Shit now it's april

Ok I just have to start this post by saying, I have been an idiot. So the entire three years I've been writing this blog (it's going to be 4 very soon!), I've been uploading my pictures up on Photobucket just because Blogger's photo uploading system was really annoying back then (for me at least) and I felt it was safer to have them all backed up on another site. I even started paying for a pro account when I started getting more traffic and the bandwidth would go over. Well..I never paid, I had my friends pay for it for my birthday presents ha ha ha ha! XD But over these years, Photobucket has changed like twice and their latest change is the most annoying shit ever because the pictures don't get organized in order! I've spent extra time looking for my pictures in their stupid looking album designed thing. So just now I uploaded them all through Blogger  because the uploader changed when they changed their design. I was always hesitant to because I already have THOUSANDS of pictures up on Photobucket already for this blog and the account is paid for but uploading the pictures straight onto Blogger just cut SO MUCH TIME. I'm just going to do this from now on. I'm gonna have to re upload all the old post pictures eventually. Meh I'll do it when it gets closer to to pro account's expiration date.

I also have to say, IT'S ALREADY APRIL! I only had one post in all of March! I really need to get back on it! And start taking out Takutz Jin out too. I keep starting a post and not finishing it. The last time I worked on this one post was eleven days ago. -_- The quality of my posts have just...died as well. Instagram's filters are the only thing saving the aesthetic quality of my blog;;; GUH.

Pictures I forgot to put in the last post.
Starbuck's cheese cake brownie I had while waiting for my mum to get me. It wasn't bad.

Polaroids of my scene partner and our director on the day of our shoot! We're a lesbian couple lulz.

Before taking off my makeup, Alexis, Kyle, and I took these.
Kyle was being hein and I kept failing until Alexis took over. She's a selca pro.

Tuesday the 12th
Haven't been taking pictures of what I wear cause none are picture worthy or repeats.
But these were my new H&M sweats :D

A couple of my classmates and I just sit in front of class for an hour waiting for it to start. We'll eat during that time and Michael gave me the other half of his sandwich that day! I was so happy! :D

Selca in the car while waiting for my mum to pick up dumplings.
My hair completely faded to a grey/blonde/purple ratchet mess. In warm light it looks blond/purple and in cold light it looks a dull grey. Yuck.

Wednesday the 13th
On the day of shooting I had rushed to H&M right before to get these suede pumps that I had found the day before. They were perfect and actually fit but I had forgotten my wallet at home! So when I went back, those were gone and only one size 6 was left so I just took that one. I can't walk in them without them falling off so I went looking in the other H&M store after class.
My beloved Chick-fil-A and their green lemonade for dinner before I head to the stores.

Unfortunately those pumps were the last of the ending season. I bought other stuff I shouldn't have instead at Top Shop. Woops.

Thursday the 14th
A comfort week. 
Wee Epik High shirt and Tablo snap back~ I don't wear it out though cause it's big and I'm afraid the wind will carry it off.

Sunday the 17th
I didn't know Assi had jjol myun until the ajumma mentioned that it was pretty decent so I had that for lunch.

I've become a sheet mask whore!
It's so tempting when yer staring at them all day!

Monday the 18th
Wee my cute little African earrings that I got from the African dance show I went to see at the end of last semester. I don't wear earrings much anymore so dangly ones feel weird to me now.

Wednesday the 20th
I love my huge Asos cardigan. I made sure I got the biggest one. I think it's a size 12? SO BIG AND FLUFFY!

Usual date with Kyle of watching shows at school.
The Killers

Rocky Road. An original play written by one of our alumni that I think graduated last year or so? The best main stage I've seen in my years here hands down. It was SO GOOD. Humorous and witty and sad and just SO GOOD! I have never seen Kyle cry and when the lights came up when the show ended, his face was covered in tears! It was worth missing the last train!

Thursday the 21st
Went to see Alexis' friend's band play with her friend Kylie and Kyle. 
But before that, a quick dinner at Bar Louie after some chatting time with Hannah at Caribou.
Wasn't feeling too hungry so I just got a little cone of Calamari.

My first "I'm 21 and can drink, bitch" bracelet.

I'm surprised I've never gone to the House of Blues before. It's so gorgeous!
Even the detail in the bathroom is super pretty! It even had a bathroom attendant which I saw in person for the first time and totally forgot that yer supposed to tip. No wonder she looked so mad at me.

I'm thinking it was a locals night cause there were like six bands playing. Alexis' friend (who made quite the rude first impression and continued to throughout the night) didn't mention until we had gotten there that they went on at 9:30. We rushed over to get there by 7:30. I was a little annoyed but it turned out okay because his band turned out to be the worst and the bands before them pretty entertaining. I also had a drink. :D
The good band who's lead vocalist for the night was on American Idol. He was SO attract.

The band we went in the first place for. I love my men who play the sax. XD He also looked kind and nerdy. So many kids from our school came to watch them and cleared out once they were done. I'm thinking it's only because they have crushes on them/think they're cute and I know I'm right. They had no stage presence, and their songs were poorly composed. I don't even know why they put in the sax player when they're gonna wash him out anyways.

