Not home

I actually spent this past week doing things that made me leave home that was more than just eating.
Friday the 24th
Ha ha ha ha I like how my first picture is of a food place after I wrote that. So after finishing cleaning my room, I finally packed for my weekend in Joliet for the first Electric Daisy Carnival in "Chicago" with Tina, Jelly, and April. 
It took forever to get to Joliet and Tina, Jelly, and I were starving. I looked up the food places that were near our hotel and luckily there was a lot because the hotel was next to a mall. The three of us never tried T.G.I.Friday's so we set on going there. 
We found it!

My drink. I actually really liked the strawberry lemonade crush whatever it is.

Woops didn't realize it was blurry when I took it. The queso tastes better without the meat.

Jelly's boobs and black bean cheeseburger. 

Tina's ribs.

April's bruschetta chicken pasta.

My cajun chicken and shrimp pasta.

Whiskey cake.
The food was whatever but the cake was really yummy! I think it's the best dessert I've had from a chain restaurant!

After settling into our hotel, we changed, and then headed to the race track for the festival! I was pretty excited because the trailers made it look like it was going to be this fantastic thing. Watch:

No. Just no. Ha ha ha ha I like how they show downtown but it wasn't even close to downtown. It was in the middle of nowhere and it was so barren. Also, festivals just don't work before June in Chicago because it is FREEZING. It's also much smaller and no parade. :(

Regardless, I had a lot of fun and I laughed sooo much this weekend thanks to the girls I was with!
There are rumours that they won't be doing it in Chicago again so I was glad to be able to have experienced it. Just gonna have to go to the Vegas one some day!
Decided that we would start the three days with the baby drop to get our blood pumping.

The view to left and right.
Ha ha ha the difference in the sky. But yeah, so empty!
Even though it's smaller than the one at six flags, it was still so intense! I floated in air for a good three seconds and I ran out of breath but still had to scream. Is this a sign of aging?? I never get scared on rides! 

April bought us all drinks! I tried to drink it fast because it was so cold but...it was cold and not very tasty.

We walked around checking out the stages while waiting for the first act we wanted to see.
This was a really little and obscure stage.

I dunno who this was. 

My favorite ride which none of the others agreed with.
Of course the lights would go out when I take a picture. -_-


Finally, Empire of the Sun!
They are amazing live! The dancers are awesome too and I love how much time was spent in their costumes! Must definitely see them the next time they're in Chicago!
This girl also let me stand in front of her so I got to get close when the lead singer came down from the stage and towards the audience! Jelly got to touch his hand!

*stolen from April's instagram*
I was surprised that they were playing at an edm festival but I'm so glad they did cause they were my favorite! It was also the first time I had been confetti-ed on. It's such a great feeling! Things get magical for five seconds! XD
Take a listen! Their music videos are really pretty!

They lost so much weight compared to four years ago.

Watched David Guetta who's music I really don't like. I hate when djs turn the sound all the way down so that the audience will shout the lyrics. It failed the first three times he did it cause we Chicagoans are lame about that. Why did he not learn through out his set time?

Suddenly got really hungry so I got something to eat.
Bacon crab rangoon sounds good, but it does not work.

*stolen from April's instagram*
Got April and I sake bombs because she wanted just alcohol and it's the only alcohol they sold there that wasn't ice cold. I could only taste the beer.

We watched Kaskade but I kept getting bothered by my allergies so I couldn't fully enjoy it. :(
We stuck around a little bit for Headhunterz and then left.
It was sooo cold so I was really happy to get under the covers and devour my leftover pasta. I couldn't get warm for the longest time. I also knocked out really fast. Another sign of aging?!

Saturday the 25th
Made a trip to the mall for Jelly's stockings and April's shoes and to eat. Her vans got ruined in the mud.
The Joliet mall food court is very disappointing.
Pretty much got the Asian version of what I got at TGIF. Still regretting that I didn't get beef.

The most watery coconut and honey milk teas in existence.

Tina's panda express that my camera doesn't think is worthy of focus. I agree. Ha!

