Me me me it's all about me!

Cause this is my birthday post. :D
Saturday the 9th
Tried to fix my hair and went purple earlier than I was planning. Only...
Most of it turned grey! D: A lot of my hair was still real golden, almost brown even so we used a straight blue-purple to try and cancel out those yellow and orange toned colours. And now I have dull grey hair. -_-

Sunday the 10th
It was such a strong, bright purple! I was a bit embarrassed going to work.
Surprisingly the ajummas liked it!

Went home and had dduk gook for dinner for lunar/Chinese New Year.
First time my  mum cooked at home in a while. It was yummy.

Monday the 11th
Sad start to my birthday week. I woke up early and missed the last bus to try and get  Beyonce tickets. They  sold out in thirty seconds!! I'm so dumb. I should have gotten them when they went on presale! GAH!
Drowned my sorrows in dumplings. You can only get these dumplings by specially ordering them from the grampa who makes them!

Tuesday the 12th
My hair after two washes. Slightly less bright but still stupid looking. I washed my hair everyday this week! I even started shampooing twice! I hate showering!

I was craving buffalo wild wings the night before and vowed to get em the next day. I even planned out what sauces I wanted. It was also wing Tuesday so I got a slight discount! ^_^

Wednesday the 13th
Went to San Soo Gap San again to try their kabli this time.
Their bathroom air freshener is the same colour as my hair. Well..the purple parts at least.

Haven't had kalbi in forever!
Sadly, this is the best Chicago has to offer. I don't understand why there are no good Korean restaurants here when there are so many Korean people.

I have purple hair now so I can do this ha ha ha
We are the same. Hee hee hee

I painted my nails too. So sparkly and pretty!
Also matches my hair.

Thursday the 14th
I finally turned 21!
Of course the one day I should look nice my hair and makeup turn out all ratchet. -_-

My character and ensemble class heard it was my birthday so they were saying that we had to get drinks after class. I thought they were joking but a few of them really took me out to a bar!
Chris covered by Summer. Then there's Yuvin, and Steven.
I felt SO bad because Yuvin had to leave even though he walked all the way with us cause he's 20. I really like him too. T_T 

Lots of thanks to Steven for letting me use his phone to take pictures and then sending them to me!
My first legal drink! Steven got a Singapore Slingshot too ha ha ha! 

Summer's whiskey sour. She had to leave right after cause she had work. :(

Chris' whiskey on rocks? He recently became a licensed bartender so I let him order all the drinks for me. He kept trying to get ones with Gin for me cause I'm Jin XD

Steven's sweet potato fries.

My jalepeno poppers. They were so yummy but I kept burning my mouth.

The rest of my drinks:
Sloe Gin fizz

3 Wise Men

We had two kinds of Vegas Bombs

Eek! (>_>)

We were there from 4:30 till like 8:30! We were talking for a really long time and got to know each other a little bit. It was really fun! I was really surprised that it really happened cause it was so random but I'm glad it did!

But I was super late in meeting Kyle and Hannah! I was supposed to meet them at 5:20! My phone also died during class so I couldn't even let them know. I went to Kyle's dorm but he wasn't there and the desk security wouldn't let me use their outlet to charge my phone saying that they didn't have any when I was staring at one of their phone charging. -__- They're so mean! So I went to a random apartment lobby a couple doors down and they let me use their outlet. I got in touch with Kyle and went to meet Kyle, Hannah, Rachel, and Hazel at a restaurant they were heading to cause Kyle thought I went home or something.

The restaurant was super fancy and nice!
Acting grown up with my whiskey drink. Blech!

I wasn't too hungry from all the drinks prior so all I got were the yummy mussels.

They gave me a free shot cause it was my birthday! :) 
Love shot with Hannah!

There's a lounge/karaoke in the basement of the restaurant so we went to check it out. I asked them to sing me a birthday song. Hannah did Jay-Z for me and when Kyle went up to ask for a Nicki Minaj (they didn't have any songs!), Hannah's hair went into a candle and caught on fire!! Luckily she noticed quickly and she didn't get hurt or lose a lot of hair. Gawd..

We left the restaurant to stop by Bar Louie cause I wanted to try their chocolate cake.
Hannah and my last drinks of the night.

Super chocolate-y cake. 
So much thanks to Kyle for letting me use his phone to take phones and sending these pictures to me. XD

I spent so much money that night but I didn't get drunk at all! Ha ha ha ha!
And of course I forget to take a polaroid with them. Happens every damn time. -_-

Saturday the 16th
After callbacks for a webisode series and a meeting with the director for another project, I went back home to get ready for my birthday celebration with my friends from home!
Jessica and Sandy came over to drop off my gifts and then proceeded to be really interested in my hair. Then we watched my awful projects I did at school. XD
After they left I got ready really quick. Looked awful for my birthday again. Sigh.

Went to a Korean bar called Dancen with Sandy, Jessica, Tina, Kiran, April, and Eva. Kiran got so lost trying to get there and I felt so bad but he made it so yay! I love their food so much and I had been waiting so long to eat there again! I remember when Sandy and I came here with Cardigan when we were like sixteen just to eat. The best Korean food is offered only at bars here for some reason!
The food doesn't look very good cause of the flash but they were all delicious!
Super fat dduk bbok gi

Seafood pancake. We had a kimchi one too.

Kimchi tofu. One of my favorites.

Soy sauce pork ribs. I WAITED SO LONG TO EAT THIS.

An almost finished mussel stew

Cheese egg that we almost never got. Inside joke.

Fire chicken. It's not as hot as it was years ago but still so yummy. My tummy was so happy. Now that I'm 21 I'm going to go as much as I can. Mwahahaha!

Got bubble tea and then headed to karaoke.
Always a hilarious session with these guys.

My awesome presents from Jessica, Sandy, and Tina. They were all perfect! I had a really wonderful birthday this year! I'm so thankful for everyone for making it so great!

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