The first three weeks of April

Last time I said I'd update on Sunday since I'm not working anymore but... I forgot.
So in less than a month I went from 2 jobs to 0.
This was the last day of the sauna. 

Wednesday the 3rd
I've recently gained an alarming 10 pounds. I'm freaked out because I've never gained weight after puberty. I could go to sleep looking like a pregnant woman from eating so much and wake up with a flat stomach again. But that's not happening now and I can't fit my pants anymore... I guess my metabolism has stopped since I turned 21. Boo.
So I made the decision that I'd start exercising a little bit after I get home early on Wednesdays. 
Lulz in my "exercise" gear. I jogged by choice for the first time in my life. It was only one lap around my condo/town house area. LMAO I know, super lame. Kyle called it a chinese fire drill ahahahaha!! I haven't done another since this first one... FAIL.

After my short health session, I opened the last package I will ever receive until I am working again. Broke bitch right here.
I got a mini palette as a free gift! The shadows aren't that great dough.

The starts of my "sleeve."
Ha ha ha ha the tattoo parlor had these water tattoo machines inside so I got a few.

Thursday the 4th
Was super hungry after class so Kyle and I went to Flaco's cause we wanted something filling.
They aren't very flavorful. :/ I'm just gonna go for the margaritas from now on lmao.

After dinner, Kyle and I had a movie date!
*taken from Kyle*

Saturday the 6th
Macy's was having some really good sales and my mum wanted a Michael Kors bag. She spoiled me and got one for me too!
My first Kors baby! 
I was super torn between this one and the black one. The black one is prettier but the brown one is easier to carry in the summer.

Monday the 8th
My marine biology class had a field trip at the Shedd Aquarium.

I thought I would be bored since I've a lot of times in my earlier years but something about those huge fish are so exciting!

Shark tank.

Ugly fish that camouflages with the coral.

Those eels don't move a muscle! 

Huge lobster and crab. Is it bad that I wanted to eat them?

Sea horses are just too cute just floatin' around!

Beluga whales are cute too but something about their muscle-y bodies make me uncomfortable.

I forgot how cute penguins are. They were so affectionate to the worker and asking for belly pats/rubs. 
Literally my face watching them.

These rays were probably my favorite. So pretty!

Poor sea turtle who's hind legs are paralyzed so her butt floats.

I took way too many pictures there but I don't feel like flooding my blog with them. >_>

I hate this instagram so much. I was in the car going home and trying to post it before my phone died and so the framing is all nasty. Sigh.
But look at the saw shark!

We were allowed to stay as long as we wanted so having no friends in that class, I lingered around a bit before heading back to campus.
The weather was really nice that day.

Tuesday the 9th
Kyle and I were supposed to watch one of the shows but we didn't think we'd get seats so we just stayed at The Artist's Cafe and talked while I ate.
My fried green tomato BLT. They aren't cheap but their food is so good!! Ahhh the struggle.

Wednesday the 10th
Did a quadruple take on the train cause this girl looked exactly like Sandy.
I kept staring to make sure it wasn't her.

While heading to the train after class, I ran into Antonio and he showed me the meanest/best prank ever.
Poor guy. But omg so funny! All his stuff is like deleted/changed now cause people were probably spamming him like crazy.

Followed Antonio to Cafecito and had lunch together.
He's very fun to talk to so I always enjoy his company.

Hadn't had a sandwich from there since freshman year I think!

Thursday the 11th
Back in the school's studio for another round of filming.
Chris and Summer being directed.

Chris' hair was out of control so I helped him look handsome.
Messy nerd to pretty boy. I should get a stylist credit! Lulz I don't know why he was trying to cry in the after.

Friday the 12th
I forget why I went over to Kyle's on a Friday but I did lmao.
Reading his own tarot for the first time. He read mine. He's quite the natural!