April had a buy one, get one free coupon so the four of us split two. She's always so generous.
My second jamba juice of my life. I realized that I don't like smoothies with orange in it because that's all I taste. The guy saw that we were all sharing so he poured out the smoothies from the original size cups he had already put them in into the kid cups. Waste of cups but thoughtful.

*stolen from April's instagram*
After walking around for a bit, we went back to the hotel to get ready while watching The Last Airbender.

We got to the festival a couple hours later than the day before.
The moving daisy is always watching.

Night 2 start! 

No one we really wanted to see was up until 12AM so we just watched Midnight Conspiracy's set. I had never heard of them and I thought it was funny because they seemed to be this little multi cultural group that were still uncomfortable on stage and awkward in moving. And their singer was so dramatic. They really weren't bad though. I really like their mix of Crystal Castle's Crimewave. But omg the brother of one of them kept going around in front of the crowd and standing on top of the rail to help excite the crowd but it was just annoying and distracting.
Another funny thing was that the member crowd surfed but he already looked so uncomfortable doing it and he almost gets dropped.

*stolen from April*
(click for sound and to play/pause)

*stolen from April*
We didn't see this the first day! I want that job!

*stolen from April*
I forgot who we were watching but this guy just came up behind us and his mouth kept hitting April's hair. I couldn't stop laughing at him dancing.

Another ride. It only took three to a "hang glide" so April sat out.
*stolen from April*
 It was SO.COLD! We came back down frozen.

We saw some of Mimosa and then the rest of Avicii and then finally it was Benny Benassi's turn!
My second favorite of the festival!

I fell in love with the gogo dancers that night. There were these flower ones and their arms were always so graceful. They were so pretty and it's amazing that they have to be smiling the entire time. I want to be them. *_*
*stolen from some electronic midwest*
I also loved these gogo dancers though I can't find any pictures of the blonde one I was watching the entire time. I love their umbrellas and glow in the dark costumes!

We watched some of Armin Van Buuren after and then went home.
For some reason we weren't starving and just went to bed.
*stolen from April*
I was soooooo pooped. I'm ashamed to admit that I knocked out the two last nights without taking my makeup off. Eek. 

Sunday the 26th
Left the hotel the earliest we left it to go to Cracker & Barrel. I had no idea there was one in Illinois! I've wanted to go since I heard about it in Kentucky!
*thanks to April for letting me use her phone to take pictures*
Cute kerosene lamp at every table. They even sell rocking chairs.

Jelly's tea

My perfect lemonade. The right amount of sweet and tangy. Free refills too!

Jelly's catfish

Tina's home style chicken

April's country fried steak

My pancakes and eggs and bacon.

I had some pancake leftover that I was taking and they gave me these adorable little syrups!
Still haven't used them.

They also have a shop with a bunch of interesting things and lots of candy and candles.
It's gross.
I spent more money at the shop than the two days at edc combined! 

We were all so full and we had a lot of time so we all took a really good nap.
LMAO the diffrence between a selca and a picture someone else takes of you. It was sooooooo difficult to get out of bed. My body felt like it had sunk in but I was forced to get up and get ready.

*stolen from April*
We got those paper kaleidoscope glasses.

The only performer I knew that night was Tiesto who I'm not really a fan of so I was just focused on riding the rest of the rides.
I didn't realize that we got separated until it was too late!

I convinced Tina to ride Pharoah's Fury which she doesn't like because it makes her face feel funny. While waiting in line, the worst thing that could happen, happened. It started to rain. It was already freezing and now there was cold rain to deal with. Jelly put on the trash bag she brought with in case.
*stolen from April's instagram*
LMAO JELLY. The line before us cut right at me so we got the best seats.

*stolen from April*
LMAO OMG I die every time I watch this. Jelly and I were so scared and at one point she clutched on to my arm. She later told us that the trash bag would choke her on the rides. Ahahaha! And I love Tina's groan. AHAHAHA!!! I loved this ride when I was little because it tickled my back but I was seriously so terrified this time! Ah I'm olddd. But it was the best! I couldn't stop screaming and laughing and this woman in the middle probably wondered what was so scary.

