Beginning of may & end of school

But before I can get into May, I have to post these pictures which of course I forgot to put in my last post. -_-
April: Sunday the 29th
Went to a reading of one of Kyle's friend's play at his apartment.

After it was over, Alexis, Kyle, and I were starving so we stopped at this Mexican(?) seafood place called El Barco because it smelled SOO~ good as we were walking by. I'm so glad we did because it was the bomb.
*thanks to Kyle for letting me use his phone to take pictures :3*
Their menu is really big so I took the longest time trying to pick what I wanted. I'm not a big fan of seafood; I only like some things, but I didn't want to get something that I could get at any Mexican restaurant since this one specialized in seafood.

I LOVE their chips and salsa. The green salsa is my favorite but I have no idea what it is! It gets really spicy as you keep eating it and I couldn't stop! It was also had a minty freshness to it. Aghhh what is this perfect concoction??

Their platter portions are huge too,
Kyle's steak something.

Alexis' chicken something.

One of my fish tacos which was the best I've had so far! Probably cause there's a fried fish option hahaha! But ugh their guacamole was perfectly seasoned too. Their horchata was nice and sweet. Everything about my meal was perfect. Must go back! But so far~~~

May: Wednesday the 1st
Went to Joong Boo Market after class with my dad for lunch.
I remember really regretting getting udon instead of la bbok gi the last time I was here so I got it but it was the saltiest I've ever had. Thank goodness I ordered the fish cake soup to kind of even it out. My dad and I think they put the salt that was supposed to be in his soup in my dish cause his was bland.

Thursday the 2nd
I finally opened the jumbo Hershey's Kiss Jessica gave me for my birthday like last year.
Still haven't finished it.

Sunday the 5th
Went to Great Beijing with my mum because she told me that the cook had changed and they were finally good again. I was skeptical because Great Beijing has been really bad for many years now.
It was disappointing as always. They also used noodles that had been sitting around instead of making a fresh batch.

Wednesday the 8th
I had rehearsal with Summer, one my scene partners for one of my in class scenes, after class because we both weren't in love with what we were doing. I asked her out to lunch so that we could bond a little bit more personally.
Good food and good talk! We have so many things in common!

Thursday the 9th
Last day of filming scenes in the studio!
Chris and Summer had been filming at the same time as Christine and I.

Friday the 10th
Went over to Sandy's in the morning so that we could get to the greyhound together.
I saw that her mum had made dumplings and I got a couple. XD

On the bus to Champaign for Loria's graduation and celebration!
We had great girl talk time ho ho ho! >]

After arriving and settling our luggage at Loria and Stacy's apartment, we went out to eat.
I like to call it "death kill."

I actually brought Takutzjin with me to take pictures cause Loria wanted me to take pictures for her. It had been so long!

We all ordered a drink.
It was so weird thinking about how we were all finally 21 and plus. It doesn't seem so long ago when we were all in Korean club in high school together. Ha!

Jessica's gets a solo shot cause it was all different and left out ha ha ha! So cute looking!

Deviled eggs with bacon bits.

Tiny ribs. Poor Jessica thought that ribs were only pork this entire time. 
I really liked the fries.

Some kind of steak with yummy seasoned rice.

Salmon and potatoes.

My creme brulee. I liked the ice cream more than brulee ha ha ha!
Death kill was pretty good. I really wanna go back and try other things cause they all sounded good.

After dinner we went to the mall because Loria wanted to buy new shoes and Stacey still needed an outfit.
They have a carousel in the food court!

We were there for like four hours and when we were close to leaving, Sandy realized she left her phone in one of the stores! Luckily no one took it and it was taken to the lost and found. We missed our bus so we had to wait another eternity for the next one. It was very crowded and stinky.

When we finally got home, we ordered wings.
I don't know why but I suddenly started feeling sick so after trying to eat, I called it quits after three wings and just watched Rupaul's Drag Race. I suddenly felt better so I got ready to go out. 
We planned to go to a bar called Firehaus but there was a long line and Loria didn't want to wait so we went back home. I was sad because literally everyone that I knew who was graduating was out that night and I will probably never see them again.

