. He's such a good dog!

Pizza break!

Tuesday the 8th

Lunch before my dad and I's doctor appointment.
I was so glad they built an Au Bon Pain in the hospital but their wrap is so tiny! And expense~~ But I like so much~ T_T

Flu shot and allergy shot!

Wednesday the 9th
Yay for lazy outfits for days that I don't work!
I was excited to go home and nap but...
 I didn't have my keys. -_-

Thursday the 10th
Lunch at Ma & I
Ha ha ha ha Summer covering the picture of a penis or something from my sexuality class textbook.

Our drinks. Again, I got a non alcoholic one.

Our starters.

Summer and Yuvin's food cause I forgot to take a picture of mine or something.

Friday the 11th
I think I skipped yoga to eat again.
I got my favorite dish from Artist's but it was whatever. They just keep disappointing these days!

Oh my gosh this chocolate/cookie bar thing is so sweet! But yummy!

Saturday the 12th
Went over to Alexis' after work cause Kyle was back! I finally tried Topper's!
It was ok but probably amazing when you're drunk ahaha!

Sunday the 13th
The view Alexis has.

I was still about thirty minutes early so I walked and enjoyed the scenery.
You can't see from the pictures but the runners for the Chicago Marathon are running across the bridge.

I got to work and found out that I wasn't early. I thought I started at 9 but I actually started at 8. FAIL.

Monday the 14th
Went to H&M after school so I could use the 40% off coupon. What happened to that place?? It became so cheap! I think it's become worse than Forever21! It was really hard to find something to buy. I thought I found a dupe for my River Island jeggings but the seams are off and the material attracts every particle. Sadness.
I still had time before work so I stopped by Chick Fil A too.

Tuesday the 15th
It looks like it's a plain white shirt but then look! :D

Thursday the 17th
Put myself together cause I had a staged reading in class.

My food and drink at Mei's. I finally got alcohol!...the one time Yuvin and Summer didn't want to get any. The crab and shrimp cakes were yum and the waiter's secret recipe martini was strong and yucky so I just downed it. Probably why I got really warm during class. Woops.

Summer and Yuvin's choices.

I don't know why we always sit in this arrangement.

The class next door came to watch our reading of Celebration by Harold Pinter. There in the center is my teacher. He is god in the department. 

Came home to my new planner!
I like the older volume format better. And the paper is waxy! It feels cheap. :( But so beautiful!

Wednesday the 23rd 
I really wanted snacks but it was late so my mom let me take the car by myself! This was the first time I've ever driven by myself!
Proof shot.

Thursday the 24th
Saw Action by Sam Sheppard as a class cause our classmate was in it. She was the best one. Oh and, we watched a real fish get gutted and destroyed.

A treat before work.

Friday the 25th
Strangely wasn't scheduled for work that day so I took advantage and went to a clinic. I've been worried about my health these days cause things haven't been normal. Got my blood drawn for some tests.
Isn't the band aid adorable?

Breakfast before doing school work. Really just another excuse to procrastinate more :D

And then I finally went to yoga.

Yay new things for my face!

Yay new polaroid album!
But boo cause the inside doesn't hold the entire polaroid.

Saturday the 26th
More shooting with Joo.
We went to the original Artist's Cafe that's on her campus and omgosh it's so much better! The menu isn't even the same!
They also have a bar.

Joo and her cappuccino.

My watery lemonade.

Our noms.

We moved to the booth half way through our meal cause she needed to shoot us in the booth ha ha ha.

Monday the 28th
Dad drove me to school so I could eat on the way.
Does that look gross? It was a little cause it was soggy. But McDonald's new southwest chicken wrap is pretty yummy. I keep getting it.

My shoes of the day. They look like children's shoes. 

I couldn't fall asleep so decided to stay up. I tried the instant green tea latte mix I bought so long ago. It's past its "best by" date.
I ended up sleeping and missed my alarm the next morning -_-

Thursday the 31st
Only in the theater building elevator.

Eleven City again.
Is it just me or did Green River use to be sweeter back in the day? Oh my gosh I've never been so disappointed by a pickle in my life before. It tasted like they washed it. It was such a tease. So sad. I'm just gonna stick to the open faced sandwiches when I go there. 

I guess we were all craving bread. Aww I forgot to take pictures of their cocktails.

"Dre" in front of my mom and I.

Tina really likes Halloween and wanted to do Halloween-y things.
Hahahaha my face is scary enough. We couldn't get pumpkins to carve so we got snacks, ordered pizza, and watched Maniac. It was awful. We only chose it cause I love Elijah Wood so much but it was soooo bad. I can't believe I almost paid like ten dollars to see it last year at the Chicago International Film Festival.

Just work and yoga.
I had the blandest Chipotle ever. I'm so traumatized. I don't think I can ever get chicken again. I always get steak but I just had to change it up today... -_-