End of september and mini road trip

Blog looking super ugly and plain but I was so tired of looking at that obnoxious picture of myself on the header. I've been meaning to change the appearance or at least make a new header but...no time! 

Monday the 23rd
Grabbed the club wrap from Artist's cafe before class.
It was alright.

Worked. April was downtown at the same time so she offered me to take me home. She thought I worked at a different Ann Taylor location and went there. My phone died so neither of us knew what was going on so I just waited ahaha. 
I was super hungry so we stopped by McDonald's to grab me food.
I was just gonna get nuggets but I saw that the wings were back. I'm a greedy little shit when food is involved so i had to have both. >]

My Sephora order came! :D
I always feel bad that I only order a few little things and they have to use a big box.

Wednesday the 25th
 Had been craving a burger really badly for a while and finally had Five Guys!
Thought Harold's lemonade would go with it really well with the burger so I stopped by there too. I was right. :3

Thursday the 26th
Lulz rushed ootd picture. 
I'm in love with this dress. It's sooooo comfortable and flowy.

After class, I rushed to the Metra only to find that my train to Champaign was delayed. 
When we were finally to the station, some person decided that they could beat the train and walked across the track. Of course the person got hit. Hopefully they only broke some bones and learned their lesson. Don't play chicken with the train, children.

Tina picked me up with Kenny and we gorged on kimchi pizza and cheese sticks in the university center.
The owners of the pizza place changed so it wasn't as good. :(

UofI is the only university I've been to but dang I'm impressed with the facilities they have! They have a bowling alley with games and pool tables and what not in the basement. What I was most impressed by was this ridiculously high tech soft drink dispenser:
Giant touch screen with your selection spinning around. Why is this necessary???

After some more catching up, we went to Coco Merro cause I wanted dessert.
Mmm~ was my best concoction thus far.

So much thanks to Kenny for letting us stay the night!

Tina and I went to Champaign cause we were heading down to Kentucky the next day!

Friday the 27th
After Tina dropped Kenny off at work and did some work herself, we got lunch at Miazaz before leaving. 
I super like this place.
Tina's pasta.

My half pasta half salad. Very yum.

My smore's cheese cake. It was sooo chocolate-y. I would need like a week to finish this one slice. If I ever did. Which I didn't.

I totally forgot that Kentucky is an hour ahead of us so we couldn't make the pit stops we wanted on the way down.
"KFC Yum! Center"

Lovely Louisville.

Tina and I went to Kentucky cause.....the film I worked on last summer was finally finished! So the two of us went to watch it with some of the people who also helped make it and the director's students. 

I learned three things watching myself:
1. I am ugly.
2. I cannot act to save my life.
3. Dear god, I am ugly.
I was so ashamed at how bad I was while everyone else was sooo wonderful and worked sooo hard and here I was ruining everything. I still kind of regret going and watching it with a bunch of other people in the room with me. I wanted to die. There are no pictures with the lovely people I reunited with because I was busy crying. LULZ. 

Sadly, the reunion was short and not everyone who was part of it could come, but Cassandra and Melissa joined Tina and us for Canes!

I have been raving about Cane's for so long and was so happy that I would finally have one person back from home understand my love. 
Contrary to the picture, Tina actually really liked it ahaha!

Cassandra who also had it for the first time really liked it as well. 

After dinner, Tina and I followed Melissa and Cassandra to a Karaoke bar. It was my first time and it was quite interesting.
This man drove away to that country song about rolling away or something.

We relocated to another karaoke bar where Melissa finally got to sing.
She duet-ed with the karaoke jockey for the last song.

Saturday the 28th
Headed back home the next day. I was stupid and didn't take the whole weekend off.
We at least made our pit stops.
Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Shop!
So much to choose from and that's not counting the ice cream!

Tine and I traded slices of our sandwiches. They were pretty yummy.

I got three desserts cause I couldn't choose.
Chocolate chess pie.

Snickers cupcake. It was WAY TOO SWEET. 

Birthday cake. This was my favorite cause it reminded me of my birthday cake from Chuck E. Cheese way back. Yum.
I really want their creme brulee ice cream now. T____T

A whole bunch of bikers leaving Louisville.
There's still a ton more not in the picture.

Pit stop in Indiana:
It's a drive in with a separate dine in and pork chop shack in the middle of a neighborhood!
Their homemade root beer. Hands down the best root beer ever. I bought a half gallon to take home but the jug they gave it in wouldn't close properly so all the carbonation left by the time I got back to Chicago. Sadness.

It had only been two and a half hours since we had left the first pit stop so we weren't that hungry. We just shared onion rings and jalepeno poppers.

Yay! Wind turbines! I don't know why seeing these excite me.
We got to Tina's apartment in Kankakee. I was super tired (I didn't even drive!) so I napped for about an hour before Tina dropped me off at the train station. Of course it was delayed. 

So many thanks to Tina for letting me drag her into this and drive us both there and back. T____T