In about twelve hours, I will start my first day of the Spring semester.
I'm not ready for school!!!

Thursday the 24th
Nothing much in the last days of break. 
I did however get together with Sandy, Eva, and April all together! I don't even remember the last time I saw Sandy or when we got together like this!
Sandy and I wanted to get bubble tea and the day I planned to finally meet had to be one of the coldest days ever. I went down to Howard and then Loyola only for Sandy, Eva, and I to go back to Sandy's and get picked up by April cause we were waiting for the train for so long and gave up lmao.
Panera for dinner.
My flat bread and brownie and everyone else's...everything else ha XD 
All on our phones. Nothing's changed.

Stopped by Argo Tea for Eva and April while Sandy and I stuck to our original plan.
My avocado milk green tea. I always either get avocado, milk tea, or green tea, so why not combine all three?? Especially if it's on the menu already ha ha ha!

Saturday the 26th
Finally got my hair done after two months!! But I have to get it fixed cause there's a lot of orange this time. -_-
Salon Tress always has the coolest things.
The original view master. They have a lot of slides too! This one is Bambi! Ha ha ha!

Alrighty, time to pack for school :X

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