I've finished my first week of school! I like my classes and teachers but I feel so bad because I've fallen asleep in 4/5 of them. D: This semester I've got: Marine Biology, U.S. History, Feldenkreis, Character & Ensemble in Collaboration with Film, and Theatre History and Inquiry. I'm excited to delve in deep and really start working!
I just realized, I haven't taken any pictures at school! Woops XD

So the day I got my hair done again, my hair stylist left a little test strip in my hair to see how the purple dye would fade. I had to leave so I washed it out at work but I guess I didn't wash it out properly cause the pure purple bled into a huge section!! D:
Gah it looks so stupid! I can't hide it when I tie it up. -___- But I want to let my hair heal before I put it through any more crap. Boo to stupid hair

Tuesday the 29th
Mum picked me up from the station so I went with her to run errands and we had dinner at Assi.
Mediocre cheese katsu.

Wednesday the 30th
I only have one Theatre History on Wednesdays at 9AM so I end super early at 11:50. My teacher (who looks like a brunette version of Tyler Oakley; sounds like him too!) let us out fifty minutes early so I met with my dad for lunch. We went to the newer San Soo Gab San.
I wasn't that hungry so I just got a bento box. Super meh. I totally forgot raw sushi come in the boxes. I tried really hard to eat them but I just couldn't. The texture!! D: I will go back to try the galbi when I'm hungry to see what people are raving about. The inside is really nice while the service is just as bad as the old one. The lady who was serving us hit me with her cart and didn't say anything.

I was super tired so I took a nap for a couple hours. I woke up thinking I slept through the night into the next morning and panicked because I was supposed to go on a date with Jessica! XD
A strange combination.


The brown part of their sign is made out of coffee beans! 
The meat was a bit salty but Jessica and I liked the salad. She was too cold for froyo even though it was half the reason we were there. It was decent.

My favorite thing about the place were the spoons!
So cute! I couldn't decide which one to take so I took one of each. I ate with the yellow one.
Jessica knew the guy who was working so we got free slices of cheesecake too. :)

My mum and I finally went to Macy's so I could return my docs and buy her a pair of boots. You get 20% if you wear red until Valentine's Day!
It was super cold so I was craving hot chocolate. Seattle's Best actually does much better hot chocolate than Starbucks! Just the plain hot chocolate, not salted caramel hot chocolate.

I was also craving a burger so we stopped by this newly built place on the way home.
It's half an Oberweiss.

Spatula door handle!

It's all modern inside with LCD screens displaying their burger info.
They even have a touch screen jukebox!

Really expensive for one burger even if they do boast about their super fresh Angus beef with no hormones blah blah. It did have two patties and was really big and I liked it but it was probably more my craving and hunger.



In about twelve hours, I will start my first day of the Spring semester.
I'm not ready for school!!!

Thursday the 24th
Nothing much in the last days of break. 
I did however get together with Sandy, Eva, and April all together! I don't even remember the last time I saw Sandy or when we got together like this!
Sandy and I wanted to get bubble tea and the day I planned to finally meet had to be one of the coldest days ever. I went down to Howard and then Loyola only for Sandy, Eva, and I to go back to Sandy's and get picked up by April cause we were waiting for the train for so long and gave up lmao.
Panera for dinner.
My flat bread and brownie and everyone else's...everything else ha XD 
All on our phones. Nothing's changed.

Stopped by Argo Tea for Eva and April while Sandy and I stuck to our original plan.
My avocado milk green tea. I always either get avocado, milk tea, or green tea, so why not combine all three?? Especially if it's on the menu already ha ha ha!

Saturday the 26th
Finally got my hair done after two months!! But I have to get it fixed cause there's a lot of orange this time. -_-
Salon Tress always has the coolest things.
The original view master. They have a lot of slides too! This one is Bambi! Ha ha ha!

Alrighty, time to pack for school :X


Food and friends

Friday the 18th
It was a red and blue day.
You can see why I never leave home without a hat on XD

Missed work to go downtown and see Hannah and Kyle!
Dinner at Ma&I
Kyle had a special fork

Their curry and my maki + pad see ewe

We were lucky enough to watch the Double Edge Theatre Company performance that they had been putting together and are performing in Washington D.C.! 
Hannah took a workshop with them and was suuuuper excited.