Had dinner at the awesome new Japanese restaurant that is basically right next to his dorm.
So many glasses lulz. I like that they give nice wood chopsticks but they're too thick for me to use comfortably for rice. I've gotten lazy and just eat everything with a spoon these days;;;

Kyle's ramen.
I was so torn between this and the unagi don and Kyle was so torn between this and katsu kare. He chose the ramen so he could feel like Naruto and I could get my unagi because it was what made me want to go there in the first place. But honestly, I have been thinking about their ramen constantly since I've tasted it. IT WAS SO FREAKING GOOD!!!! 

My beautiful eel. Tasted as good as it looked. So many hearts. But so expensive! So many broken hearts.

Poached pear dessert which I shouldn't have gotten. Something about the sauce? juice? was strange to me.
If yer around the loop, check Umai out! The atmosphere is super nice and pretty trendy and the food is really good!

Saturday the 13th
My mum watches Minnie for a while on Saturdays so I got woken up by her twinkling steps and pretty face!
She's soooo adorable!! But she can't control her peeing when she gets excited and she's always super hyper.

Headed down to location for some more shooting.
I was supposed to have a mask but it was forgotten so I had one painted on my face.

Oh the hardships of film.
Adam getting "bruised" and poor Christine waiting even more.

The director getting a gruesome cut. He looks like Jesus so it was ironically funny that he was getting his cut on his side too.

The director was also nice enough to buy us all pancakes!
He really is Jesus. Hahahaha!

After 12+ hours filming in the cold in a skimpy outfit, everything was finally done and I got to go home and sleep for three hours and then rush over to work in a sleep deprived stupor only to find out that I was being let go cause the shop wasn't making enough money. I was too tired to really mind and just went back to the car and slept while my mum grocery shopped (for over an hour -_-). It wasn't until I got back home, slept until like 5PM that I realized I now have no source of income...!!! 

Monday the 15th
Dogfish shark dissection in class. 
If you have a weak stomach, you may want to scroll right past.
I got a little faint from the fumes.
One group had a "whore" dogfish who was inseminated by a number of different males so she was carrying babies in all stages.

The pups were kinda cute.

Tuesday the 16th
Was just waiting for the swift while this little upper thirties looking Asian man was blasting Pitbull from his phone.
That's my forehead by the way. I think people were mistaking it as the side of the man's head or something lulz. But anyways, I don't like hearing music in the morning so I was getting really annoyed. I was already having a bad morning and he blasted it the whole train ride. Then when we got to Howard, he kept asking me if the train in front of us was going towards 95th which I replied every time and it says on the train so I just walked away but he kind of followed me. But you know what's really weird?? After school, I went on the brown line so I could get picked up by my dad (cause I decided to skip my last class >_>) and as I was crossing the street to get to the car, guess who walks past me. -_____________- We were both pretty confused and kept staring at each other. Lulz.

Nothing cheers you up like good food and I was craving Chipotle so I got some!
Super happy cause it was as big as my face! And I have a big face so it was real nice. They also gave me extra meat and the steak was fresh and I added guac for the first time in a long time so it was soooooo~~~ good! Best Chipotle I've had since the first time I had it many years ago!

I also took a real nice nap after which I didn't deserve.

Wednesday the 17th
The nap from the night before made me not sleep until much too late which made me sleep through my one class...-____- FAIL.

I got ready though cause I was watching The Photographer with Kyle to support Alexis!
I didn't have pants that matched any better so sh....

I actually took time to do my eye makeup and overdressed when I didn't even go to class... SIGH.

Ran into Michael while on the way to grab food before the show. He saw my camera and asked what it was so I showed him.
Wooh right by the show poster too. Genius.

My first show with full on nudity.
Still cannot get over how beautiful the set was.

Thursday the 18th
Ran into Sandy at Howard by chance. We were both super hungry and I mentioned wanting Chipotle again whic made her want it too so we got some. :D
*taken from Sandy*
Way too happy.

Ok it's 2:22 AM and I really need to go to bed so I will stop this post here. The rest of April will be right up! I'm shooting for Tuesday since it's the last day of April (WAT!?) but I'll probably fail at that too...