Already failing

At blogging consistently. 
And I left out some pictures from 2012. Woops. Here they are XD
Sometime in December
Kyle's friend Nicole came to visit him. Hannah and I had watched the comedy studies showcase at Second City and were hungry so we all met at Flaco's for a late night dinner. Everything was closed!
*taken with Hannah's phone* 
My nachos

*taken with Hannah's phone*
Hannah's nacho bowl thing

*taken with Hannah's phone*
They randomly have cakes too!

The first time I Skyped with Kyle
I was feeling silly and decided to be ratchet and started putting on all this makeup at like 2 in the morning;;
I thought it was so cool that Kyle shows up in the polaroid!

A new layout or banner at least has been way overdue by like two years. I've just been too lazy but its the new year so I really felt like it was time for a change. It's a bit narcissitic and crappy but I too lazy to spend more than five minutes on it. It will change again eventually.
Tuesday the 1st
Until I start school, I took shifts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well at the makeup shop. I now work 6 days a week! :3
Some lady who knows my boss bought her food so lunch was just a jumble of things. I hate the mart's kim bap though. The chicken was really bad too.

Came home to a huge swiss roll cake on my mum's bed.
Lulz my mum's boyfriend bought her an at home sauna thing.

Wednesday the 2nd
My boss told me to clean and organize the front displays. It took me almost my whole shift cause it was so dirty and unorganized! I had to take a picture after finishing.
So proud. Organized by brand, color, product type. Her stall makes me so OCD!

April being a really nice fiance, brought me breakfast and drove me to work super early in the morning. She even picked me up after and joined my mum and I for boot shopping! T___T

Thursday the 3rd
Had lunch with Tina at Bop n' Grill!
Not a fan of the infamous kimchi fries. Cheddar cheese and kimchi is quite a strange combination for me.

After lounging around at my house, my house, we went to watch the Hobbit! LOVE IT!!! SO BEAUTIFUL. HEARTBROKEN THAT I CAN'T EVER BE IN ONE.

I was actually also supposed to see Jessica for girl talk that day but she forgot. So I met with her at like 11:30 and we talked in the parking lot of McDonald's (everything was closed) for many hours.
It was the first time I think that we hung out with just us two. It was fun and I'm glad I'm getting to know her more XD

Saturday the 5th
Drove my dad and I to Cho Dang!
SO YUMMY! UGH I just want a life supply of their pickles. 

Sunday the 6th
The fiance and I had a romantic dinner at Red Lobster after I finished work. It's probably my favorite chain restaurant!
We were already getting full from our appetizers and we still had to get our mains! 

Tuesday the 8th
Free bread and coffee. The bakery's coffee is so gross but can't complain when it's free and I'm freezing.

The fiance got me from work again and gave me these:
She also made me my galbi jjim dosirak! Now we're married XD
After eating half of it at Eva's, we left to watch The Hobbit in IMAX! UGH EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL!!!! 

Wednesday the 9th
The wife has been so kind taking me to work early in the morning so the least I could do was buy her breakfast! 

Boss gave me the task of cleaning the inside display of her stall. I was wracking my brains the week before of how I was going to organize it because there is just so much random shit! I was surprised to find the unni I worked with my first day come. She had come to see the boss but ended up helping me with the clean up. It probably cut it to half the time I would have spent if I did it alone! Still took like four hours dough.
The end process. It till looks like a messy jumble of things but it's a tiny bit better and at least I got rid of all that dust! DX

Ramen for lunch cause I was craving the soup and only would I buy it cause I'm not paying for it XD

Thursday the 10th
Women date with Tina all day! 
Mitsuwa was our first stop for lunch! While grabbing drinks, we noticed these special Ramunes.
Ginseng, kimchi, terriyaki

Chili oil, takoyaki O_o I really wanted to try but I couldn't justify paying two bucks for something that would taste disgusting. Must get it for game punishments or something! Ha ha ha ha

Speaking of Ramune, look at my giant one!
It's so huge!

Tina's simple lunch. They put in so much rice in their sushis!

I took a picture of my rolls but...it's gone for some reason.

I think Tina was the most excited about going to Mitsuwa because they have the machines for the superhero figurines.
I finished my collection with two doubles that day but Tina spent I think over $20!! Hahahaha!

Wee! My first complete season! I still have to finish the other two D:

After looking around Woodfield Mall and finding nothing, we picked Jessica up for dinner at Siam Noodle. 
I like it better when the Chinese broccoli is more stalk-y.

I was cold so I got Tom Yum. Not the best I've had.

Then we relocated to King Spa for a night of major girl talk in warm spa rooms! ^_^

Saturday the 12th
Kyle came back from Ohio so I made curry for him!

He loves my curry a lot. We ate, talk talk talked, and then went to sleep after he put up more lights in his room. XD

Gonna start trying to blog the same day I do things so I can be more consistent!

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