It was super cold so we stopped by 7Eleven to get hot chocolate and snacks.
Mini pizza bagels while watching episodes of Sailor Moon and girl talk. We watched the first movie too.

Saturday the 19th
Went down to Argyle for pho but the place that I usually go to was on vacation so my dad and I just went to the place that April and I went to last time. But they were really bad that day.

While I was there I stopped by the Vietnamese mart that has all my favorites.
Stocked up on both dried mango brands!

Sunday the 20th
Labbokki for dinner

My favorite kind of job.
There was so much! I wrapped it around my neck and it was still dragging on the ground. I was so happy hahaha

The last time the wife drove me to work. She seriously saved my life and a lot of taxi fare this month! She's better than a boyfriend hahaha!
Gosh she even surprised me with these chocolate strawberries that she made! I've never been gifted chocolate strawberries before!

A new task always comes up at work. Last week I was delivery girl, this time I was sign girl.
I'm not good at crafty things though. Those stupid triangles took me way longer than they should have.

Dinner (maybe the last?) with the wife before I start school. Today was the last day of working on a weekday!
The only time I eat beans like this is at Taco Burrito King.

Large horchata as big as my broken out face!


New loves

Tuesday the 15th
What I ate at work:
I was really surprised because this was the yummiest bul go gi I'd had in a while!

Grabbed pho with the wife after work cause we were both craving it the day before.
There's no way to make pho look yummy in pictures cause I don't put anything in it lulz

For the first time in forever, I wore new clothes.
It is the warmest outfit I have ever worn! It was freezing out but I couldn't feel it! The sweater is seriously the warmest thing I've ever worn! One of the best Goodwill finds for sure! And the leggings have fur inside!

This time at work I organized the men's display.
So nice and organized! I keep forgetting to take a before picture dough. D:

The hours of cleaning and arranging made me crave bubble tea so I got some for the ajumma and myself cause she wouldn't let me buy us food. She buys our lunch on Wednesdays but she didn't bring money that day so we were both hungry.
The girl gave so much bubbles for a small but they were good at least. The cakes were hard though.

The boss came and ordered a dduk bok gi combo for us.
My first dinner.

I had seen Jessica instagram a picture of Chipotle around lunch time when I was hungry so I told myself I would get it after I finished work.
And I did. My second dinner.
Ate that and took a quick nap at home before heading out again. I was soooo tired =_=

An advertisement with one of my school teachers on the train.

Eva and I went down to Lincoln Hall to see Born Ruffians!
It was a really good show and all the vocalists were so attract *w*
We were expecting a peaceful show but these two really obnoxious girl and guy were being annoying so some drunk girl dunked beer on the guy then they started shoving each other.

It was the first time I heard all three of the bands but I really enjoyed them all.
The first opening act, Future Monarchs, don't have anything on youtube but you can listen to their music on their website: http://futuremonarchsband.com/ I can't find the song I liked most on there though. :/ I don't know why but the entire time I thought they were called "Young Monarchs." Woops. They're actually a local band and the taller vocalist is SO HANDSOME!!

The second opening act was Night Moves. They were actually my favorite of the three.
I super love this song!

And finally, Born Ruffians!

They have good energy.
I couldn't move around too much though cause I was overheating >_>

Thursday is my one day off and I'd been going out every Thursday since break started. I've been really exhausted so I just wanted all day to myself.
I woke up to another great package:
 Ah it's all green and gorgeous~ I can finally enjoy the records I've collected!

Off to finish The Return of the King now. I've spent all day re-watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy! ^_^


Already failing

At blogging consistently. 
And I left out some pictures from 2012. Woops. Here they are XD
Sometime in December
Kyle's friend Nicole came to visit him. Hannah and I had watched the comedy studies showcase at Second City and were hungry so we all met at Flaco's for a late night dinner. Everything was closed!
*taken with Hannah's phone* 
My nachos

*taken with Hannah's phone*
Hannah's nacho bowl thing

*taken with Hannah's phone*
They randomly have cakes too!

The first time I Skyped with Kyle
I was feeling silly and decided to be ratchet and started putting on all this makeup at like 2 in the morning;;
I thought it was so cool that Kyle shows up in the polaroid!