Loria made us rice cake skewers.

After the skewers we picked at the cheesecake Loria made that morning.

Then we got ready for bed.
All four girls in there.

Saturday the 11th
Very healthy breakfast. But meat was forgotten! So we ate the leftover wings from the night before.
Loria always feeds us so well. It's great!

After breakfast we slowly got ready and then waited for Loria and Sandy's grandparents and brother to arrive.
*Sandy's polaroid cause I somehow lost all the polaroids I took that day. OTL* 
Yee with the graduate!

The Kim family minus their parents and Cassie cause they couldn't take work off. :(

Long line to take a picture of the digital Alma matter cause the real one was gone for repair.

Just waiting and waiting. And then we ended up taking it with Loria lmao.

Group picture with Loria' family, Loria's boyfriend and some of her Korean drum group, Jessica, and I.

After pictures, we got on the bus to the graduation but we somehow got off the wrong stop which was really far from the arena and Loria was running out of time so she took off her kitten heels and started running! She wasn't the only one though, I saw two other girls running with their heels in their hands! She made it though!
Huge arena. I didn't know graduations were split throughout the day and stuff. Makes a lot more sense. But this was still like 600 people. ~_~ 

After it was over, we went outside looking for Loria and oh my gosh it turned SO COLD and WINDY! I was in a blazer and pants and I was still dying. Poor girls in their spring dresses.
Jessica and I clearly not happy. Lmao Jessica actually does look really sad!

Jessica and I rushed back inside the arena.
Fail picture cause I forgot to zoom out and we were supposed to look happy.

Yay warm sun!

After getting home thanks to one of Loria's drum people, we ordered pizza for Loria's party!
We were starving cause we hadn't eaten since breakfast. I despise Papa John's but it was yummy that day. Sandy

We awkwardly celebrated with drinks with all the fobs on one side of the room and Sandy, Jessica, and I on the other while Loria tried to cater to both sides. Lulz none of us were really willing to try and be friendly. After a while we finally went out and got the fishbowls from Firehaus that we were supposed to get the previous night. There was enough of us to split in to teams and we raced seeing who finished first. It was painful ha ha ha ha! There was a dj that night who was playing good music and we were dancing in our seats so I really wanted to go somewhere to dance. We went to another bar where they have a dancing area downstairs. I think it's called Joe's? It was fun! 
We went back home and while the girls talked, I fell asleep on the couch.

Sunday the 12th
Woke up early cause I was getting back home with Tina cause everyone else ended school and could stay later and I wanted to save some money.
"Helped" Tina move some stuff into her apartment and then we grabbed some breakfast before heading home to Chicago.

Tried their new egg white mcmuffin thing. I like the cheese.

Once we got to Chicago we got flowers for our mums and then parted ways.
It was a fun weekend and nice break from the bustle of the last weeks of school. So much thanks to Loria for taking care of us even though we were there for her graduation!

Monday the 13th
After my final Marine Bio class, I had lunch at Spanglish. 
It's taken me like a year to finally try it.
The place is so barren-ly designed.

Their burritos are more flavorful than Flaco's though. You also get free chips if you dine in.

I didn't go to my last U.S. History class because I chose to not take the final. Thank goodness the teacher gave us the option! I went to the library instead to do research for my paper.

Wednesday the 15th
I stayed up all Monday and Tuesday night finishing the stupid research paper. I could finally stop being taunted by the damn thing at like 5AM. I turned it in online and ended up not going to the last class. Ha ha ha ha! 
I went to the hospital with my dad in the afternoon for his appointments and then grabbed food at Backyard Grill on the way home for the first time since...middle school?
Such a throwback. Their food is still really good!

Thursday the 16th
Skipped last Feldenkrais class. I didn't go to any of my last classes except Marine Bio because I had to turn in the final and Character & Ensemble because I love this class!
We met at Yolk to have lunch together.
Trevor, Agata, and Grace. Lulz I don't know what they were talking so intensely about.