The headliners of the night were Flying Phoenix. Are they a cover band? The members were all very talented (my favorites were the trumpet and sax player) but I was just not into them. Kyle and I were ready to go home by then ha ha ha.

Friday the 22nd
How I sleep at Kyle's.
I eventually end up putting on my coat and scarf because it's so cold in his room and gets even colder on the floor.

Little chit chat session with Alexis, Kyle, and Al who I met that day before heading back home for work.

Sunday the 24th
Spring break started so I took up an extra shifts at both jobs. I overslept a couple hours so I went into work late. I got there right after the food did.
 Too bad I don't like boiled squid. I love the sauce though. 

My mum has really been craving snacks these days so after work, we went crazy!
We grabbed $61 worth of snacks...

Thursday the 28th
My Sephora order came in the mail!
I love that they're so generous with their samples.

Friday the 29th
I did a very bad thing... Lolla tickets went on sale on Tuesday and in three hours, they ALL sold out. They have never sold out this quickly so I was furious. First no Beyonce, now no Lolla. So I decided that I would take that $235 I would have spent on the ticket on other things. And I did. Real quick. I was even proud of myself cause I had spent $10 less than that. 
That is until I found out that the YSL lipsticks were being discontinued! Now these lipsticks are my dream lipsticks as a woman. They're just so beautiful and perfect! I kept them in my Sephora shopping list for years to buy them later when I "become rich." And then I find out that I can't. So I did the unspeakable and went and got half of the list. I'M SO WEAK. OTL
And I still have the audacity to regret not buying the red one. Someone slap me.

Now that I've finished my inner monologue here's what I wore:
Homeless lady chic. Lulz stole my mum's vest. It makes me look huge.

Lunch at A's Restaurant or whatever it's called.
Sad I didn't get to use this tub of syrup cause their blueberry pancakes have blueberry syrup stuff on it instead of mixing fresh ones in the batter.
April's titty eggs benedict and banana pecan waffle.

We met on this fine day to get our tattoos fixed and my second.
I like mister Kidd Joe's work space.
He made April's feather look like a feather instead of a pine tree needle.
He fixed up mine real good too. He was super friendly and his touch hurt WAY less than the first guy. It's funny cause he knew the guy who did ours first because they had worked in the same shop before they opened up their own. He kept joking about how he was gonna send a picture of our tattoos and texting "thanks for fucking up people's tattoos." He even showed me how he has him under "hillbilly" in his phone.
*taken by April*

My new ink:
I'm going to get fixed by someone else later to try and get the lines a little bit thicker so that it actually looks like the logo and less janky. Joe was afraid of the little triangle part of the character closing so we just went with the fine lines. I'm so stupid that it occurred to me after I got it done that maybe I should find an Asian tattoo artist who can write the characters. -_- I'm also not going to care about price as long as I get the best artist who can give me exactly what I want. SIGH. I can never have things look the way I want the first time.

Headed straight to the salon right after to get my roots done to get ready for another process of purple because I was going to film again soon. Only thing is, the lady turned me a golder blonde. Very pretty, but I need platinum. Nuuuu!
I should never cut my hair this short.

After work, Tina came all the way down to Chicago so we could get our food on. I was craving Dancen's dduk bok gi and Tina wanted the tofu kimchi.

We also ordered all this:
We fatasses. The lady who took the order asked us if we would be able to finish and I proudly said yes! ^_^

Saturday the 30th
Lunch with Tina at a little place called Rolls 'n Bowls that I wanted to try. 

I was just looking around when I noticed there was a freaking parrot sitting just outside the door.
Tina wanted to go outside and look at them so we did.
We never noticed that there was an exotic bird shop next door!

After lunch, we went thrifting at the Salvation Army. I wish we had more time but we did have good finds!

After work, Tina, Sandy, Jessica, and I went to The Drunken Pig. 
I've been wanting to try this place out cause it's owned by Julie's brother and his friends and I heard a lot of good things about it. Unfortunately the night we went was their last night of business.
Cute little logo.

Since it was their last night, a lot of their beers and some of the menu items were unavailable so I was able to fulfill my life long dream of asking the waiter, "Can we get one of everything?" :D
I really liked the pork belly and beef tapas but the truffle fries were definitely the winner. I could eat those all day! It was funny though cause for the tacos and sliders, we'd take one bite, and then pass it to the next person. Closest food sharing experience ever hahaha!

My obligatory beer called Bitch Creek which I ended up giving to Sandy ha ha ha

Sunday the 31st
Wore my mum's sweater to work. Super unflattering on me.

The ajumma I work with.
You'd never think she was an ajumma from behind!

April: Monday the 1st
The lunch I had before starting this post.
That drink gave me cavities! 

I for sure will update again by this Sunday about the rest of April. I have to now since I'm not working anymore... More about that later. Chao for nao!