A new layout or banner at least has been way overdue by like two years. I've just been too lazy but its the new year so I really felt like it was time for a change. It's a bit narcissitic and crappy but I too lazy to spend more than five minutes on it. It will change again eventually.
Tuesday the 1st
Until I start school, I took shifts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well at the makeup shop. I now work 6 days a week! :3
Some lady who knows my boss bought her food so lunch was just a jumble of things. I hate the mart's kim bap though. The chicken was really bad too.

Came home to a huge swiss roll cake on my mum's bed.
Lulz my mum's boyfriend bought her an at home sauna thing.

Wednesday the 2nd
My boss told me to clean and organize the front displays. It took me almost my whole shift cause it was so dirty and unorganized! I had to take a picture after finishing.
So proud. Organized by brand, color, product type. Her stall makes me so OCD!

April being a really nice fiance, brought me breakfast and drove me to work super early in the morning. She even picked me up after and joined my mum and I for boot shopping! T___T

Thursday the 3rd
Had lunch with Tina at Bop n' Grill!
Not a fan of the infamous kimchi fries. Cheddar cheese and kimchi is quite a strange combination for me.

After lounging around at my house, my house, we went to watch the Hobbit! LOVE IT!!! SO BEAUTIFUL. HEARTBROKEN THAT I CAN'T EVER BE IN ONE.

I was actually also supposed to see Jessica for girl talk that day but she forgot. So I met with her at like 11:30 and we talked in the parking lot of McDonald's (everything was closed) for many hours.
It was the first time I think that we hung out with just us two. It was fun and I'm glad I'm getting to know her more XD

Saturday the 5th
Drove my dad and I to Cho Dang!
SO YUMMY! UGH I just want a life supply of their pickles. 

Sunday the 6th
The fiance and I had a romantic dinner at Red Lobster after I finished work. It's probably my favorite chain restaurant!
We were already getting full from our appetizers and we still had to get our mains! 

Tuesday the 8th
Free bread and coffee. The bakery's coffee is so gross but can't complain when it's free and I'm freezing.

The fiance got me from work again and gave me these:
She also made me my galbi jjim dosirak! Now we're married XD
After eating half of it at Eva's, we left to watch The Hobbit in IMAX! UGH EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL!!!! 

Wednesday the 9th
The wife has been so kind taking me to work early in the morning so the least I could do was buy her breakfast! 

Boss gave me the task of cleaning the inside display of her stall. I was wracking my brains the week before of how I was going to organize it because there is just so much random shit! I was surprised to find the unni I worked with my first day come. She had come to see the boss but ended up helping me with the clean up. It probably cut it to half the time I would have spent if I did it alone! Still took like four hours dough.
The end process. It till looks like a messy jumble of things but it's a tiny bit better and at least I got rid of all that dust! DX

Ramen for lunch cause I was craving the soup and only would I buy it cause I'm not paying for it XD

Thursday the 10th
Women date with Tina all day! 
Mitsuwa was our first stop for lunch! While grabbing drinks, we noticed these special Ramunes.
Ginseng, kimchi, terriyaki

Chili oil, takoyaki O_o I really wanted to try but I couldn't justify paying two bucks for something that would taste disgusting. Must get it for game punishments or something! Ha ha ha ha

Speaking of Ramune, look at my giant one!
It's so huge!

Tina's simple lunch. They put in so much rice in their sushis!

I took a picture of my rolls but...it's gone for some reason.

I think Tina was the most excited about going to Mitsuwa because they have the machines for the superhero figurines.
I finished my collection with two doubles that day but Tina spent I think over $20!! Hahahaha!

Wee! My first complete season! I still have to finish the other two D:

After looking around Woodfield Mall and finding nothing, we picked Jessica up for dinner at Siam Noodle. 
I like it better when the Chinese broccoli is more stalk-y.

I was cold so I got Tom Yum. Not the best I've had.

Then we relocated to King Spa for a night of major girl talk in warm spa rooms! ^_^

Saturday the 12th
Kyle came back from Ohio so I made curry for him!

He loves my curry a lot. We ate, talk talk talked, and then went to sleep after he put up more lights in his room. XD

Gonna start trying to blog the same day I do things so I can be more consistent!