Chris, Steven, Yuvin, and Ms. Weber! 

Christine, Jordan, Summer, Michael, and Greg.

My mint lemonade, south of the border benedict, and everyone else's food!

I covered Jordan. D:
Grr Antonio ruining it and being the only one who didn't come. -_-

At the end of the class, Ms. Weber teared up and said really nice things about our class! I couldn't tell if she was joking about the tears but it made me cry too! I love herrrrr! Wahhh gonna miss this class so much!

Got home, changed into jammies, and relished in the thought that it was finally summer!
Ah can roll around in my blanket all day now~

Mum came home later and made some noodles cause she was hungry.

Paired it with seaweed soup. Pretty healthy food all day!

Saturday the 18th
Date with Julien.
It's still pretty cool for summer so I haven't put sweaters out of commission yet. I love this sweater. So soft and fuzzy~

The more I look at this picture, I feel like I'm cross eyed in the picture.

Tried Thai Sookdee for the first time.
 The place is huge! Their food was a little too salty.

Bubble tea at chill as we waited for the Great Gatsby time to near.
They have horchata flavor. It just tastes like cinnamon. 

I really liked the movie. It was really aesthetically pleasing and I wanted everything that Daisy wore. I totally forgot that Lana Del Ray was in the sound track so when Young & Beautiful started playing during the shirt scene, I melted. And oh my gosh did Leo look good in that sweater and pant combo mhmmmm! I thought he made Gatsby seem more personable in the movie compared to the Gatsby in the book. I'll have to read it again soon.

 Sunday the 19th
It was my mum's boyfriend's birthday so we went over for the dinner my mum cooked him.
I cannot get out of these jeggings. High waisted and comfortable ahhh~ 

In a house with only elders. What to do?

Play with the dogs.
Minnie loves me! 

These grand old guys just want some affection.

Eat good food.
My mum doesn't even cook for my birthday! D: 
The galbi jjim and strawberries were the best. I haven't had such sweet strawberries in forever!
I felt so bad because the dogs kept whining. Wah I hate eating in front of dogs.

After getting home, April and I got bubble tea and headed over to Sandy's to just talk.
It officially feels like summer when I get bubble tea at night.

Wednesday the 22nd
Used some money that I shouldn't be spending to do my roots. They were getting out of control.
The woes of stubborn black hair.

After I got home I started cleaning the living room tables and then my room cause I didn't have anything to do without my laptop and I figured I might as well since I was going to be away for the weekend. 
What happens to glue sticks if you keep them for years. They kind of look like purple yams.

What I used to listen to music until I got an ipod for Christmas in sophomore year of high school.

I went through a lot of stuff thinking "why did I ever think this was cute?" 
These are cute of you like the "I hurt my foot and bandaged it" look. I know these were are a knock off of some shoe but they're so bad. What was I thinking???

This is one of my most special belongings. I keep all letters and cards that I get. 
I just sat at looked through these letters, notes, and drawings and they made me so happy. Even though a lot of the ones that aren't from Sandy are from people that I'm not friends with anymore, these letters keep the honest and real thoughts and feelings of the person who wrote them permanent. This box means so much to me and I'm so thankful to all the people who gave me something to keep in this box. 

I moved my bed and got all the books and magazines in my room cleaned and organized! I even cleaned the floors which hasn't been done since we moved in like three years ago... :D I have no light in my room so I stopped when it got dark.

Thursday the 23rd
More cleaning my room! This time it was on to the clothes.
All my clothes on my bed and it's sheet falling off lulz... It took all day and night onto the next morning to finish organizing and folding and putting them away! Be very proud of me everyone! This is the first time I've ever cleaned this room!

The end result!
It looks like a bedroom again! I'm gonna be able to move back in soon! And I'm so excited to get a desk for the first time in ten years, next month!

Cleared the top of one my drawers to put some of my accessories and what not on top!
I need to get an actual stand or something instead of keeping them in these boxes but omgosh. My room is clean!! 
I am mad productive without my laptop!