Back to black & a jam sammich

Who thought I'd ever write a post the day right after another post!? :D Definitely not me!

The Mario Tricoci coupon thingy expired today so I thought I might as well use it. I was also really tired of my HORRIBLE HORRIBLE roots. They were down to my ears!
The lady asked me if I ombred my hair and I was just like "...No I just haven't colored it in a really long time..." HA HA HA HA!!

I haven't had totally dark hair in so long! It's so weirdddd! There are some parts that show the brown parts from before that still show. Its annoying >.> But I love the smell of hair dye after its all done and dry!

Oh and can I just say, that Mario Tricoci place is huuuuge!!

Before heading out I took more makeup-y stuff pictures.
Misha Signature Velvet Art Shadow #8 Retro Combination Review
Such pretty packaging!

They swatched really nicely on my hand but they barely show up on my eyes! I know it's a bad picture but still. The sparkly pink and gold colors look the same. Its just sparkly :/ I was hoping the plum color would be more plum-y but it looks more brown. I've heard good things about the other palettes but this one sucks. Pigmentation is poor (this is with a primer!) and there was fallout too. Bah waste of money but the packaging is so pretty and sturdy so:

New Bio Jewelry Brown Review
Ha ha ha my irises are so small so I get a huge halo effect T_T

Color: I dunno if I can say anything about the color since the lenses are for the "teary" effect.
Design: 8/10 I think these are cute but the "teary" parts aren't even on my irises so I don't know if it even gives me the effect. It just looks like there's things on my eyes lulz. 
Comfort: 7/10 These are really thin and comfortable but they dry kinda quickly. Need to keep eyedrops handy.
I got these from kkcirclelenses.com but I don't really recommend the site cause it took a month to get these lenses. Other sites take 1-2 weeks! However, these lenses were only in stock in Korea but they do have some on hand with them in Canada. They do meet ups and stuff so if yer in their area, you can get your lenses right away if you pick from the styles they have with them (the more popular ones).

I took off work to see an improv show that my improv teacher directed, produced, and participated in with my old scene study classmates! 
Paco, who works at the theater right by where I live picked me up after he finished work and we took the train together. I owed him food cause he lent me his voice textbook (I was stupid and too eager to get my money back so I sold mine right after the semester ended even though I would need the same book for voice 2!) so we went to Chipotle!
He is hilarious.

We thought the show was at Second City but it was actually in Piper's Alley which was two doors down. I think the buildings are connected though? The building was so cool inside!
It was funny but it was very short. Only 45 minutes! :(

The three of them signing up for a chance to become students and perform!

Patrick was hungry so we went to McDonalds.
Look at the tiny parfait!!! 

Trying to look like I have friends from school. And HAHAHAHA PACO!! Naomi has pins in her hair cause she had to get it ready for her photo shoot tomorrow!
We ate and then talked for a bit. Well...they talked and I listened mostly lulz. I'm still a bit shy around them. They are so funny T_T

Waiting for the train home in the tolerable cold!
The one time I don't work on a weekend night, it ends early OTL

Oh so Dumbfoundead and DJ ZO were in Chicago again and performed at Northwestern at the same time as the show! T__T Guess I'll have to wait for next year~ But its funny cause I wore the same sweater today as I wore to Dumbfoundead and DJ ZO's show in 2010! Ha ha ha ha!

Gonna go read till I fall asleep nows~


The power of makeup

*to Jenna:*  Ha ha ha ha I mean you did ask questions and you wrote enough to carry on a conversation. ^w^ Ahhh Tumblr... Whenever people comment and only have a Tumblr I feel bad cause I can't say anything back! D:
Ha ha ha thank you! I feel better already but I'm always sleep deprived during school X3 SLEEP IS THE BEST!!!

You will understand the title near the end of the post XD

Wednesday the 25th

OMG I DIDN'T WEAR JEANS OR GLASSES OR A SWEATER! Upgraded to a cardigan...but still grey ha ha ha ha ha! I wish my shorts were longer but then again I guess that would make my legs look even shorter than they already are >.>
I think that day was the first time I didn't wear my glasses to school since it started! XD

A selca on the train

Getting into the phone picture editing trend. But I hate how my phone camera makes me look!

