Finishing August

It's the middle of September and I'm only just now finishing up what happened in August! Hopefully I'll be caught up by next week!

Saturday the 17th
I should have ended the last post with these yummy pictures instead of stupid pictures of the storage room but I forgot to take them out of my mom's phone.
Anyways, after work, my mom and I finally went to Ginza to try for the first time!
Even though it's much smaller than Royal, I feel like they had more things I wanted to eat. 
Their strawberries were so good that day. They just need to add a chocolate fountain!
Must drown crab legs in butter! Am I the only baby who still has to have their mom crack em open for you?

Sunday the 18th
Eva's 21st birthday!!!
Kiran picked up Sandy and I and then went to Evanston where Eva was watching a movie with her sister and sister's friend April already.
We had food and drink at the Bar Louie in Evanston even though we have one is Skokie. -_- Eva doesn't plan anything so everyone else but her made the decisions that day.
My drink was the worst thing I've ever tasted. It sounded really good on the menu. Don't get their new margaritas. The vodka sweet tea was good though!

My burning hot shrimp tempura. I wasn't gonna get food but I couldn't have the drink by itself.

We were going to get dessert at this nice lounge but they were closed for a private event so we went to Brickhouse instead. Our April joined us as Tania and her April went to Starbucks instead.
I didn't like my drink again lulz.

We gobbled these up so fast.

Birthday girl!

We're all 21 now! Yay! Wow. We've celebrated quite a number of birthdays together now. 

Monday the 19th
I got a call from Ann Taylor notifying me that I got the job so my mom and I went to Assi to get me some hair dye cause they don't allow non natural hair colors.
I was debating between colors and chose the one on the left because I decided I would gradually go darker.

We had dinner from the court with my mom's friend.
I was gonna instagram this which is why I framed it this way but as always...I forgot.

The soup corner is actually really good! Make sure you order from them when the ajushi is working cause he's very generous!

The last day of my favorite cotton candy hair so I had to selca.

Tuesday the 20th
I dyed my hair the night before and it turned....blonde.
I totally forgot that I was dealing with Asian hair dye that is going to lighten hair and thus...murdered my hair again. I also left it in too long. OTL I'm an idiot. It was starting to heal again too.

I had training that day.
They spend a lot of time, money, and effort for that first training session! All the booklets are in full color and quality paper! I learned that the company has a good number of programs that help women all over the word and they take customer service really seriously. Its a lot more than I can say for a bunch of other retail stores so I feel a little better about working in this company as opposed to others.

And from this day until school started, I worked full time.

Friday the 23rd
The owner of the makeup shop never brings change for the register so she told me to buy bread and get change from that. So I did.
One of the cute little ajushis gave me the extra smoothie he had! :)

Cup lamyun for lunch.
 I need to try the real version now cause it was pretty decent.

Saturday the 24th
Maki for lunch.
It makes me sad they don't have the bogos that Hmart has.

I was really bored cause it was super not busy that day and the owner took her charger out of the store for the first time so I had nothing to do. I entertained myself by drawing a finger family. I was quite proud so I had my mom take a picture when she came to get me.
My mom always takes the ugliest pictures of me.

Sunday the 25th
My granny outfit for Ann. 
I hate that there's a dress code because I don't have anything that fit it. I wear the same three things every time lulz.

McDonald's for dinner.
Their dipped cone is really yummy but I had to eat it so fast. 

Tuesday the 27th
I was really wanting the new doritos taco so my mom and I went after work.
All three aww yeh~ But taco bell is so expensive and not filling!

Wednesday the 28th
Went to Chili's for dinner with mom after work.
I know it's very whatever but we didn't really crave anything that was around.

Thursday the 29th
Dinner at Jun Joo restaurant.

Friday the 30th
On the way to dinner after work, I pumped gas for the first time in my life!
*taken by mom*

We went to the restaurant that replaced Bop & Grill. The food is much better now!
My girl Kang Sora

Mom got the same thing she got the night before.

Some marinated dried fish. I like the sauce but not the fish.

The owner was eating neng myun when we walked in and it made me want it too. It's quite decent. I give it 2nd place in all the nengmyun in Chicago. It would tie 1st with Jo Sun Ok's if they put meat in it.

Yellow watermelon for dessert.
Too bad it wasn't sweet.