4.48 Psychosis

I wanted this post to be really cool with pictures of the show but I have yet to get my hands on them D: I've asked the director, stage manager, makeup artist, lighting designer, and set designer, only to be let down or ignored. I WILL GET THEM!!!... EVENTUALLY!!! >[
I could have sworn I took a lot more pictures of the actual set and stuff but... I guess not. It's unfortunate cause our set and lights were AWESOME. So now this post has become quite narcissistic as I'm in a lot of the pictures that I was able to get. Sowwy!
Little scanning of our program.

Carolyn aka Crayon

*stolen from Kyle*
He said he needed a picture with me to show his dad because his dad didn't believe that he had Asian friends so we took this. His dad doesn't believe I'm Asian though LMAO.

*stolen from Kyle*

"Getting ready"
Aaron and Megan

You can never catch Kyle off guard

*stolen from Kyle*
Someone was passing and mentioned how we looked so hipster so we had to take a picture.

*Stolen from Kyle*
He likes to take bad pictures of me. Lulz what was I so upset about??

*stolen from Claire*
You can see some of the awesome set. We had a chair and door and clocks and books hanging from the ceiling. It was awesome! And purple lights. Aww yehhh

Show days
It was the first day of our show so Kyle and I made sure to yell at everyone to dress nice for this day. All the cast and crew minus Andrea, the set designer :(
And yes, we start the show with a noose right in the middle.
Could not get this in focus...

*stolen from Kyle*
Before costume and makeup

*stolen from Kyle*
After. Cept I ruined it cause I'm the only one out of character XD

This cast <3
I was so lucky to have been cast in this show! I've never had so much fun and stress in a show! Everyone else was cast perfectly and I'm so glad I had this opportunity! This was the most different and difficult piece of work I've ever done. If you like dark, shocking, poetic things, do check out Sarah Kane! I also met all these great fellow students and re met former classmates. I'm most thankful that this show let me meet Kyle cause now we are inseparable! XD
Golly, it was a great two months. :]