Mondays and Wednesdays are my fave days of the week cause 2 of the 3 classes are SO FUN!

I filled in for the ajushi at work cause he took a week off. I wish he took off during my winter break so I could take the week and make more moniessss!!! Ha ha! XD
I wasn't very hungry cause I had the other half of the subway from the night before for lunch so dad and I just got McDonalds. I tried:

(My phone ran out of battery before I could take my own picture.)
I saw these on Ellen's blog and I'd never seen them before so I thought it was just an Australian thing but then I saw it on the menu and was like OoO! MUST TRY! They smelled real good like KFC's popcorn chicken but they were bland :/
Oh speaking of KFC, the one on my campus that was also part pizza hut CLOSED!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I was totally craving the famous bowl and went to get it after getting my dunkin donuts hot chocolate to find that the lot was empty! BOOOOO!!! The only way I can forgive this atrocity is if they replace it with an Argo Tea buuuuuutttt that won't happen ;(

Thursday the 26th
I slept in and missed sociology. Ha ha ha ha;;;; I slept in until past 5 again. I really need to stop that but I can just sleep for forever if given the chance!
I did go to Japanese though :D I just washed up, slabbed on some eyeliner, and went in what I slept in. I'm such a bum omg ha ha ha but I never take my coat off in there cause that school is so cold so it's okay! :D

A plain dinner but at least it was my mum's cooking for once!

The beansprouts were bitter so I stopped eating them.

The cupcakes I asked April to get me the day before when she went to Molly's with Sandy and Eva. I had class so I couldn't join. But I forgot that I had work and couldn't get them until the next day. She gave them to me as she dropped me off to class hee hee! She is too nice T__T

Kahlua(sp?) and Peach Cobbler. Molly's has the best the best cupcakes in Chicago in my opinion. They're so moist! Even till the next day and the next and they're the right amount of sweet!

Munched on these through out the night:

My mum brought these back from L.A.. I love beef jerky and I FUCKING LOVE dried mangoes!! Apparently the spicy flavor of this brand can't be found around here so she grabbed a couple to give me. They aren't bad. I like the hint of jalepeno. I don't particularly like this brand cause I wish it was more jerkier lulz! My FAVORITE beef jerky is this Chinese or Vietnamese one that's fruit flavored. My life was seriously changed after trying it for the first time! No other jerkys compare! I need to find it! I haven't had it in like 4 years!! I used to be embarrassed of liking beef jerky cause I thought it wasn't "lady like" and here I am writing a whole essay about it! Ha ha ha ha I used to be embarrassed of a lot of stupid things. >.<

Speaking of L.A., my mum was telling me about these girls visiting from Korea and they were wearing kill heels while touring...on a boat. And one of them fell. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! I'm sorry but girl had it coming. I  understand if she was just walking around and wanted to look cute but c'mon yer on a boat! Sigh... native Koreans care too much about looking stylish.

Earlier Today
Galbi for dinner.

We went to Woo Chon. I like this place the best because it has side dishes that I can actually eat. The meat is definitely not the best quality (that goes to Jo Sun Ok hands down) and it's overpriced but for me, I can't enjoy my meal if I just have good meat. I need the sides to eat with it! At Jo Sun Ok, the only side I eat is the water kimchi (I don't like their style of kimchi but my dad likes it so we go there A LOT! T_T) but I need more than just that. Here, I at least have the jji gae, salad, cucumber kimchi, radish slices, and kimchi. I also like their pancake. And soy sauce. LULZ!

Work blah blah blah work.

Before I went out with the father, I took some time to take pictures of makeup stuff!