After the boat, we had to ride the swings because of course we saved it for the best day to ride it. -____-
The rain only got worse and we all got soaked while waiting in the longest line ever. After some lightning passed, the fireworks started. I was hoping that we'd be on the swings during the fireworks (which were the most awesome on the first night. I've never been so close!) but of course the line again stopped at me and we got on the swings when it rained the hardest. LMAO.
It was the saddest sight when I turned around to see this huge line waiting for this ride in the rain. Edc Chicago was such a fail! It was hilarious.

Worst/best/most painful idea ever. I lost my cotton candy too. Tina wasn't even screaming, she just grumbled the entire time. More screaming and laughing the entire ride from me.

*stolen from April*

We had to take a break and find shelter.
I was so ready to go home so I kept suggesting it but Jelly really wanted to watch Tiesto. Tina and I were satisfied with what we got to do but Jelly really wanted to stay so we kept stalling. She even called her boyfriend what the weather was gonna be like the rest of the night and apparently there was a storm coming. We just stood there eating edamame that Jelly got and decided to try and keep going but would leave if it started raining again. This drunk or something guy kept bothering Jelly and trying to get her to give him her edamame. I got more edamame because it tasted amazing right then and headed to the main stage. I just stood there munching while everyone was bouncing around. I was freezing and so miserable and hoping it would rain so that we could go. Hahahaha! I just can't stand cold. It turns me into the unhappiest person in the world. Luckily it started raining so we left. Another lucky thing was that we parked the closer to the exit than we did the other two days.
We got Wendy's on the way home and I ate it under the covers. Ahh~~
*stolen from April's instagram*
Ohhh the memories from edc Chicago 2013 that I received. We were pretty much laughing the entire three days. It was such a fun weekend!

Monday the 27th
We checked out at eleven and Tina kindly brought us back home. It was so nice to be back and I came home to this:
Woo! So exciting! ...And scary! I didn't realize how much work this might be. Eep. We'll see how it goes.

As I was about to get some more sleep, I got a text from April:
LMAO! This reminds me of the gif I made of myself from a couple years ago that was pretty much me sleeping everywhere.

Wednesday the 29th
Even though I had just gotten home, I had to leave again. I slept all day Tuesday and then stayed up the rest of the night to catch my bus to Cincinnati at 7AM. April was kind enough to take me to the station and wait with me because I was super nervous about the bus leaving me. I have a bad memory of the Megabus from a couple years ago ha ha ha ha...
I did get on the bus this time but somewhere in Indiana we stopped because the bus driver had some kind of family emergency so we had to wait for another bus driver to drive down to Indiana and drive our bus! So what was supposed to be a six hour bus ride, turned into an eight hour one. (It had already come late when it got us in Chicago.) I got to Cincinnati at 4:10 instead of 2:10.
Before I got picked up by Michael, I had to take a bathroom break. The bus stopped in front of an abandoned mall so I went in there.
It's a shame because the mall looked like it used to be pretty nice.

The street signs in Cincinnati are so small!

It's a strangely pretty city though!

In two hours I finally got to Wilmore, Kentucky to rerecord audio that wasn't working.
The sound man...Barry I think his name was? I hope... And the DP Isaac!
I only had four lines to record...Lulz. But it was hard! I started sweating cause I got nervous. I got them done okay though I guess. It was a shame that I missed the other people from the movie who also had to come in for ADR because I came two hours late. Boo! But the director did show me some scenes that were completed and I look as heinous as can be!

After like not even thirty minutes, it was time to head back to Ohio to where I was staying for the night.
Dinner break at Wendy's that Isaac kindly bought!
Asiago chicken flatbread. Not bad at all. Gotta try the honey mustard one next.

After dinner, I got driven to Ohio by Jen who was staying  in housing there while she was working on another movie. I stayed up again writing yesterdays post so I'd sleep on the bus. Good thing I did cause the wifi and the air conditioner weren't working the whole ride back to Chicago. I'm surprised the bus didn't stink with everyone's b.o. But it was really nice to see a couple familiar faces again a year later and meet a couple new ones during my short stay!

Now I am home sweet home since yesterday. I am determined not to leave my couch the rest of the week. I was sooo tired. I actually woke up thirty minutes ago at 10:14 PM which means I slept 17 hours! Oops.