M Perfect Cover BB Cream Review



Did a pretty good job hiding my dark circles, did it not? And it smoothed out my complexion and the light just glides over my skin and makes it look even! This is one of Misha's best selling bb creams and I quite like it! I think it's my second favorite! I'm so glad the free one matched my skin! It has good coverage and for me, I think it's even better than the Luview Crystal Cover BB Cream! It feels much lighter than the Crystal Cover one too! It has SPF 42 too! Nice~ Pretty packaging and a pump so more points.
The only problem is that the scent is quite strong. It's like baby powdery and flowery like a lot of Korean products seem to smell like. The scents for other make up will go away after application but for this one, I can catch whiffs of it at the end of the day! So if you are sensitive to scent or don't like scented makeup, this isn't for you. If I want better coverage I automatically reach for this but I don't really like smelling like baby powder so:

My Barbie King Size Aqua lenses have reached their dates but before I threw them away, I wanted to use them once more! I decided to attempt gyaru style makeup cause I also had the upper dollywink lashes that I never opened. The biggest points of the style in my opinion are the big circle lenses and even bigger lashes and I have both so why not!

Longest lashes EVAR! They are quite intimidating. I don't think I can ever wear them out! (I took them off before leaving home ha ha ha...) The bottom lashes are such a bother too cause they're individual and I lost one of them! Bah!

So I'm thinking, yeah just some eyeliner, lashes, circle lens, nose contouring, pink cheeks, nudey lips! Yet I still fail OTL My hooded creases make falsies look weird and I put them on a bit droopy. I am totally useless with the bottom lashes too -_-

My eyes are just too small for these lashes. I know they're made long on purpose to extend the eyes but the length is too overwhelming for my smaller sized eyes as well.

But still! The difference of the before makeup and after! What a scam! HA HA HA HA!!

Bah messy hair

I present to you: THE MAGIC OF MAKE UP!

OH! So I came home after work to find this on my table!:

sprinklesugars,one of the winners of the Luview giveaway, sent me a little somethin somethin as a thanks! I feel totally bad cause it wasn't me who provided the stuff! Ah she even put it in a cute box with stickers! The Luview stuff was the first time I ever shipped something so I just bought those bubble envelopes that the post office provide.

It's crazy cause she got me the things that I needed! I recently threw out my liquid liner (K Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner. It SUCKED!) and Queen Helene Mint Julep clay mask and had been too meh to buy replacements and then here was this cute little package with just the things I needed! Not to mention the samples and cute note! Does she not have the best handwriting ever???!

Speaking of the Luview winners, I still haven't heard back from two! I emailed you guys after I shipped them out but I haven't gotten a reply nor have I gotten any of the packages returned. If yer reading, please let me know if you got the package or not!

I should really go to sleep nows. Hair appointment at 12!


Just school and work and food for me!

*to Jenna:* I don't have a way to respond to you directly so I will do so here! :) Aww thanks for thinking nice things about my selcas XD Yes! My school only offers up to Japanese 3 so I go to the community college that's three blocks away from where I live to continue learning. I curl it every other day unless I'm feeling lazy or running short of time!

Wednesday the 18th
Lulz I realized that pretty much all my sweaters are grey;;;

Guess what! I FINALLY finished my first chapstick evar! YEEE!!

So I had the first day of the rest of my classes! All my teachers are interesting people. I absolutely LOVE my Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender History in the U.S. class! I've learned a bunch, A BUNCH of super interesting things in just one lecture! This class is probably the most interesting class I've ever had! The teacher is fabulous as well! X3 I'm super excited for the next lecture and for the guest speaker to tell us about homosexual pirates! :D
My voice class is bleh though. The teacher is so focused on the book and I keep falling asleep! >.< I also don't like doing monologues. I think she hates me already lulz. But I can't help it! She has a British Afrikaan accent and she's old so her voice just lulls me to sleep! >.> 
Improv is suuuuuper fun! I love watching all the other people cause they're so funny and witty and good! And then I just sink deeper into my seat cause I don't want to go up... My cheeks hurt so much by the end of class cause I laugh the whole two hours!

Thursday the 19th
And another grey sweater. I pretty much wear the same thing everyday these days;;; A big sweater, a pair of jeans, my glasses, hat, and fuggs. I should stop doing these cause they're all the same -__- When people were saying "once you get into college, you won't care anymore and you'll just go as a bum all the time" I was like "NO! I will dress better!" And now look at me;;;; I dressed much better back in high school since I stayed in one building and I didn't have to walk everywhere in the cold. Walking home through snow and  ice in freezing weather for 8/15 minutes sucks! I have to keep my feet warm at least! XD

Had leftover pizza for the fourth night in a row and I loved it!!!

Friday the 20th
I forget why but we didn't have much time to eat so my dad and I just got McDonalds for dinner.

Saturday the 21st
One of the customers gave me this at work. I was excited but it ended up tasting bad. :( Can anyone recommend a place that does good parfaits? McDonalds is all I have. I love McDonalds but there has to be better >.>

Sunday the 22nd/Monday the 23rd
I freaking died.
I got up feeling like crap but I figured it was just cause I didn't sleep much so I just got in the shower to get ready for practice. In the middle of my shower, I jumped out and started puking my brains out. I'm naked, soaking wet, upchucking my insides, scared, and thinking "I'm gonna fucking die!" I'm sure death is more pleasant. Eventually when my stomach calmed down I got to get my mum's robe on me but as soon as I tried leaving the bathroom, I had to go back. I ended up falling asleep by the toilet. LULZ. And finally, when I didn't have to use the toilet every 5 minutes, I crawled to the couch and slept there until past 5 30... But sleep heals everything for me! :D

Mum called to tell me she would be back home at midnight so I got up to finish my shower lulz. I waited and waited and it was past 3AM and she still wasn't back or answering my calls! -_- So I just stayed up and finally she came home. She was starving and so was I since I couldn't eat anything all day so we ordered Sarpinos. Terrible choice after being food poisoned, I know but it was past 3! XD
I got some kind of sandwich and I cut off a tiny piece to eat. It was AWFUL! It had the strongest dijon mustard I have ever had! Every bite was agony but I didn't want to waste my mum's money. Argh I think it was stronger than wasabi and I freaking hate wasabi! 

Mum in her pjs eating her spaghetti hee hee

Eventually it turned past 4 and so I tried to get some sleep before school. I just laid on the couch for three hours trying to fall asleep and failed miserably so I just went to school without sleeping lulz. 
Didn't wear my fuggs for once! A choice I regretted later. 

My dad forgot that I end class later now that the new semester has started so he waited for me and didn't eat anything all day until real late so he could eat with me. D: So he took me to a Chinese buffet I've never been to before. It was kinda far so I ended up missing the first hour of work. D:
I liked the place! They have a lot more choices compared to the other Chinese buffets I've been to. I'd been wanting to go to a buffet for the longest time so I was glad he took me! Haven't gone to one in many years! I think some people would say it's a bit salty but I like salty way better than bland. I like my MSG :D
I'm not a big fan of seafood but I LOVE my mussels and clams.

Their fruit didn't look that appealing and I was super full so I just got those. I wanted to try everything! I'm so sad that I can't eat a lot anymore! When I was my skinniest, I ate enough for two people! (And no I did not have an eating disorder.) But after I got really sick like 5 years ago, I couldn't eat as much anymore. SO SAD!

Why don't people ever wake me up when the train gets to the last stop?! They all just get off the train and I'm just sleeping there until the train conductor yells at me! -__________- I know I'm a stranger but still mayn! Bastards!

Look who transferred trains with me!

Pigeons scare me >.<

Got to school 4 hours before class so I could finish boring readings and write responses cause I'm cheap and try to not buy textbooks :D 
So boring and so tired

But this spot in the library has the best lighting! Ha ha ha ha!

The bus that takes me home/Japanese was coming in 16 minutes and I didn't want to wait in the cold so I went to Starbucks to waste money.
I either have really bad luck or the Starbucks at the Swift sucks! The drinks never taste good there. The hot chocolate tasted like chalk today.

Mum and I got Subway for dinner.
All the sandwiches from there are starting to have the same taste lulz

Going to sleep nows. I'm still sleep deprived. Need to stop falling asleep everywhere! XD